Beautiful and elegant decoupage of banks with their own hands: a master class of decoupage on glass

Beautiful and elegant decoupage of banks with their own hands: a master class of decoupage on glass

Elegant decoupage of jars with their own hands Sometimes, indecoupage new ideas that can be implemented extremely economically, but to amaze all around with its simplicity and elegance. To your attention - an interesting technique for creating beautiful jars, which you can put on one of the lockers in your kitchen, or decorate it with flowers. Decoupage is a technique that even a beginner can master. It is for these reasons, it will be easy for you to work with this topic, and to do everything possible will not be difficult.

  • Glass jar)
  • Drawing (napkin or map for decoupage)
  • Varnish (acrylic)
  • Paint (acrylic)
  • Contour (acrylic)
  • Brush (for processing)
  • Sponge (foam rubber), cotton wheels
  • Alcohol

Bank for products

Beautiful and elegant decoupage of banks with their own hands: a master class of decoupage on glass. Photo №1 This material will suffice with a head. Bank - will be the basis of our product. It must be washed beforehand, and then dried. Then, it is necessary to wipe the outer part of the product with a cotton disc, which you must first moisten with alcohol. Next, take the white paint and prepare it in order to make the primer of the product. This process is due to a foam sponge, or by using a brush. Everything depends on the convenience of the master. The entire outer part of the product is covered with a layer of paint. Then, put the paint to dry. If it dries, you should check the product for enlightenment. After this, it is necessary to paint the bottom of the can and process the outer part of the product at the neck under the lid. The paint dries up, and you can do other things. Or, to prepare colored elements from our product napkins or decoupage cards. With their help we will decorate our bank with beautiful ornaments and drawings. It is necessary to cut out the necessary contours with scissors, or even better, gently pry them out where you need to decorate your product as beautifully as possible. Next, we work with the paint layer. It is necessary to apply objects one piece to each side of our jar. Then, they need to be smeared with acrylic lacquer. It is necessary to make movements from the middle of the picture to its edges, so that folds or dots do not appear. In addition, it is necessary to work with the lid for a jar, which should also have a decent look. After the layer of varnish dries, you need to decorate the product using a colored contour. To do this, we will outline the shapes we need to make the contour a solid line. Also, the contour can be applied using separate points. If you make a blank for the winter, it will be ideal to decorate the decoupage of your jars with beautiful pictures of fruits, vegetables, berries.

Bank for spices

Beautiful and elegant decoupage of banks with their own hands: a master class of decoupage on glass. Photo # 2 To work with a tin can we need such items

  • Can
  • Crackle lacquer (one-step)
  • Napkins or decoupage cards
  • Paints made of acrylic
  • Varnish (acrylic)
  • Brush

In this case, for proper registration of uswill suit a bank from under coffee, or a jar of tea. It should be dyed in a dark color of acrylic paint and then, dry our products. This color will look like cracks on our background. Next, apply the varnish of craquelure. Do this with a wide brush, or foam, using one direction. Smears should not come to each other. The surface must dry and then we take a contrasting color in order to decorate the jar. Mix white color and ocher to make the appearance of aging. We cover the jar with the top layer of our paint preform. Do this also in one direction. The thicker the layer is from the outside, the coarser the prints of the cracks will be. Prepare the motifs from the napkin layer, draw the decoupage on the jar and after, wait until it dries. Then, with a varnish, cover with a protective layer. Wait until it dries. This is not a tricky way to independently implement a variety of ideas of cans, using different methods and methods of design. Jars are perfect for storing spices, food or necessary spices. You can also arrange a collection of jars and give it to another person.