Schemes of work in the technique of diamond embroidery allow you to quickly create a beautiful picture with your own hands

Schemes of work in the technique of diamond embroidery allow you to quickly create a beautiful picture with your own hands

Schemes of work in the technique of diamond embroidery allowquickly and without much effort to create real masterpieces with your own hands. For beginner needlewomen in the ideal will buy ready-made schemes, which are sold in specialized stores. Experienced craftswomen and themselves can create a scheme and prepare the canvas for work. Diamond embroidery is not an ordinary embroidering process, new faces without needles and threads. It is this technique that carries a centuries-old history. And without looking at it, opens more and more opportunities for creativity. This is quite a painstaking activity that requires full concentration, commitment, perseverance and full compliance with technology. After all, this kind of needlework can rightfully be called jewelry. This technique is known to needlewomen all over the world. It seems that this technique can not be called embroidery at all, but the result will tell you the opposite. Schemes of work in the technique of diamond embroidery. Photo №1 Diamond embroidery has a huge amountadvantages. The paintings, performed with the help of this technique, look more effective, unlike the pictures embroidered with ordinary threads or beads. When the light falls on the image, the picture takes on an unusual appearance. It starts to play, to sparkle with various colors and shades. The product looks maximally alive. Such drawings are very convenient and practical in that they do not have a wrinkle. Therefore, you can create not only paintings, but also as decor, for example, jewelry boxes. You can work with such unusual embroidery with children. This will help develop perseverance, concentration. Of course, in addition to advantages, there are disadvantages. As this technique is quite new, you will not find schemes as much as you might like. Most often - flowers, birds, nature, etc. Also, sets in the technique of diamond embroidery are quite expensive. Not everyone can afford. Well, the delivery takes, as a rule, a long time. Learning is not difficult at all. I think there will be enough video lessons. You should understand that initially, if you just started to do this, the work will be far from ideal. Over time, you can develop yourself, skills will be improved and you can create your own masterpieces. I agree, diamond embroidery is work, but it's worth it! There are several tips that can help beginner masters:

  • first you need to pick a well-lit place;
  • be responsible for the preparation of the workplace. If the canvas is small, then you can work at the table, if, on the contrary, large, then it will be better to work on the floor;
  • tear off the film covering the adhesive backing applied to the fabric, is exactly as much as you can do at a given time;
  • start to glue "diamonds" is recommended from above, so that during work you do not touch them with your hand.

Before you start, you should haveall you need. Of course, you can not do without a set. After all, it includes all the basic elements. Separately, they can not be bought. In ready-made sets there is the right amount of all materials, tools for this or that picture. Schemes of work in the technique of diamond embroidery. Photo # 2 The kit consists of the following materials: strass, pattern, tweezers, metal ruler, scissors, fixer and frame. Rhinestones for embroidery are small, pre-cut, pebbles of a square shape. Finished work is obtained alive, which is facilitated by an unusual play of light. Also, thanks to such small sizes of stones, the pictures turn out to be extremely thin. As for the scheme, this is a regular sheet with a printed image. It shows a clear notation of contours and used shades. As a rule, their explanation is provided separately. The scheme consists of the lower and upper layers. So, it is the layer that is at the top - this is a normal transparent film, and under it is a sticky layer. Remove it, apply stones. Tweezers, too, plays a very important role. With its help, it is more convenient to apply rhinestones to the surface. With the help of a metal ruler, align the rows of rhinestones. If you have not previously encountered this technique, then it is better to start with small drawings. Everything should be gradual. Well, if you are already an experienced needlewoman, you can proceed to more complex pictures, or buy a set for a triptych. The set consists of three separate paintings, but after the work is finished, they will become one big composition. If you have everything you need with you, then you can start, directly, to work. During this lesson, the vision is energized, so the workplace should have the best possible lighting in order not to harm your health. It's time to unfold the chart on the table. To ensure that it does not move while embroidering, thereby, bringing you discomfort, it needs to be fixed with something heavy. Pebbles spread out in flowers in small bowls and prepare tweezers. Now you need to decide which way to start the picture. You can glue crystals on the fabric in any direction, just to be comfortable. Of course, it's better to start from the top, so as not to cling to previously attached pebbles, but this is not the point. Separate the transparent film from the lower layer. Now, within a week, the canvas will be suitable for work. If you think that more time is needed, you do not need to remove the entire film at once, remove it in parts. Schemes of work in the technique of diamond embroidery. Picture №3 After the part you need is releasedfrom the film covering the adhesive base, take the pebble with tweezers and place it in the appropriate cell on the diagram. The edges of the stones should be placed in such a way that they coincide with the edges of the cells that we see on the diagram. Try to fasten the rhinestones very carefully, because otherwise the picture turns out to be sloppy and with gaps in the picture itself. The next stone should lie as close as possible to the previous one. As soon as one row in the picture is executed, just in case, trim it using a metal ruler for this. Continue in the same spirit until you fill all the canvas. At the end of the work on the picture, let it dry well for the day. Only after completely drying, using scissors or a clerical knife, cut off excess and unnecessary edges of the fabric. The picture is ready. It remains to decorate it, for example, in a beautiful frame. The product will complement the interior of your home or a wonderful gift for your loved ones. Believe me, no one will remain indifferent. After all, handmade things are not everyone. And most importantly their advantage lies in the fact that they are made with love and the best intentions. Below in the photographs, you see the schemes by which you can create beautiful paintings in the technique of diamond embroidery. Schemes of work in the technique of diamond embroidery. Photo №4 Schemes of work in the technique of diamond embroidery. Photo №5