Miniature wreaths from greens for cards and gifts

Miniature wreaths from greens for cards and gifts

Giving to close people gifts, I want in additionsay or write something nice and sincere. We write holiday greetings and wishes on standard cards and postcards, and gifts are packed in traditional wrapping paper with a bow. We offer 4 ideas how to make for your New Year simple and touching wreaths of green for interior decoration, postcards and gifts that will further emphasize the sincerity of your wishes. Content:

  • Wreaths of green on the wire
  • Wreaths of rosemary on the vine
  • Wreaths made of cypress on cardboard
  • Wreaths from branches without a stem
  • miniature wreaths from greens for cards Main materials and tools:

    • plants (branch of a herringbone, cypress, boxwood, rosemary, oreogony, myrtle, eucalyptus or even parsley, dill, basil);
    • the basis - a coil of wire (a cardboard circle, a wreath from a vine);
    • twine (twine, braid or ribbon);
    • nippers, scissors;
    • glue, scotch tape.

    How to make miniature wreaths of greenery

    Option 1, with wire Make a small circlefrom two or three turns of wire. The diameter of the wreaths in the photographs is about 3 cm. Take the twigs of the plants, wrap them around the wire circle so as to hide it as much as possible. That's why it would be nice if the wire was green and not so conspicuous. Plants can be threaded in a few places with green thread or use thin strips of scotch. It will be such a cute miniature wreath. how to make miniature wreaths of greenery The wreath can be attached directly to the sheetcardboard, thoroughly threaded or using glue. The entire greeting card can be decorated with beads and sequins, and you can beautifully sign and leave in such a minimalist style. postcards with live branches Option 2, with a vine mini wreaths of rosemary Instead of wire, you can use small wreaths from a tightly twisted grapevine. You can do it yourself or buy from florists. mini wreath of rosemary 02 To the vine green thread or wirewe tie green branches, in this case we used rosemary. Note that the green layer is located on top of the wreath from the vine, but you can attach rosemary or other twigs to the back of the vine, especially if you plan to use the wreaths as an interior decor, for example, hang it on a window or chandelier. mini wreath of rosemary 03 mini wreaths of rosemary 04These wreaths of rosemary became a decorative decoration of gift wrapping. mini wreaths of rosemary 05 Option 3, with a cardboard circle As a basis for a wreath, you can take a cardboard circle. Stick small sprigs of cypress straight to the cardboard with a glue gun. how to make a mini wreath from branches 00 how to make a mini wreath from branches 01 how to make a mini wreath from branches Option 4, without the foundation A, you can simply collapse intowreaths green branches without any foundation in the form of cardboard or wire? Oh sure! The easiest and quickest way to make lovely New Year's wreaths is from greenery. New Year's wreaths of greenery Happy Holidays!