Crafts from beads for beginners, master class, video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Crafts from beads for beginners, master class, video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

All study in all spheres of humanLife begins with the most basic skills, so to speak, with the alphabet. In school, weaving from beads is the ability to string small colored beads onto a wire or thread with a needle. The first articles of beads from beginners are simple beads and bracelets for your favorite doll. Then the craftsman learns to make flat toys and bracelets for herself. After a curious student tired of weaving simple schemes, he develops voluminous toys and can create real works of art from bouquets, animals and fairy-tale trees with his own hands.

The first class of weaving from beads

Let us assume that the very first phase of the study of the alphabetalready passed. All your dolls and soft toys flaunt in beads and bracelets of beads. Weaving is still too early for bulk animals. It is necessary to study well the technique of weaving with our own hands of various flat crafts. The pearl bracelet Pearl bracelet-2For weaving this decoration according to the "path" scheme it will be necessary:

  • thread-elastic;
  • small beads - 54 pcs .;
  • large beads - 14 pcs.

The weaving instruction is simple and short. Thread the thread through a large bead and place it not in the middle of the rubber band. You can fix the beginning of the pillow, pin it with a pin. Next you need to string on the one side of the beginning 2 small beads, one big. On the other hand, just two small ones, and we put on a big one on the thread that already strung, but on the other hand. It turns out a ringlet. We continue to make rings, until the material is finished. We thread both ends of the thread into the first bead from different sides and fix them. Practically, in the same way, you can make completely different banners, slightly changing the patterns, using beads of different shapes and sizes. Pearl BraceletКосичкаTo weave such a beautiful pigtail,it is necessary to make 6 long threads with beads strung on them. Fold them together for three. After bending and fastening the cross crosswise between each other, braid the braid from four strands, as shown in the photo. In this technique, it's easy to make a beautiful bracelet, strap or key chain. TrinketButterfly Most of the novice mastersButterfly - the first attempt at weaving animals from beads and wire. To make this beautiful insect, you will need 70 beads of the same color for the wings, 9 for the torso and 2 for the eyes.

  • Begin to weave from the tail, leaving the bead exactly in the middle of the wire. Passing both ends of the metal thread from different sides to the next bead, we increase the length of the tail. So repeat four times.
  • Then we will make wings. For this, it is necessary to twist the wire between each other twice and to string 15 beads on each. Re-twist the ends of the wire two times.
  • Pass them from different sides of one trunk bead, then the second one.
  • Again it is necessary to make a set of 20 beads for the second pair of wings in the same way as the first one.
  • Collect 2 more beads of the trunk and make eyes. To do this, simply thread each end of the wire into a black bead, then into the last ninth.
  • Now it is necessary to weave the ends of the wire together and, leaving 3-4 cm, cut off the excess. You can make the tendrils rounded by screwing them on a spoke or rod in opposite directions.
  • ButterflyBy the same principle it is easy to make a dragonfly according to the scheme shown in the photograph. Zodiac signs Weaving of flat animals can begin with signsthe zodiac. These crafts (animals, symbols and other figures) will be a wonderful gift to your loved ones on any holiday, especially on your birthday. The diagrams are quite simple. Gifts can be made on the given photo. The color of the used beads is also suggested to be chosen by the master himself. For weaving some signs you will need beads of different diameters.

    The second class. Volumetric handicrafts

    How to weave a crocodile Doing your own hands with voluminous toys is difficult, andinteresting at the same time. Having mastered flat weaving, you can move to a more complex level. Animals, of course, are interesting to weave bulky. To make this four-dimensional crocodile you need to master the technique of parallel weaving.

  • We string on the metal thread two green beads of the first row and two yellow second beads.
  • We pass one end of the wire to meet the other in yellow beads and tighten.
  • Next, you can weave on the pattern of the scheme, pulling together the green rows and the separately yellow ones. For this you can periodically make fastening ties during the weaving.
  • Do not forget to insert the eyes in the right place. It is more interesting if they are red.
  • If you tie an eyelet to the nose of the toy, the crocodile can be used as a key chain.
  • How to weave a crocodileWith the same scheme weave a voluminous lizard and even a snake of Gorynycha. Lizard