The best crafts made of felt with their own hands. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

The best crafts made of felt with their own hands. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Feather is a wonderful material with uniqueproperties, loved and widely used by craftsmen in all kinds of needlework. If you want to do something original and beautiful, but at the same time, simple, with a minimum of costs and time, then crafts made of felt - this is exactly what you need. Ideas for inspiration can be peeked and lent in numerous master- classes devoted to the topic of felt products, or rely on your own imagination and creative possibilities.

Features, secrets and types of felt handicrafts

The uniqueness of felt is explained by the fact that he, asmaterial, differs from all other fabrics, because the process of its production resembles the process of making paper. Being a fibrous material (it can be either a completely natural felt, or a synthetic or a combination of artificial and natural fibers), it allows you to carry with you any manipulation: cutting, gluing, etc. Crafts from felt In addition, the felt is perfectly combined with other fabrics, with paper, with any accessories and decor elements, so crafts made of felt by their own hands can be so diverse:

  • from this material are obtained wonderful toys (figurines, Christmas ornaments, etc.), as well as flat and volumetric applications, and the patterns are so simple that they will be able even for beginners;
  • felt is suitable for decorating and decorating photo frames, creating original and exclusive postcards, covers for books, notebooks or diaries;
  • it is widely used in scrapbooking;
  • this is a great material for joint creativity with children, because it will be very easy to work with felt, besides, bright, colorful and pleasant to the touch will not leave anyone indifferent;
  • A lot of master classes are done on a topic likecreate crafts made of felt for various holidays - tender spring flowers in a vase by March 8 and cute Easter souvenirs, romantic valentines, items for Christmas and Christmas decor or on the theme of carnival - a little puff on the felt, you will get an unusual and original gift for loved ones or friends for all occasions;
  • material can be used for manufacturingany articles: sew wallets, housekeepers, pockets for scissors and needles, make handbags, napkins, mats for hot, pots, napkin holders and many other useful things for decorating your home interior;
  • all kinds of developingtoys for children - it can be interesting cubes with figures or letters, individual figures of fruits, vegetables or animals with which you can conduct many different manipulations, whole voluminous books filled with anything, homemade posters or calendars to improve visual perception, toys for puppet theater (on fingers and on hand), revolving aerial mobile, and so on.

And this is not all ideas. As you can see, from quite affordable and inexpensive materials you can create truly beautiful and original things, both for yourself and for a gift.

Create our own felt masterpieces: several master classes for inspiration

First let's see what you can make children's crafts from felt with the child.

  • Even beginning small masters with your helpwill make spring flowers for a gift to a grandmother or a teacher by March 8. You can use a pattern to work was more convenient. Print out a template of the flower you like and cut out all its details. Then transfer them to the fabric and cut out the elements already from the felt. The parts can be stitched or glued together, depending on the particular features of this or that product. If you make a few large flowers, you get a bouquet, and small flowers can be attached to a pin, so that a beautiful brooch comes out, or to a barrette, or to a hoop. Supplement the product with bows, beads or other decorations.
  • With children it is possible to make and crafts from felt toEaster, New Year, Shrovetide, holidays of spring or autumn. Perhaps the child will need to perform a creative task for the kindergarten or school, and then the excellent felt material will surely come in handy. But it is better to work with children with joint creativity without any tasks. The kid can help you choose the color of the material, you can see the master class together, and then come up and discuss the idea of ​​a future craft. If the child is already confidently handling scissors, entrust him to cut out large details, traverse a pattern, glue, etc.
  • Any figure or toy of felt can be made,when it is paper pattern. Find them you can in printed or electronic magazines on needlework, on specialized sites, in master classes or draw yourself. All the parts will just need to be sewn. If you want to get a three-dimensional figure, fill it with sintepon or other filler and decorate as desired.
  • The older child can already sew such simple crafts from felt and independently:

    • Cutting out eight circles of the same size,fold them all in half, then connect two circles (stitch) along the central fold, and attach two more ones to them from above and below, but already in the unfolded form. Add in the same way the rest, then fan them and attach a bulb to a ribbon or string - you will get an original Christmas tree toy. And if you paste a lot of green circles on a cone of foam, it will be a real Christmas tree. To it you can still finish the figures of Santa Claus or Santa Claus in a sleigh drawn by Christmas deer;

    • if you want to make interesting valentines,cut out many heart-shaped pieces in different sizes from felt of different colors, fill them with filler and stitch, then decorate the hearts with ornaments and fold them into a beautiful vase or basket;
    • If the spring is already in the yard, and soon comeEaster holidays, try to make pot-pot, spring topiary or lovely Easter souvenirs for relatives. To create a flower pot, you just need to glue the two pots of grass to the selected container (cut it from the felt of two green shades - darker and lighter), and then put your pot around the fence and decorate with flowers. Inside you can lodge the Easter bunny, chicken with chicken or eggs-krasanka. It is also easy to make colorful eggs out of felt - both flat figures and voluminous ones. Kashpo can be made in the form of a bicycle, and in the form of a cart or cart, which carries a small horse or pony;

    • very funny are the felt owls - thiscan be ordinary toys, and figures in the form of key rings, housekeepers, scissors stands. You can make even a whole family of sovpapa - owl a sheath for scissors (be sure to try on a pattern to scissors that you plan to store in a product), a mother - owl - a purse, and a small owen - a keychain;
    • to create a developmental book connect togethersheets can be made of fabric (can be fastened to rings, bound pages or sewed) and design them in the topics that you have chosen for the book - these can be numbers, letters, domestic or wild animals, seasons, geography, fruits / vegetables or even all mixed up. Felt parts are perfectly attached to the buttons, use also buttons of different sizes, Velcro, laces, so that the child learns to handle them. Dolls for a puppet theater are easy to cut out by patterns, reducing their size and leaving the bottom of toys unmade so that they can be put on a finger or hand.

    Let these ideas serve as a source of inspiration for you to appreciate all the charm of such magnificent material as felt, and have created many own interesting crafts.