Gift box-heart with your own hands

Gift box-heart with your own hands

Gift box-heart will be relevant notonly on Valentine's Day, but on any holiday or event - birthday, wedding, anniversary of memorable moments. Although why wait for the holidays? Make surprises for your loved ones, regardless of the date on the calendar! We propose today to make a box with a heart for gifts with our own hands. A simple master class with a template will help in this. a heart-shaped box with your own hands If you want to make a box completely in the form of a heart, please take a look here. Necessary materials and tools:

  • dense colored paper or cardboard;
  • pencil;
  • line;
  • Scissors or model knife X-acto (scalpel);
  • glue.

box heart material

How to make a heart-shaped box of paper with your own hands

⇒ Step 1. Print or redraw the template. gift box template with a heart ⇒ Step 2. Transfer the template to the colored paper - just circle the pencil around the contour, and then use the ruler to draw the folds. box heart step 1 ⇒ Step 3. Cut a template with scissors or a model knife (scalpel). Alternatively, you can skip step 2: attach a sheet with a template to a sheet of colored paper, attach it around the edges with an adhesive tape, and cut out the pattern right away without redrawing it. box with a heart step 2 ⇒ Step 4. Fold the workpiece along the dashed lines. box heart step 3 ⇒ Step 5. Apply glue to area A (by template). Glue A to B. box heart step 4⇒ Step 6. Glue the areas C and D over the bent inwards E and F. box heart step 6 heart step box 7 ⇒ Step 7. Using the slots, connect the areas I and J together. They form the heart. box heart step 8 box heart step 9 The box is ready! box with a heart