Incredibly beautiful compositions and handmade pasta made by own hands

Incredibly beautiful compositions and handmade pasta made by own hands

Today, a lot of attention is paid to suchprocess as a creative development of the personality, and it means not only the younger generation, but also each person as a whole, not depending on age. Although, there are a lot of modern materials with which you can maximize your creative abilities, but there is a possibility to use for this, and absolutely non-standard materials, for example, such as pasta. As for the use of this material in the process of creativity, this is primarily due to the fact that it is pasta in almost every home, besides, they are not expensive, and have the most uncomplicated forms and sizes ... The process of creativity, a composition of ordinary pasta. Photo №1 To get down to work, first of all, you need to select all the materials necessary for this. This, should include, elements such as:

  • macaroni, the most diverse forms, colors and volumes;
  • paints;
  • the basis;
  • glutinous composition;
  • lacquer;
  • knife;
  • tweezers.

If all this you have available, you canbegin to go directly to work. First, select the basis for the future composition. It can be anything - a bottle, an old casket or just a piece of plywood. Next, you should choose a background, which can be either cardboard or plain board, but not thick. Continuing the theme of the creative process, we are preparing the pasta to make it easy to use them in the work. First, sort them by type, and form into separate containers, which will make it easier to work with them. For more convenience, pasta can immediately be painted in certain colors and shades. For such purposes, suitable as food colorings, and ordinary colors. The variant of the composition can be the most diverse, for example, from macaroni that have a round shape, you can create flowers, and the leaves to them can be made from so-called macaroni tubules and so on. Here the main thing is to connect as much as possible your imagination and creativity. In addition, do not limit the flight of your imagination, by what limits, do whatever you want, it can be either a realistic composition, or an abstract, or as an option, surrealist. Having passed all the pains of creativity, and having finishedcomposition, cover it with varnish. This is suitable as a varnish for wood, so at the worst and nail polish, only it should be transparent. After coating with varnish, the whole composition will come to life, and will acquire a more expensive look and status. After finishing, the work should dry well, and only after that it can be put into the frame, and hung on the wall, or placed in any other place at your discretion. Good luck to you!