Kitchen wall decor: 13 design techniques 2019

Kitchen wall decor: 13 design techniques 2019

Want to know how to decorate an empty wall in the kitchensparingly with your own hands? We have prepared the most fashionable ideas of 2019 and options for decorating the walls in the kitchen in a modern style that will help you create the kitchen of your dreams! Here are the wall decoration ideas in the kitchen likeeconomical, which is easy to repeat in our master classes, and more expensive options. See the amazing new products and techniques in the design of the walls in the kitchen according to the international construction show

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Wall decor photos and frames

Most people love to work out their work.places photos, drawings and other significant and memorable things for them. However, it has recently become fashionable to decorate photos and paintings, not only living rooms, but also kitchens! Above the dining table Where to place photo frames in the kitchen - of course over the dining table. What photos will be relevant in the kitchen:

  • There are many uses for thisdecor method. For example, in the following photo, traditional portraits and still lifes are replaced by modern posters of various cultural events, book illustrations,
  • graphics or even street art reproductions that reflect current trends in pop culture.
  • it is important that the content makes sense to you. After all, the presence of an element of decor, displays your hobbies and interests, so it is important that you really enjoy it - you are the one who will look at this wall every day.

ANTITRNED: the image of food in the kitchen! BACKGROUND: For the base of the art gallery walls, you can use both a white wall and a dark or saturated color wall. TIP: But it is important that the frame of the paintings contrasted with the wall - black, gold, silver or platinum frames are now quite popular. You can combine frames of different sizes and shapes. How beautiful to hang on the wall There are a few points that you should pay attention to when assembling your wall gallery:

  • In fact, the dynamics and diversity areThe main factors for building such a wall: use a different frame for each element - if you want, there are no restrictions on colors or sizes, let your imagination run at full capacity.
  • The only practical advice you can use when designing your art gallery on the kitchen wall is to start by hanging the largest frame.
  • Arrange it a little off center so that it does not concentrate all attention on itself, and then proceed with the ordering of the other components.
  • Scenery by large paintings

    Many art collectorsdemonstrate their exhibits in all areas of the house, and the kitchen is no exception. What is fashionable in design: The kitchen wall is suitable for all kinds of artistic themes and styles: from sketches of the human body to large abstract paintings, as well as colorful accents or geometric figures in contrasting compositions. How to choose:

  • Just keep in mind that for your kitchen you have to choose a painting or a work of art that has a positive emotional impact on you.
  • Usually, large-sized works of art give a wonderful contrast with the wall on which they are exhibited, and create an excellent visual effect and characteristic focus for any decor composition.
  • ATTENTION: this technique is not suitable for very small kitchens, a la Khrushchovka

    Wall decoration with drawing board

    Very stylish in the kitchen interior fits blackboard for drawing with chalk. To make it - there is a special black paint, after its application to the wall, you can draw on it with chalk. Where appropriate such a wall:

    • near the sink, as it is easily cleaned with a damp cloth and is not afraid of water
    • in the dining area
    • On the sofa in the kitchen

    You can also hang a small board on the wall, we have.

    Wood panels and laminate on the wall

    The use of wood as a finishing material in modern decor is becoming more and more fashionable every year. This is especially true in the kitchen and dining room! Wooden elements can be used invarious artistic variations and styles: as cladding, furniture, household appliances, etc. One wall decorated with wood looks very stylish, TIP: as an economical replacement for it is an ordinary floor laminate laid on the wall. Wood panels or laminate are equally suitable for creating a modern style, and for country style. Wood as a material has many positive and unique qualities,

    • excellent thermal insulation
    • it also contributes to healthy indoor air quality
    • the kind of wood brings warmth and comfort to any kitchen interiors

    So we can say that this is the case whenproven over the years, classic materials and approaches to design, back in fashion. Recently, we have seen a high trend in the use of wood cladding and design elements. What tree color to choose? Particularly fashionable and stylish now is the color of light wood, typical of Scandinavian or Asian decors with pronounced minimalism. ANTITREND: while the color of Wenge is unfashionable, except for pure black A simple and clean wood kitchen can have many different variations of decor, and it is always stylish, elegant and cozy.

    3D wall panels

    To liven up the interior, often use3D panels. Basically they are specific geometric patterns that add depth and dynamic effect to the kitchen wall. TIP: For maximum impression, they should be used only on one wall (usually closest to the dining table) or as a partial finish. Volumetric panels are the creation of moderntechnology and trends, and they are often inspired by abstract style with random geometric shapes and silhouettes. They bring modern character to kitchen design, and are a good way to break the monotony of style.

    Wall decoration mirrors

    It is well known and used decorative.element in the design of kitchen walls. There are so many options when it comes to introducing a mirror into the composition of the kitchen decor: variations in shape, size, style, and the possibility of creative play. From using antique wooden mirrorsthe framework for creating a rustic style to minimalist modern frameless mirrors, from mirror walls to a simple and modest accent, the variations can be endless - just experiment! How to make yourself Thanks to its reflective mirror qualitiescan be a functional addition to the composition of the decor, which visually makes the space larger than its actual size. They also represent an individual style and can appear in many art forms.

    Marble walls in the kitchen

    When it comes to luxury and naturalmaterials that can be used as a wall decoration for a kitchen - marble is a favorite. Stylish and luxurious this material gives a certain gloss to any space! Natural marble can be of any color: from white to almost black in shades. Marble drawing is also any! ATTENTION: The main thing - do not overdo it and use it a little in the interior of the kitchen! The use of marble is back in moderninterior design, but because of the cost of materials it is not always possible to apply. However, a fresh trend in design is the use of marble in small doses - accents, and not in quantities that suppress the eye.

    Stone wall decor in the kitchen

    Another material that is increasingly found in fashionable kitchen decors is stone! But more often it is present in the design of houses and villas. But it can come up to the kitchen with a meter from 6 sq. M. Benefits:

    • natural qualities of stone and organic - can compete with the use of materials such as wood and marble.
    • Its thermostatic qualities, naturalThe appearance and the large variety of colors, shapes and textures make it an excellent choice for creating a unique kitchen wall design and gives many design ideas.

    The stone on the wall in the kitchen is a timeless classic that will never go out of style. Thus, the stone wall is ideal for the design of your kitchen:

    • it is functional
    • does not age
    • reliable,
    • color choices: from red to black, and from warm to neutral textures.

    Brick wall decor

    If not stone, then why not brick? A clean, unpainted brick wall becomes an aesthetic addition to the modern design of the kitchen and expresses new fashionable looks. Brick wall in the kitchen goes well with:

    • metal frames,
    • large glass display cases
    • lamps in industrial style.

    ANTITREND: White plastic brick on the wall, like a cheap imitation of natural brick.

    Wall decor plates

    Almost a century of tradition in decorating kitchen wallsexperiencing not only a strong revival, but also artistic development: from arranging various objects on shelves and walls, it becomes part of modern art, provoking experiments and creativity. The scenery of the plates can be very interestingand manifest in a very different form. In the compilation we made for you, the first example creates the illusion of a huge picture. The following variant intrigues that, even using white plates on a white wall, a certain contrast is obtained and clearly pronounced volumetric shapes are clearly visible. The possibilities are unlimited - just enjoy. The best part of decorating your kitchen wallplates is that for this you do not need a specialist, fashion designer or master. All you need is a suitable choice that will represent your vision: color, theme, motive or memorabilia from your travels that you like. The assembly is also guided by your sense of style and taste - round plates are optional, the choice is yours, you can group them in any way possible. And the bonus - creating a collection of plates that will become a decorative element in your home can be quite fun. You can also watch our lessons on.

    Photowall-paper for small kitchen

    Wall mural has long been out of all designmaking. BUT they have one advantage - if you choose the right design and perspective - they perfectly expand the visual space in small kitchens. We recommend to read - our article about

    Decorating the wall wallpaper

    This is usually a very common method fordecorating the walls of the kitchen. Wallpapers offer a wide variety of choices, speed on the walls and are a relatively economical solution! ANTITREND: wallpaper in the shape of a tile or a small flower! The latest fashion trends in kitchen design shows that many designers prefer to experiment in creating a kitchen wall with wallpaper and:

    • they make them with a texture imitating marble or wood,
    • create artificial paintings or wallpapers,
    • "Imitate" the natural large patterns of flowers and plants - all this is possible using modern themes for wallpaper.

    Even more ideas - in this article!

    Plants and flowers on the walls

    One of the most economical, but also difficult wayswall decor in the kitchen - because to create and maintain it takes some effort and perseverance, but mainly because it brings a unique, fresh spirit and life atmosphere to any room. There are many fashion projects and examples of greenwalls in the kitchen. But at the same time, keep in mind that this is a living being that you enter into your home conditions, so careful planning and constant care is required. But there are so many advantages: health benefits, freshness and air purification in the kitchen, and if you plant more and some spices, then subtle pleasant aroma. Not to mention the aesthetic side of the fresh green wall in the design of your kitchen. Many scientific studies show thatThe presence of living greens in homes drastically reduces energy loss, filters air toxins, and benefits natural ventilation. And besides, they are so beautiful and ... natural. So, as you can see, the wall decoration options for your kitchen are endless, all you need is inspiration and creativity!