Incubo house from containers

Incubo house from containers

Transport containers are very convenient andrelatively inexpensive material for construction. The use of sea containers for residential buildings has a number of advantages, for example, the overall cost of the project and the timing of the work is reduced. Thanks to the flight of the fantasy of architect and designer Maria Jose Trejos (Maria Jose Trejos), eight metal boxes have become a unique two-storey house made of containers Incubo, located in Costa Rica.

house of containersExternal composition

The house of containers is made in the original style,which combines industrial design and natural elements. The central element of the mansion around which it is built is the old massive cedar. This cedar is important for the overall layout of the house, it can be seen practical from all rooms. roof of house from transport containers cedar in the courtyard of the house from containersFacades of the house from the containers on the side of the yardclosed with bamboo screens, which is very harmoniously combined with the texture of the cedar bark. In addition to natural aesthetics, screens protect the interior of the house from the summer heat and sunlight. metal inlay in the house from the containersWide roof canopies also contribute to the creation ofShadow and protect the living room from the heat. Various windows and openings continue to create a cooling effect due to lateral ventilation, so there is no need to install air conditioners in the mansion. In addition, the abundance of openings allows natural light to freely penetrate into any corner of the building, which reduces to almost zero the use of electric lighting in the daytime. These energy-saving solutions significantly save the family's expenses for utilities. house-8-shipping-containers-05

Interior design in a container house

Interior design large spacious living roomis fundamentally different from the industrial aesthetics of sea containers. Low sofas with bright velvet upholstery and coffee tables from wooden pallets create an atmosphere of warm coziness and delicate eclecticism. house-8-shipping-containers-06 house-8-shipping-containers-09Large iron gates can fullyrise, opening a view of the street and filling the space with light and air. Nearby there is also a standard front door for those times when owners prefer a more personal way of life. Opposite the entrance, on the second level, is the working area. house-8-shipping-containers-07The wall of the house from the containers, facing the courtyard,completely made of glass, allowing you to admire the tall cedar. It is interesting that the steps of the staircase leading to the second floor are made of cut branches of the same cedar. house-8-shipping-containers-08 house-8-shipping-containers-10Transitions from one module of the house to anotherequipped with an art gallery with paintings from the owner's collection. The gallery suspension system allows you to change the display at will, without damaging the walls. house-8-shipping-containers-11Elegant view of the cedar opens from the dining room. The central place here is a dining table with a steel table top and massive cedar legs. Six chairs are made of cedar wood. A small kitchen, made in white with glossy panels, does not detract attention from the central elements of the interior. In the decoration of the living room and dining room, as well as the entire mansion, wood from renewable sources, mixed plastic, bamboo and polished concrete from which the floor is made was used. house-8-shipping-containers-12All three rooms on the second floor overlook thepatio. They are united by an open terrace with bamboo screens. This is a separate building module, a private area located above the dining area. On the roof under the white awnings there is a summer playground where you can relax and sunbathe. house-8-shipping-containers-13 house-8-shipping-containers-15 house-8-shipping-containers-14 house-8-shipping-containers-16 house-8-shipping-containers-17The house of containers is also equipped with a collection systemrainwater, solar panels, durable LED lighting. All the eco-friendly solutions in the complex make this mansion truly Earth Friendly, that is friendly to nature and ecology. house-8-shipping-containers-19