Fine crafts made of coffee beans, do it yourself

Fine crafts made of coffee beans, do it yourself

It's no secret that coffee beans cancreate a lot of incredible crafts. We want to offer you several master classes on making interesting and unusual crafts made of coffee beans. For example, using an ordinary computer disk and coffee beans, you can make an original stand for cups. For this we need:

  • computer disk
  • coffee beans
  • glue gun or usual Super glue.
  • We take the disk, for reliability it can be slightly degreased, but it is not necessary, and we apply glue on it. It is better to apply the adhesive with small patches, so that during the spreading of the grains it does not dry out.

Original crafts made of coffee beans. Photo №1 After the glue was applied, we begin to glue the coffee beans, trying to close all the areas as carefully as possible. If after the first layer of grains there are too many gaps, you can make a second layer, trying to close the existing gaps. We let the glue dry well. Our stand is ready. Such a stand can be an excellent gift to a coffee maker or simply an original decoration of a festive table. In addition, from coffee you can create an interesting magnet on the refrigerator in the form of a heart. For this we need:

  • a piece of plain paper and cardboard
  • piece of cloth
  • scissors
  • coffee beans
  • glue gun
  • small magnet

First, we take a plain sheet of paper and cut out our template from it. Then, using a scissors or a clerical knife, we cut out the cardboard blank from this template. On the cut out workpiece with glue gun we glue the magnet. After that, we paste our blank with a cloth from all sides and let the glue dry a little. Next, we take the coffee beans and start to glue them on the workpiece. Grain we glue the front and sides of the workpiece, hiding all the gaps with the grains. After the glue dries, you can use a brush to clean our magnet from the glue residues. Now you can start decorating. For this you can use any items. We used a thin satin ribbon and an asterisk. The ribbon was tied in the form of a bow and stuck to the magnet, and the anise was glued on top. It turned out such a wonderful magnet that will not only decorate your kitchen, but also fill it with the invigorating aroma of coffee.