Do-it-yourself birds and animals from plastic bottles (36 photos)

Do-it-yourself birds and animals from plastic bottles (36 photos)

In the presence of free time and desiredo it yourself, you can make wonderful crafts for the decor of a summer cottage, garden, garden or front garden, located next to the house. Such crafts are made from various improvised materials and items: empty plastic bottles, polystyrene foam, old car tires. This article will dwell in detail on how to make birds and animals from plastic bottles for decorating a summer house. DIY birds and animals from plastic bottles with a photoDIY birds and animals from plastic bottles with a photo Content

How to make birds out of plastic bottles

Crafts from plastic bottles in the form ofa variety of birds look very impressive on a beautiful manicured lawn, in a flower bed among flowers, as well as under trees and shrubs. In order to build them, it is necessary to prepare the following materials:

  • Scissors;
  • Plastic bottles in large quantities;
  • 5 liter plastic bottles;
  • Blue plastic bags;
  • Scotch;
  • Foil;
  • Stapler;
  • Acrylic paints and varnish;
  • Brush;
  • Fishing line or rope.

Plastic bottle peacock using dataobjects, as well as guided by step-by-step instructions and your own imagination, you can make a beautiful peacock, who will surely find a worthy place in the summer cottage. A plastic peacock peacock will be an excellent decoration element in a summer cottagePlastic bottle peacock will be excellentAn element of the decor of a summer cottage Having prepared everything you need, you can safely proceed to business. To begin with, rinse, dry and peel off labels from plastic containers. To make a peacock's tail, you need to cut the middle part of the bottle into 3 oblong “tongues”, having previously removed the bottom and neck of the bottle. Next, one end of this plastic strip is rounded off in the form of a feather of a bird and cut into small strips at the edges. Then, an oval of blue polyethylene and a circle of foil are attached to the rounded end with a stapler. By analogy, many similar feathers are made for the tail. Then a semicircle is cut from the middle part of a large bottle and these feathers are attached to its edges with a stapler. Feathers must be laid out in several consecutive rows. Making a peacock from plastic bottles. Stage 1Making a peacock from plastic bottles. Stage 1 The body of the bird is made of a 5 liter bottle, from which the neck is first cut off, and from a bottle with a capacity of 2 liters without a bottom, fastened together using tape. The peacock head will be made of the remaining elements. The neck of the bottle is cut and twisted into an oblong funnel with a long beak-tip. This part is fastened to the bottom of another bottle and fixed with adhesive tape to the finished body of the bird. The plumage for the bird’s body can be made of blue plastic bags, which are cut into strips with pointed ends and attached to the bird’s body in rows overlapping from tail to neck. Making a peacock from plastic bottles. Stage 2Making a peacock from plastic bottles. Stage 2 The tail and the body of the peacock are fastened with a rope, for this, a hole must be made in advance at the place of fastening. From below, the peacock is attached to a stick so that it can be firmly fixed in the place of his further stay. Eyes and beak are painted with acrylic paints, a crown is made from the remains of plastic containers and foil. The peacock is ready. To make the weight heavier, sand is poured into the peacock. Making a peacock from plastic bottles. Stage 3Making a peacock from plastic bottles. Stage 3 By analogy, you can create other species of birds. For example, it will not be difficult to make funny penguins. Instead of plumage, their torso will simply be painted with paints. In order to create more complex structures, in addition, plastic tubes for the legs, foam for the head, a metal mesh for the frame or a car tire can be used.

How to make animals out of plastic bottles

From plastic bottles you can make fortheir summer cottage a whole zoo. Fairytale horses, donkeys, princess frogs, elephants, bees, and many other representatives of the fauna will certainly bring brightness, beauty and positive. Animals from plastic bottles to decorate the garden, lawn or cottageAnimals from plastic bottles for decorationgarden, lawn or summer cottage Pig from plastic bottles To, for example, to create funny pigs with your own hands, you will need 5 liter bottles, acrylic paints and varnish, scissors, a sponge for dishes and a marker. Initially, excess parts are removed from the plastic bottle - the rim and handle from the cap. Next, a long oblong hole is cut from the bottom almost to the neck and a wider hole is cut parallel to it from the back of the bottle. Ears and a tail are made of excess scraps. Then the piglet is painted in 2-3 layers and after complete drying is varnished. Such crafts are very practical and functional and can serve for growing flowers. Crafts from plastic containers are an easy and economical way of decorating the territory. Elvira Goleva for

Birds and animals from plastic bottles - photo

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