How quickly to turn an ordinary bottle into an original vase without the investment of resources and forces? The original idea of ​​decorating a bottle with improvised materials

How quickly to turn an ordinary bottle into an original vase without the investment of resources and forces? The original idea of ​​decorating a bottle with improvised materials

The most incredible decorations for the house are createdjust with their own hands. It is possible to make a unique vase from improvised materials, but in its originality, elegance, it will not yield to factory works. Use imagination, available pebbles and different accessories, and the product will be unique. This decoration is difficult to attribute to any particular style, it has a black-silver base, which is more characteristic of the old days. The variegated inserts in the form of stones and the original flower bring the vase closer to modern trends in decor, so this vessel can decorate both the hall, and the living room, and the bedroom in all tones and shades. Photo process to convert the bottle into a vase. Photo №1

Materials and tools

To turn an ordinary bottle from wine or another drink into an exquisite vase, it will not take much:

  • A glass vessel of any shape, but sufficiently stable in an upright position.
  • Glue PVA - 1 tube.
  • Old kapron tights in black color (if there are only corporal, then they will come down).
  • A balloon of automotive paint ("black metallic" color).
  • Pebbles for an aquarium or smooth buttons, you can use large rhinestones, lenses, for example - to take balls from an old chandelier, etc.
  • Several cuts of satin ribbon to create a rose or other flower.
  • For decoration, you can use a thread with beads or beads.
  • To work on a flower you will need a candle.
  • Hot glue.
  • Stages of work

    At the first stage, you need to wrap the bottle with a nylon,and then is engaged in the creation of decorating elements and only at the final pores is created a whole work in the form of a decorative vase. Proceed to tighten the bottle from the fact that cut off some of the tights according to the size of the bottle, more precisely 8 cm longer than the height of the glass vessel. Dilute PVA glue with water in a separate small container, use 1 to 1 concentration, that is, 100 ml of water will need the same amount of glue. In this capacity, put nylon, so that part of the pantyhose is very much impregnated. The bottle must be rinsed and torn off all the paper labels, otherwise when gluing nylon, these elements will swell, the paper will peel off and the tights will not stick. Photo process to convert the bottle into a vase. Photo # 2 Put a dry bottle in a kapron case, take the tights from different sides to form a chaotic hanging. Photo process to convert the bottle into a vase. Picture №3 It is very important not to touch the nylon wrapperthe bottom of the bottle, otherwise the vase will become unstable, and it is necessary to free the neck of excess material by pulling the capron down, and the upper part needs to be shoved into the mouth with a stick that will keep the diameter of the throat of the bottle free. Photo process to convert the bottle into a vase. Photo №4 Wrap the glass jar with a fewhours in a ventilated room, so that the glue is dry, and the cover has taken on a bizarre shape inseparable from the bottle. At this time, you can begin to create a flower from the atlas. For the rose, about ten oval petals are required, the size of the detail in the larger side is about 7 cm. Each petal is scorched near the candle flame, so that the satin edge heats up and wraps up like a real petal. Burning should be very smoothly, 2-3 mm and stretch the edge immediately. From one petal form a bud, for this, bend the piece in half and fold it with a tube. The next step is gluing the petals around the bud. All elements are fixed in turn. The first four elements are arranged in pairs opposite each other. The remaining petals are stuck in a circle to form a lush, equilateral flower. Rose petals are formed from a green ribbon in two tiers. For the lower petals, you need a braid, the width of which is about 2.5 cm. You need to cut it by 8 cm, roll the pieces in half, cut off the edge from the corner towards the diagonal edge, leaving a little space to turn the part. The upper petals are formed from blanks of elongated, rounded shape with a size of 4-5 cm, which are scorched near the candle flame by the type of petals on the rose. Photo process to convert the bottle into a vase. Photo №5 Take the base of an atlas with a diameter of 5 cm,glue on it thin sheets with sharp corners in one dense layer, then add petals of the rounded form, and in the central part glue a smart rose. An additional decoration will be beads or beads, collected on a thin wire. Such elements, twisted in the form of a droplet, are located in the upper part of the flower or in the form of three branches. Now you need to return to work on the bottle. When the glue has dried, it is necessary to cover the surface of the future vase with paint from the sprayer. Choose a quick-drying paint without a pungent odor, such as automotive paint. Spray the vessel from all sides and place it on the balcony or outside for 2 hours so that the paint is fixed and dried. At the new stage of work we proceed to decorative decoration of the bottle. To do this, place a large flower on the side wide part of the vessel, and in the remaining area of ​​the vase distribute the glass shimmering pebbles. Decorative elements must be arranged in any order in the form of a chaotic placer. Stone and flower are fixed with hot glue, it is reliable and transparent, that's why it is ideal for handicrafts. The reverse side of the vessel is also decorated with a scattering of rhinestones and glasses, so that the decorative product looks great from any angle. Photo process to convert the bottle into a vase. Photo №6 The central part of the decorative bottle will bedressing satin flower. He contrasts the emphasis and perfectly fits into the image of an unusual vase. Variegated coloring of the flower is completely suitable for black-silver base. To fix the decoration, use a drop of hot melt, apply it to the back of the flower and immediately attach the element to the side of the bottle, pressing it tightly. To fix the atlas to the capron is necessary for 2-3 minutes, and in the future it will be firmly held for more than one year. Photo process to convert the bottle into a vase. Photo №7 Decoration for the house, created by own hands, inthe form of a decorative vase is ready. In this vessel you can place not only flowers, but also feathers, decorative dry twigs, etc. Thanks to the bizarre shape and combination of a dark base and a bright scattering of glass, the vase will suit different styles in the interior of your house.