Hangers towel holders in the bathroom with their own hands

Hangers towel holders in the bathroom with their own hands

Today in stores representedA large number of different towel holders, but if you want to make your bathroom original, you can make a towel hanger in the bathroom quite simply with your own hands, especially since it will not take long. We offer you 2 wonderful workshopshow you can easily make original holders with your own hands. How to make the kitchen - we considered in the last article, and now disassembled for the bathroom. The content of the article:

Leather and wood

Very simple and stylish towel rack from the old belt. Especially beneficial it will look in a minimalist and modern interior. Materials And so, in the first version, to create an unusual holder, we need:

  • Two wooden sticks of the same size with a diameter of 2.5 cm.
  • Old leather belt.
  • Screws and dowels.
  • Drill.

Towel Rack Assembly Orderyou need to cut the belt into 4 equal lengths and make a hole at each end of the lengths so that you can attach them to the wall with a screw.

  • Next, we make two holes in the wall at the same height and at a distance equal to the length of the stick minus 8 cm.
  • With the screw, fasten the folded strap length to the wall, and put the cap.
  • Similarly, we repeat with the next segment.
  • A little lower we also make the second holder.
  • In the resulting loop insert stick.
  • And our towel holders are ready!

    Towel Ring Holder

    In the second option, we suggest making a towel holder in the form of a beautiful ring. Materials and tools:

    • A metal ring (it can be made independently from a wire or you can buy ready-made blanks in a craft store).
    • Wooden beads with a diameter of 20mm.
    • Liquid dye, suitable color.
    • A piece of skin.
    • Ruler.
    • Scissors or shaving knife.
    • Clay moment.
    • Plastic container for dye.
    • Spoon.
    • Rubber gloves.
    • Paper towels.
    • Screw.

    Instructions for making STEP 1: Preparing the rings If you bought ready-made rings, then most likely they will be soldered, so they need to be cut with pliers and a little bit to separate. Then on the ring you need to wear wooden beads so that it is completely filled. STEP 2: Coloring Now turn to painting. The working surface is covered with paper towels or newspaper. Wear rubber gloves and mix the dye with water, stirring it thoroughly with a spoon so that it dissolves completely. TIP: We recommend that before dyeing the whole holder, try painting one bead to make sure that the color will turn out really the way you need it.

  • If it is too dark, add some water.
  • If, on the contrary, the color is very light, then you need to add more dye. It should be borne in mind that when the wooden bead dries, the color will be slightly lighter than when it is still wet.
  • Immerse the entire ring in the container with the dye and leave for a few minutes, the longer you leave it, the richer the color will be. After a while, remove the ring from the dye andHold it over the container a little to make the glass excess paint. Put the ring on a paper towel and let it dry a little. Then rinse it in running water and leave to dry for several hours. STEP 3: Mounting

  • We drive a screw into the wall at the right height.
  • With a piece of leather cut strips 10 cm long and make holes on each side, departing from the edge of a centimeter.
  • We remove two beads from the ring, we thread a leather strip and between them we dress these two beads, we have a loop from a leather strip.
  • We hang the ring on the screw with a leather loop and glue the skin with the screw in place of the junction so that our holder remains in place.
  • That's all our beautiful holder in the formrings ready! As you can see, there is nothing difficult in making yourself incredibly beautiful and original towel holders in the bathroom with your own hands.