Crafts from plastic bottles for giving and garden (100 photos)

Crafts from plastic bottles for giving and garden (100 photos)


Plastic bottles can breathe a second life into the garden

Plastic bottles - easily accessible andinexpensive material. In addition to direct use, there are many incredible options for their use. Plastic as a way of decorating was to the taste of lovers of constructing something with their own hands. And this is not surprising - the products from it are quite durable, the bottle body bends effortlessly, the strength of the material also pleases. With your own hands and without problems you can make incredible crafts for the garden, garden, front garden and ordinary living quarters. So, the main task is to collect as many colorful and different-sized plastic bottles as possible, and the rest is fantasy. Crafts and decorations for the garden and the garden of plastic bottles photoCrafts and decorations for the garden and the garden of plastic bottles photo Wasp and flowers from bottles Plastic bottle wasps Bottle and tire sun Plastic bottle peacock

Palm from plastic bottles instruction

It is important to know that most crafts fromPlastic bottles associated with trees are made in a similar pattern. In the work you will need - a plastic bottle, scissors, paint for plastic and wire. The execution of the palm occurs using the middle and lower sections of the bottles of dark color, it is advisable to make foliage from the bottles of green. The next similar bottle is inserted into a plastic bottle with a cut bottom until the required height is formed. All elements are strung on a wire passing through the neck; the neck of a green bottle without a bottom is attached to the top. Then strips of green plastic are cut in equal parts and bent to the bottom, imitating palm foliage. We decorate the garden with palm trees from plastic bottles photoWe decorate the garden with palm trees from plastic bottles photo Palm tree with sharp leaves made of plastic. Simple palm from plastic bottles Palm tree with smooth leaves Bottle palms in the country so three andmore palm trees made from such improvised material as plastic bottles are able to decorate any summer cottage and garden. This element of decoration will delight the eye all year round; rain, snow and wind are not afraid of him. If there is a baby in the house, do not forget to melt the places of slices on the bottles. In addition, do not be afraid to attract the crumbs to work together. Most likely, he will gladly respond to help. DIY plastic bottle palmDIY plastic bottle palm

Original and bright flower beds in the garden from plastic bottles with your own hands

It is very easy to create useful little things and landscape works from plastic bottles for summer cottages, including flowerbeds, arbors, supports for greenhouses and awnings, frames for climbing plants, etc. Flowerbed in the country from plastic bottles photoFlowerbed in the country from plastic bottles photo Flowerbedsfrom plastic bottles are found quite often, not only among amateur gardeners, but also just near tall buildings. To make a flower bed, you need to pick up plastic bottles of the same shape and color. If there is time and desire, you can decorate them both in one color, and using the whole palette. To design the borders of the flowerbed, it is enough just to dig containers around the perimeter to a sufficient depth. The result is an original fence. We decorate flower beds with plastic bottlesWe decorate flower beds with plastic bottles Decor flower beds made of plastic bottles Flowerbed sun with sides Making a flowerbed out of bottles Fencing flower beds or beds

Planter and pots for street flowers from plastic bottles

Plastic bottles can also be used inquality table and hanging pots. If you cut off the bottom of the bottle - a cylindrical planter will come out, when using the upper part - you get a cone-shaped. If you decorate such pots with colored corrugated paper, fabric, yarn, just decorate - an unforgettable element of the interior will appear. Slightly heated plastic will easily give absolutely any shape, this makes it possible to create the most unusual flowers. Garden Decor: Plastic Bottle Flower PotsGarden Decor: Plastic Bottle Flower Pots Reindeer bottle and tire harness Flowerbed swan from bottles Grass Hedgehog and Bottle Cache-pot from plastic bottles And here's a video of an idea of ​​how to use bottles to decorate a garden and to make it more functional:

Arbor from plastic bottles in the country - elegant and comfortable

If there is a need to build a gazebo,supports for climbing plants, hotbeds, should be stocked up with a large number of identical plastic bottles, as well as patience, imaginative thinking and quick wit. The gazebo fasteners are made using small screws. If whole containers are to be used, it is advisable to fill them with sand or earth in order to add reliability. If a frame is made, do not overload it too much. Cloth or other lightweight protective cloths mounted on a bottle to decorate the side parts will look good. Arbor from plastic bottles do it yourselfArbor from plastic bottles do it yourself Canopy made of plastic bottles Arbor made of plastic bottles Bottle and tree house House of cement and bottles

Decorative country curtains from plastic bottles

Curtains of plastic bottles on the windows eitherin the doorways - an interesting design decision. To create them, you will have to take a large number of these same plastic bottles - in direct proportion to the size of the window (or doorways). Cut off bottoms from containers (low height) must be connected together. As fasteners, a fishing line or thin wire are suitable. An unusual composition of bottles will turn out if you take bottles of various sizes and colors. If there is a desire and time, an unforgettable sensation will be created by a curtain of transparent identical bottles, painted with acrylics. DIY curtains for cottages and plastic bottlesDIY curtains for cottages and plastic bottles Bottoms of bottles Decorative Bottle Curtains Bottle bottom curtains Curtains in the bathroom from plastic bottles

DIY animals, birds and insects from plastic bottles

Real animals, birds and insects in the garden do noteveryone is happy. Indeed, who will like it when a mole rummages in a garden, a living wolf or bear wanders, owls fly or mosquitoes and wasps attack. But bright crafts from bottles can easily decorate your cottage. More ideas in this article. Animals and birds: fox and chicken from plastic bottlesAnimals and birds: fox and chicken from plastic bottles Animals from plastic bottles with photos Making crafts from bottles is not at all difficult, everyone can find material in any quantity, and multi-colored paints will give life to crafts. Therefore, the main problem that may arise before you is what exactly to do? Why not animals? Here, for example, cats, mice and penguins made to decorate the site:

Pig from plastic bottles - step by step instructions

The easiest way to make various animals from plastic bottles. For example, you can make such bright pink piglets and put them in your garden for decoration: How to make a pig out of plastic bottlesHow to make a pig out of plastic bottlesIt will take only either a large five-liter plastic bottle for the body of the pig and several ordinary bottles for legs and ears. Here is an instruction on how to make it: DIY Pig Bottle Making InstructionsInstructions for making a piglet from bottleswith your own hands After the pig is ready, it remains only to paint it pink. You can do several different crafts. Here's a couple more photos: Ideas for Homemade Plastic Piglets for Garden and GardenIdeas for Homemade Plastic Piglets for Gardeningand a garden Birds from bottles with your own hands Or maybe we’ll put some kind of bird in the garden? Why not make funny crows and put them on a branch of an apple tree? Or make a penguin with a chic tail, which can be put on a clearing or under a tree. You can also make an owl and attach it to the fence or near the hollow of a tree in the garden, or yellow ducks that can be decorated.

Plastic bottle swan - simple manufacturing instructions

And of course, the most popular bird that oftenmade from bottles - this is a gorgeous snow-white swan. There are several options. The simplest one is to paint the bottles white and stick a neck in the ground, forming the contour of the swan's body - at the same time it will be a fence for a miniature flowerbed, inside which you can plant any colors. From what else - read the link. After that, it remains to make the neck and head of the swan - from the same bottles, from papier-mâché, corrugated tube, gypsum or other materials, and here is what we get: Do-it-yourself swan bed of plastic bottlesA bed of swans from their plastic bottleshands But there are more complex ways. For example, you can make a swan’s trunk frame, and on top the feathers from plastic spoons - they are already white, so you don’t even have to paint. Or to cut openwork feathers from bottles is long, dreary, difficult, but the result is really worth it, it’s not a shame to send such an artwork to a competition. And do not forget to create a pair of birds: you can make a white and black swan. And here’s a video master class on how to make a stork fromDIY bottles: Master class: wasp, ladybug and other animals from bottles. You can also make various insects from bottles, so take your time to throw them away. During the winter, you can just collect enough material for summer crafts. The leader here, of course, is the ladybug. It is very simple to make it from the bottom of a plastic bottle, a step-by-step master class is not even required - just cut off the bottom, make a head with wire horns from lids or some kind of ball, paint it in red or any other color, draw dots and eyes - this is an article and ready: How to make a ladybug from a plastic bottleHow to make a ladybug from a plastic bottleFrom what else can be done - read in this article. By the way, it is also easily made from plastic spoons - then you can decorate them with trees or a fence. Other insects that can be made from bottles are carnivorous wasps and bees, bright dragonflies or butterflies, which we will now describe how to make.

Butterflies from plastic bottles: a master class for decorating arbors

Bright butterflies will decorate any room, especiallyoriginally they will look on the gazebo. To make these insects, you should cut out the middle of the capacity of the plastic bottle (color does not matter), make a blank of cardboard in the form of butterfly wings, attach to plastic and cut along the edges. Next, attach a wire to the bend line. Beads of various sizes will help to decorate the body of such a “resident of the gazebo”. The wings of the butterfly are painted with acrylics according to the desired image. It is desirable that the color of the butterflies matches the color scheme of the design of the resting place. We make butterflies from plastic bottles for garden decorWe make butterflies from plastic bottles for garden decor Plastic Bottle Butterflies Draw and cut the butterfly Creative butterflies Go for butterfly flowers

Figures of people from plastic bottles

If you’ve already become comfortable with animals, let's move on.and try to do something more difficult, for example, human figures from bottles. For example, look at how cute the negro turned out of brown bottles, and how easy it is to do it: Black man from bottlesNegro man from bottles By the way, negroes -This is a popular topic of plastic crafts. This is probably due to the fact that after the winter many bottles of brown color accumulate, which can be put into crafts without even painting. Well, another option is garden gnomes, a man and a woman, which are also not at all difficult to make:

Flowers from plastic bottles with step by step instructions

Poppies from bottles - do it yourselfPoppies from bottles - do it yourself Why notdecorate the cottage with flowers? And not necessarily alive, although this would be a great option. But in addition, you can add various flowers from plastic bottles. For example, it’s very easy to make poppies out of them - here’s a brief step-by-step instruction for you: Instructions on how to make a flower from a plastic bottleInstructions on how to make a flower out of plasticbottles Actually, there are no special steps here - we cut off either the bottom or the neck, depending on which flower you want to make, and form petals with scissors. Next, paint with varnish or paint. From green bottles we make the stem and leaves, collect them with a glue or wire into a single structure and “plant” the flowers on the flowerbed. In this way, you can make poppies and bells, chamomiles and gladioli, irises and roses, forget-me-nots, carnations, tulips and many other flowers that will not be difficult to recognize.

Unusual crafts for giving from plastic bottles

Unusual crafts for giving from plastic bottlesUnusual crafts for giving from plastic bottlesFlowers and insects, animals and birds, palm trees and gazebos - all these ideas are popular, but also battered. And if you want to stand out, you have to come up with something of yours. But practically anything can be made from this material. We have selected several non-standard options for you. Of course, you can use them, but it would be ideal to come up with something of your own. By the way, we personally really liked the bright yellow minions made from a whole bottle - despite the absolute simplicity of execution, it looks really unusual. Funny minions from plastic bottlesFunny minions from plastic bottles. AlsoA good idea for those who love winter more than summer - why not make such long-lasting snowmen that not only attract attention in the summer, but also decorate your garden in the winter? New Year in the summer: snowmen from white plastic bottlesNew year in summer: snowmen from white plastic bottles And the funniest thing that we managed to find: at the very beginning of the article we told that you can easily make a gazebo out of bottles for a summer holiday in the garden. But this craftsman went further and made not only the gazebo itself, but the whole decor in it exclusively from bottles. These are walls, and armchairs with a coffee table, and a curtain, and decor elements. How do you like the idea? A gazebo in which everything is made from bottlesArbor in which everything is made from bottles of SoThus, there are a lot of ideas for decor. The main thing for their embodiment is desire and imagination, as well as the presence of plastic bottles. And from them almost always there are traffic jams, which are most often not used in familiar crafts. But do not rush to throw out, in the end we will tell you how to decorate the cottage with the help of these very traffic jams. In the meantime, watch a video about the 5 most simple and easily implemented ideas on how to use plastic bottles to decorate a summer house and garden:

We decorate the cottage with crafts from bottle caps

Chic mosaic on the fence of bottle capsElegant mosaic on the fence from bottle caps Ait is very simple to do - from multicolored traffic jams we will lay out the puzzle. These can be animals - below is a ready-made diagram for a cat and dog, flowers or any other drawing that comes to your mind. Or you can lay out a whole panel, as in the photo above. Of course, this will require a considerable number of traffic jams. But the plus is that you can use ready-made patterns for embroidery to calculate exactly how many traffic jams you will need and what colors. You can decorate a panel with a mosaic of corks from bottles at the cottage at the walls of the house, the space around the windows, the fence, the barn and any other horizontal and vertical surface. For example, why not make a door mat out of corks? We also recommend viewing:

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