How to entertain a child. 80 games and activities with children

How to entertain a child. 80 games and activities with children

Do not know how to entertain your child when he is bored? I want to offer you 80 boring games and classes with children for all seasons. What to do with the children in the winter?

    • Rolling on the hill with the child
    • Making snow appliques
    • Bring a twig from the street and put it in a jar of water
    • To arrange a theater of shadows
    • Dress up a New Year tree
    • Cooking greeting cards
    • Draw pictures on notepad to make a cartoon
    • Make a house of boxes
    • Count the stars on a clear winter sky

How to entertain a child. 80 games and activities with children

  • Tell your dreams
  • Make the dream catcher
  • To make New Year's gifts to relatives
  • Cut figurines out of orange peels
  • Tell scary stories
  • Play snowballs
  • Make a variety of snowflakes with their own hands
  • Shake the felt pen to create the illusion of its flexibility
  • Play with ice cubes under a trickle of water (make holes in them)
  • Doing angels on the snow
  • Make a bird feeder
  • To sculpt unusual snowmen
  • Build a house of pillows and chairs

What to do in the spring? How to entertain a child. 80 games and activities with children

  • Grow flowers, vegetables
  • Listen to how the birds sing
  • To look at nature through a magnifying glass
  • Show tricks
  • Draw using carbon paper
  • Look at the clouds and guess in them some animal
  • Make a trap for the wind with your own hands
  • Shine with a flashlight in the dark
  • Twist the kid, holding his hands
  • Listen to what sounds can be published by blowing into different bottles
  • Repeat the same word quickly several times to hear something else
  • Screaming in the woods all the time
  • Look at your shadow, change its size, try to catch up with it
  • Draw milk and other unusual things
  • Make a storm in a glass with water
  • Hide the treasure in a plate with cereal or cereal
  • Make cookies of different shapes
  • Extract birch sap

How to entertain a child. 80 games and activities with childrenWhat to do in the summer with children?

  • Build a large hut from the branches
  • Weave floral wreaths
  • Teach the baby to let the pancakes on the river
  • Chew grass (it is desirable to know that they are not poisonous ..)
  • Conduct experience of "volcanic eruption"
  • To contemplate the sunset and sunrise.
  • Make water pistols from plastic bottles
  • To admire the moon, to observe its changes daily
  • Craft octopus dolls from dandelions
  • Do ornaments from rose hips
  • Take the kid with him for hunting and fishing
  • To play in "secretaries"
  • Sing songs by the fire. Fry bread on a branch and potatoes in a fire
  • Launch a homemade kite
  • Build sandcastles from sand. Burying one another in the sand.
  • Dinner by candlelight
  • Make horns out of the hair in the bath
  • Jump in puddles
  • Communicate with gestures
  • Whistle with a blade of grass
  • To blow on a feather, who will not fall for longer
  • Put your wand in an anthill and lick off formic acid
  • To be one-eyed pirates with a sword.
  • Repair broken toys
  • Launch giant soap bubbles (make yourself)
  • Make a house for toys and dolls
  • Climb up trees

What to do in the autumn? E002792

  • Launch boats in puddles
  • Sew carnival costumes
  • Dress up the sheet and pretend to be a ghost
  • To play on a makeshift drum
  • Launch a helium balloon and a sky lamp in the sky.
  • Organize a holiday for the child and his friends
  • To look through all through multi-colored glasses
  • To draw a finger on a misted window
  • Shake the branches of the trees to make a fall
  • Jump into big heaps of autumn leaves
  • Make autumn garlands of chestnuts and acorns.
  • Allow the baby to put on your clothes.
  • Shading coins or leaves under the white paper

All these 80 games and classes with children you can realize very simply, and it will be easy to entertain your child with them!