Round bed in the interior of a modern bedroom: a photo of furniture that is comfortable and cozy (38 photos)

Round bed in the interior of a modern bedroom: a photo of furniture that is comfortable and cozy (38 photos)

Not so long ago, round beds wereoriginal and non-trivial element of the bedroom. Now they began to be used more often and became as ordinary as rectangular models. However, not everyone chooses round beds. Not everyone can boast a large bedroom where you can place such an element of furniture. Let's try to figure out how to fit a large and round bed into the interior of a modern bedroom. 1367559357_kruglaya_krovat_2Large Round Bed

    Advantages of a round bed

    The main advantages of such furniture are:

    • originality, not every house can be found such furniture;
    • comfort, such a bed is much more convenient and more square counterparts;
    • safety, as there are no sharp corners, recommended for children.

    1367559365_kruglaya_krovat_1Round bed with headboard that goes into the sides

    Disadvantages of a round bed

    Despite these advantages, a round bed has its drawbacks:

    • impressive dimensions, such furniture is categorically not suitable for small rooms;
    • the difficulty of buying bedding, finding bedspreads, sheets and round duvet covers is difficult;
    • psychological problems, many buyers claim that it is difficult and unusual to fall asleep in the first months after buying a bed.

    kkfc_001Delicate bedroom interior with a round bed

    A diverse range of round beds

    Round beds have a fairly wide range. A variety of characteristics will help to create your individual bedroom interior:

    • a large gamut of furniture finishes;
    • wide range;
    • design features;
    • variety of mechanisms.

    Round beds are divided into two main types:

    • models with a round mattress;
    • models with a rectangular mattress.

    The second option for beds is usually preferred by those people who want to have round furniture, but doubt its convenience. This classification is carried out in the form of sleepingplaces. There are beds with and without a headboard. The stores feature beds with armrests. This greatly enhances the convenience and comfort during sleep. According to the diversity of the head, round beds are:

    • round;
    • Direct;
    • angular.

    As for the size, the furniture is selected from the following features:

  • If the round bed is intended for a children's room, then in this case the diameter should be no more than two meters.
  • If the bed is selected for a married couple, thenits diameter should be at least 2.5 meters. Almost all round beds are bulky. If you want to avoid this effect, then you should choose models without built-in drawers. And besides this, you can create the effect of soaring in the air. This can be achieved using the backlight.
  • If the dimensions of the furniture do not scare you, thenit is worth considering models with linen drawers. They can store clothes, pillows, rugs and blankets. For this, various opening systems are used:

    • sliding doors;
    • drawers;
    • drawers.

    Accessories for round bed

    Looking at the bed, the question immediately arises: “How and where to buy special bedding?” If you think this is a big problem, then choose a bed with a round base, but a square mattress. Depending on the model, the mattress may protrude above the base or be placed flush with it. A free case at the edges can serve as bedside tables, on which you can place:

    • night light;
    • alarm clock;
    • phone;
    • favorite book and more.

    Also, a rectangular mattress will relieve you of the discomfort that may occur during the operation of furniture. kruglaya_krovat_029A round bed without a head in a snow-white bedroom Find bedding on a round mattress is difficult, but it is possible. You can always find copies to order in online stores.

    Round bed in the bedroom interior

    The round bed may look like a couch. You can choose furniture with a headrest and side. The former make the product more comfortable. The headrest is able to highlight the overall design of the bedroom. Beads are needed, exceptional for protection. They are especially needed if the bed is intended for a child. kruglaya_krovat_027Round daybed If available in the bedroomfinishing the circle, then this room just needs a round bed. And if there is a semicircular wall, then the product will fit into it simply perfectly. A semicircular wall can be created artificially. To do this, you will need drywall and metal guides. All this is done easily and simply with your own hands. If you want to get a luxurious interior in a square room, then put a round bed in the middle of the room. But still, for comfort, the berth should be located in the corner. To use every free space, it is better to choose a sleeping bed with a corner headboard. If you live in a one-room apartment, then it is better to choose a model transformer, which in addition to the bed will serve as a sofa, table and ottoman. kkfc_012Round convertible bed

    Round bed compatibility with various interiors

    The round bed is most suitable for apartments and private houses decorated in a modern style. Mainly:

    • loft;
    • high tech;
    • fusion;
    • techno
    • minimalism.

    kkfc_010Empire style round bed Use caution when using similar furniture in the following styles:

    • classic;
    • country;
    • provence.

    Most likely, in these cases you should refuse a round bed if you do not want to spoil an interior. Better prefer a traditional square bed. kruglaya_krovat_026Original bed with a large leather armrest If you are still a supporter of a rich interior, such as baroque or classic, then a round bed should meet the following requirements:

    • high and pompous headboard;
    • the upholstery of the bed should be noble shades, the fabric should be velvet or velor;
    • bedding should be matched to the tone of the upholstery, have a rich treatment;
    • at the foot of the bench, put a pouf in the tone of the head
    • all associated furniture in the bedroom should be matched in the same color and style.

    Despite the fact that you will have a round mattress, you can use bedding square. This will add chic and charm to the interior. kkfc_005Round bed in classic style. If you wantto create a romantic and fabulous atmosphere in the bedroom, the overall tone of the entire room should be white. The bed should be done in white and blue colors. If possible, the bed should be placed in the middle of the room. To complement the fabulous interior will help:

    • fur plaid;
    • snow-white carpet by the bed;
    • many beautiful decorative pillows.

    kkfc_004A fabulous and delicate bedroom design with a roundbed Another special interior is the design in black and white. This bedroom may not allow everyone. The bedroom looks perfect. A round bed should occupy the first place in such a room and stand out from the rest. It is advisable to choose a hull case in relief, with a high head restraint with black and white upholstery. Complement the interior:

    • multi-level chandelier with candles;
    • black dressing table;
    • black bedside table;
    • snow-white wallpaper.

    kkfc_007Design of a bedroom in black and white

    Round Bed - Round Accessories

    Such furniture needs appropriate accessories. Namely:

    • on the bedroom floor;
    • round tables, ottomans, chairs, mirrors;
    • round lights;
    • round vases, photo frames, various figurines.

    Every detail in the room must matchthe general style of the room in which there is a round bed. And to enhance the effect over the bed, you can install a round canopy or radial panel at the head of the bed.

    The cost of round beds

    If you have a limited cash budget, but want to have a round bed in your bedroom, you can take a closer look at Chinese models. Their cost starts from 40,000 rubles. kkfc_026Inexpensive round bed model In storesYou can find beds from well-known Chinese manufacturers, whose quality leaves no doubt. You can make yourself a pleasant purchase for 75,000 rubles. This bed is upholstered in leather, and its diameter is about two meters. kkfc_024Premier Chinese Round Bed Model Moreone model of a round bed of the Gabrielle model was presented by Ascona. Its starting price starts at 75,000 rubles and can end at 95,000. The price tag rises depending on the configuration, upholstery and additional accessories. kkfc_021Round bed from Ascon For special patriots andlovers of original furniture can consider the Brazo model. True, the cost of this designer furniture starts at 160,000 rubles. This amount will have to be paid out only for the frame. Additionally purchased a mattress. kkfc_023Domestic round bed "Brazo" As you can see,round beds have a much higher cost than square beds. If you can’t buy the product, you can try to do it yourself or find a furniture craftsman who will help you in this matter. In everything else, choose for yourself whether you are ready to take a chance on such originality and unusualness. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!