10 ways to decorate windows (56 photos)

10 ways to decorate windows (56 photos)


    10 ways to decorate windows

    To make the windows look beautiful andoriginally, often it is only necessary to show a little imagination. Designers offer a huge number of different ideas that will help transform housing with the help of window decor. Decor elements can be not only familiar curtains, but also unusual jewelry and various accessories. Sometimes, in order to change the appearance of a room, it is enough to decorate the windows with a small stylish detail.

    Bright accents

    Colored glass is gaining more and more popularity. Such glasses have become a traditional element of window decoration. The work of replacing ordinary glass with color takes very little time, and the result will be immediately noticeable. For a similar window decoration, you can choose yellow glass. Such glasses will fill the room with pleasant lights even on the most cloudy day. Glasses of green color will make all greens brighter, and also protect eyes from exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays. Colored glass on the windowsColored glass on the windows


    You can decorate windows even with the most ordinarycurtains. In order to slightly change the appearance of familiar windows, you just need to somehow outweigh the usual curtains. Curtains hung crosswise look beautiful and unusual on the windows. Absolutely any curtains are suitable for such a decor. But, of course, it’s better to choose exclusive products. Curtains crosswise in the interiorCurtains crosswise in the interior

    Interesting accents

    You can completely abandon the usual decorationwindows curtains and leave them blank. In this case, all attention in the room should be given to the wall on which the window is located. In this case, the wall should have an unusual bright color or wallpapering with an interesting pattern. All other walls should be done in calm colors. Thus, the room will look original and fresh. Bright accents on the wallsBright accents on the walls

    Simplicity and naturalness

    The easiest window decoration options arecurtains made of natural materials. Best of all, this way of decorating windows is suitable for decorating a room in an eco-style. For these purposes, flax curtains are considered the most suitable. In addition to the fact that this material is quite durable and environmentally friendly, it also has a very attractive appearance. Such curtains are suitable for window decoration in any room: both in the kitchen and in the living room. Linen curtains on the windowsLinen curtains on the windows

    Stained glass

    Using stained-glass windows, any apartment orthe house may resemble a medieval castle. Using stained-glass windows, you can decorate only the upper part of the windows or the entire surface of their glass. The sun's rays passing through the multi-colored glass of stained-glass windows will fill any room with cosiness. Stained glass windowsStained glass windows OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

    Rustic window decor

    This kind of decor is perfect forchalet, provence or eco style rooms. To decorate the windows, it is enough to put wooden shutters on them. The shutters will look more realistic, organically and textured even if they are made of poorly painted and rough wood. Window shuttersWindow shutters


    Blinds - a fairly familiar way of decoration for everyonewindows. They are often used as an alternative to curtains. But the blinds do not always fit well into the interior of the room and do not differ in uniqueness. In order to fix this situation, you can use ready-made stencils or stamps and ordinary paints. Plain blinds will take on an unusual appearance if their surface is original drawing or ornament. Window blindsWindow blinds

    Variety of colors

    You can decorate windows with specialpaints which are intended for drawing on glass. All such paints differ in composition and properties. There are paints that are easily washed off the surface of the windows with water, and those that harden, and they can only be washed off using special solvents. Thus, often change the appearance of the windows and draw new masterpieces on them. Pictures on the windowsPictures on the windows

    DIY accessories

    Everyone knows that the most unusual and originalitems for room decor cannot be bought in ordinary stores. Exclusive DIY items are the easiest and most effective way to decorate windows. Of course, not every housewife can sew original curtains on her own, nor many will be able to make a beautiful grab from improvised materials. For work, you can use a rope, thick threads, old bracelets, shells and much more. DIY window decorationsDIY window decorations

    Bright garlands

    Garland a curtain rod for everyone. To do this, you just need to cut out circles, stars, hearts or any other figures from paper, connect them together and stick them on a thread or fishing line. A similar garland can be made from photographs or postcards. Such window decorations simply cannot go unnoticed. Garlands on the UknGarlands on the Ukn Do you like the article? Share on social networks!