Several schemes of crafts made of beads, which will suit those who are just beginning to engage in this kind of needlework

Several schemes of crafts made of beads, which will suit those who are just beginning to engage in this kind of needlework

Now the time has come when the variety of goodsfor needlework can be found in any specialized store. Thus, very many people became interested in different types of needlework. Otherwise, it can not be, because such an occupation is very popular and allows you to create beautiful things with your own hands. And if you take into account that handmade products are more than ever in price, most people who are engaged in needlework sell their creations. The same can be done by you, if you master any of the techniques. In this small master class we would like to talk about such technique as beadwork. Crafts from beads can be both light in the performance for beginners, and difficult - for more experienced masters. In any case, even a child can master this technique. Our materials will help you to facilitate the process of acquiring skills in this art. Follow the advice of our lessons and very soon you will be able to create beautiful and unique things. So many needlewomen do. Really experienced craftsmen can create original compositions to decorate their apartment or beautiful hand-made articles that they can use as a souvenir for friends, for example, you can weave an excellent cactus from beads and give to friends for a housewarming party. No doubt, such a gift will be very original - especially since it does not require special care, unlike flowers. Many needlewomen use the technique of beading to create interesting interior items or decorations and they are very good at it. When you look at the finished products, over which the master has worked for a long time, you understand why people appreciate them. These are real masterpieces that can attract even those who did not think about it before. That there are, for example, boxes of beads, or bows or bracelets that look great as an ornament. That's why many craftsmen try to take complex schemes, on the basis of which they make these unique compositions. But, since in my family there is a small child, I, of course, are interested, first of all, with ideas on how to create hand-made articles made of beads for children. Surely, it is peculiar to every woman, if she has children. Of course, we ourselves can make beautiful things from beads and give them to our children, but it will be more interesting to make these products with them. Let's look at some non-complicated schemes that are suitable for working with children. After all, the earlier we start to involve our children in creating something with our own hands, the better it will be in the future. In addition, the occupation of needlework positively affects the development of children, especially with regard to the fine motor skills of the hands. Crafts from beads photo. Photo №1 So, we offer you several options on the topic - children's crafts made of beads. Scheme of the Ladybug. For work we need:

  • beads of red, black and white flowers,
  • wire.

At the very beginning, we will draw three head beads onwire and create antennas. Then we proceed to create the trunk, without forgetting in the fourth row to weave the wire for the wings. Tend your torso, but remember the paws! Weave the wicker strictly according to the scheme. Interesting will also look like keychains in the form of chamomile, ant, dog, crocodile and so on. Surely such small items can help your children develop a creative person, help their children, support them, even if from the first they do not get anything. Crafts from beads photo. Photo # 2 In general, beadwork, like beads, hascenturies-old history. After all, the Ancient Egyptians were the first to learn how to weave necklaces from bead necklaces, to drop bracelets and to cover women's outfits with beaded nets. But the real dawn of beaded production took place only in the tenth century, for a long time the Venetians carefully concealed from others, the secrets of creating a glass miracle. Masters and masters decorated beads with clothes and shoes, fan cases for fans and ochechniki, purses and handbags, as well as other elegant things that were in vogue at that time. Crafts from beads photo. Picture №3 With the advent of beads in the United States,Indigenous people began to use it instead of the traditional - Indian traditional materials. For the ritual belt, head bandage, basket, hair net, earrings, snuff-boxes and other things. In the Far North, embroidered beads were decorated with fur coats, boots, hats, reindeer harness, sun-protective leather spectacles. Our great-grandmothers were also very inventive. Among the huge variety of elegant trinkets there are amazing objects. Brushes and covers for chalk, cheholchiki on the toothpick, inkwell, perenchistku and pencil, collar for your favorite dog, cup holder, lace collars, Easter eggs, chess boards and much, much more. Diva is given, when you learn what can be done with the help of such art as beading. As the beadwork began to develop and develop, new schemes began to appear, and, of course, beadwork. Today we have an excellent opportunity to revive and continue this worthy cause, having so many ideas and opportunities - you just need to really want! Currently, with the help of sculptures from beads, many decorate hotels, shops, apartments. Some masters even weave icons - which is still well in demand. Thus, we can conclude that you and your children also need to learn this kind of needlework. The main thing is that you have a desire and then you will be able to create not only simple things, but also complex ones, which sometime sometime will also be put up for sale. We wish you and your children creative success!