Inspiration of the day: Homemade gifts for February 14 (90 photos)

Inspiration of the day: Homemade gifts for February 14 (90 photos)

Until the day of all lovers there is nothing left. Have you already made a Valentine card or another surprise for your second half? Homemade gifts for February 14 are an opportunity to pay attention and give something unique, made with love, from the bottom of my heart, and not just buy some souvenir heart in the nearest store, as many do just to get rid of. That's all, and today we have collected for you only those that were made with our own hands. Choose any idea and do something similar. Content

    1. Homemade cards for February 14

    The first and easiest thing you can doyourself for this holiday is a postcard. For mom or girlfriend, boyfriend or girl - yes for anyone, they are not difficult to do, you can even find ready-made templates on the network, you just have to print it on a color printer and glue all the details together. Here are some ideas for such home-made cards: Making postcards by February 14 On the picture:

  • Postcard made of cardboard, ribbons and lace;
  • Cute card with knitted hearts, balls;
  • Postcard from burlap, ribbons and buttons;
  • Stylish vintage notebook;
  • Postcard with a picture and a bow;
  • Blue card with owls;
  • A simple idea with embroidery "LOVE";
  • Swing card with silhouettes of lovers;
  • Knitted hearts and the inscription "love" on a white card.
  • 2. Painting mugs and plates

    No less simple idea that you can easilyto realize is painting mugs or plates for Valentine's Day. All you need is a plain (and not necessarily white) mug or plate and paints that can be painted on ceramics. You can draw hearts, bears, cats or owls yourself or, if you really don’t know how to do it, download stencils on the net and transfer them to enamel. Here are some examples of such gifts: Painting plates or mugs - gift idea On the picture:

    • Yellow mug with voluminous owls made of polymer clay;
    • Plate with two pandas under an umbrella;
    • A simple drawing - two cats in love;
    • Loving elephants made of polymer clay on mugs;
    • The inscription "Love" on a white mug;
    • The drawing on the circle shows two cats under an umbrella;
    • Plate with mandala painting - for connoisseurs;
    • Set of white mugs “L.O.V.E” $
    • Painting plates - hedgehogs in love on a typewriter.

    3. Cute little things for the home

    Are mugs and postcards too boring for you? Then let's come up with something creative. For example, a girl can be presented with some original home-made item for the house. It can be a lamp or a candlestick, a wall clock or a picture, a casket, a vase, a calendar or something else. At the Masters Fair, we found some ideas for you to inspire: Watches, candles, boxes, lamps and other gifts On the picture:

  • The dried lamp - a cat with a heart;
  • Wall clock "love" from plywood;
  • Multi-colored candlestick with beautiful silhouettes;
  • The eternal calendar from February 14;
  • Candlestick "two cats";
  • Headphone case in the shape of a heart;
  • Pink heart vase;
  • Casket "";
  • Red carved candlestick in the shape of a heart.
  • 4. Interior pendants - hearts

    Another idea - give the girl an interiorsuspension. She can decorate a window, hang over a table or bed, attach it to a refrigerator, decorate an empty wall and find a ton of other ideas for use. At the same time, this pendant will always be in sight and will remind the girl or guy how you love them. Here are examples of such homemade pendants on February 14th - get inspired: Pendants with hearts for lovers On the picture:

  • Miniature blue heart pendant;
  • Textile volume hearts under gzhel;
  • Flat plywood pendant with floral print;
  • Pendant pendant "heart in a bottle";
  • Find Me Compass Pendant;
  • Country plywood pendant with roses;
  • Elongated voluminous hearts with a funny print;
  • Vintage hearts with roses and lace;
  • Pink quartz wire pendants.
  • 5. Handmade gift soap

    Can you make soap yourself? Why not give such a handmade soap on February 14th without doing something special for this holiday. It can be just pink or scarlet soap in the shape of a heart, and various figures of animals in love. Moreover, such a gift can be given not only to your other half, but also as a lovely souvenir - to friends, relatives or parents. Homemade soap for Valentine's Day On the picture:

  • Little balm in a handmade jar;
  • Bear with a heart;
  • Pink soap in the form of hearts;
  • Pink mouse with a heart;
  • Handmade soap of an unusual form;
  • Soap with drawings and prints;
  • Square soap for Valentine's Day;
  • Butterflies - print on homemade soap;
  • A simple soap is a heart as a gift.
  • 6. Seals and other toys for Valentine's Day

    Can you sew? Why not sew an amusing homemade toy for February 14th. What is not an idea for inspiration and gift for? Or is it just hard for you to make a pattern yourself? But who's stopping you from finding ready-made ones on the Internet, printing them on a printer and transferring them to fabric. Such a cute toy is suitable for a gift to mom or grandmother. How long have you been telling them how you love them? Lovebird seals and other toys On the picture:

  • A family of loving cats;
  • Two lovebird cats;
  • Funny animals - a cute souvenir;
  • Funny couple of dancing hares;
  • Cat with a heart balloon;
  • Two cats with a common scarf;
  • A couple more cats in love;
  • A toy with a heart for a gift for Valentine's Day;
  • Funny hamster with a heart.
  • 7. Slippers, mittens, socks and other textiles

    And if the toys seem to you something commonplace orYou think that you have already grown up from this age, and this is some kind of frivolous gift, here are some more ideas for those who can sew and knit. Why not sew a garland that can decorate the room, or a tablecloth and a cover for a decorative pillow? Or knit paired mittens - the same ones in which you can hold hands without removing the rukovichok. And warm socks with hearts are a funny gift for a guy. Cute slippers, socks and mittens for February 14 On the picture:

  • Pair red mittens for lovers;
  • Warm knitted socks with hearts;
  • Garland for home decor;
  • Green dried slippers “Love is ...”;
  • A set of regular and paired red and white mittens;
  • Openwork heart-shaped napkins;
  • Ordinary and double mittens - for all occasions;
  • Decorative pillow with lambs;
  • Gray felt slippers with hearts.
  • 8. Sweet gift - gingerbread cookies for lovers

    Actually on Valentine's Day you canto give other sweet and simply edible gifts. The girl will surely be delighted with a bouquet of sweets, and the guy will enjoy a heart-shaped meat pie. But the sweetest idea that we liked is home-made gingerbreads in the shape of hearts with drawings and inscriptions. A similar souvenir can be presented to colleagues at work. Sweet gingerbread valentines On the picture:

  • Openwork pattern on gingerbread;
  • Stunningly beautiful gingerbread on February 14;
  • Set of gingerbread hearts with bright glaze;
  • Gingerbread in the form of a bear with a heart;
  • A set of gingerbread "LOVE";
  • Gingerbread cookies for Valentine's Day of various shapes;
  • Gingerbread cookies with the inscription "love";
  • Different gingerbread cookies with cupids;
  • Gorgeous glaze - drawing "Love is ...".
  • 9. Homemade Valentines on February 14

    And of course, not one holiday February 14 is notdispenses with valentines. Remember a long time ago, at school, we cut out simple valentines from colored paper and gave them to those who were nice to us, and then looked at who had gathered more of these hearts by the end of the day? But here we have grown, and you can already do something more complex than just a heart made of paper. Here are some ideas for various unusual homemade valentines: A variety of hearts-valentines from improvised materials On the picture:

  • Fragrant valentine from fabric, lace and cinnamon sticks;
  • Wooden Puzzle Heart;
  • Volume valentines from fabric and ribbons;
  • Mechanical heart - from a clockwork;
  • Valentine's pendant with stained glass painting;
  • Homemade Valentine in the style of steam punk;
  • Romantic lace valentine;
  • Heart of burlap and ribbons on a stick - for a bouquet;
  • Simple valentines made of red cloth.
  • 10. The inscription "about love" for Valentine's Day

    And the last idea today for homemadegifts on February 14th are various inscriptions about love, which can then be used to decorate a wall at home, put on a mantelpiece or dressing table, placed on a bedside table and bed or somewhere else. The inscription can be simple and concise: “Love”, “I love you”, “With love” or the more familiar to us “With Love” or “I love you”. Lettering I love you as a gift for February 14 On the picture:

  • Volumetric inscription "LOVE" made of wood;
  • Scarlet inscription from plywood for a door decor;
  • “Sweet Love” for home decoration;
  • Photo frame with the inscription;
  • Set of gift gingerbread in the form of an inscription;
  • A beautiful inscription about love from plywood;
  • Homemade photo frame for two photos;
  • Love inscription that can be put on the table;
  • Another idea for a photo frame on February 14th.
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