Quickly make a skirt with a coquette with your own hands, using improvised materials

Quickly make a skirt with a coquette with your own hands, using improvised materials

How to make a pattern of a skirt with a coquette with your own hands. Photo №1 The coquette is thin and wide, it depends on which model of the product is selected. Let's dwell on a 7-centimeter coquette for a fitted skirt that slits any type of figure. Description of the modeling process

  • The waistline will be slightly understated, namely 3 cm, so a segment of this length should be laid off from the top cut at the waist and draw a new line. The tip is cut off.
  • From the new waist line it is necessary to postpone the height of the coquette - 7 cm. A line is drawn with the aid of a templar, and an experienced skilled worker can clearly observe it.
  • The resulting coquette is cut with scissors frommade pattern of the product. It is cut into 2 parts - for the front and back half of the skirt. Then they are glued together, taking into account the darts, thus, the lines of the coquettes are rounded, they become smoother.
  • The part of the dart of the rear half should be transferred to the barrel of the product.
  • Set the necessary length of the skirt, cut off from the pattern.

Description of the sewing process Before sewing,prepare the following patterns: 1 half skirt front with a fold; 2 halves of the back skirt; 2 elements of the coquette of the front half and 4 elements of the back. It is necessary to take into account the allowances at the seams of one and a half centimeters, and add 4 cm to the length of the product. Prepared patterns are pinned with needles on folded in 2 times cloth along the share thread. It is recommended to strengthen the details of the inner coquette with a certain kind of foundation - a special fabric that has therma characteristics. When you cut out on it, you do not need to take stock. Stitches on the sides "bait" and stitch, then the ironed allowances are subject to processing. The same thing to do with the unfortified part of the coquette. The needlewoman needs to sweep the facial parts of the coquette and skirts attached to each other, stitch them. Next, you need to iron out the allowances for the details of the belt, but do not rush to process them. It's time for fastening - it's a secret "lightning". Details that have been strengthened, now you need to sweep and stitch at the seams on the sides, hot iron to walk through the allowances. Then the coquette, together with its strengthening, is connected with the almost ready-made element of the wardrobe face-to-face, is swept and tipped. The stitch is hidden with the help of machine stitching, it is also acceptable to close it manually. The bottom of the skirt is tucked, after which it must be swept with a hidden seam. Also you can sew more coquettish versionskirts with a yoke in a fold. Everything depends only on your preferences and imagination. Here is an approximate pattern of the skirt. We remind you that you need to build a pattern strictly according to your individual size.