Effective flower bed from the car

Effective flower bed from the car

If you own a grandfather oldunnecessary car, and besides you have your own villa, where there are several free square meters in the garden, we offer to make a very original and spectacular flower bed! We guarantee that such a flower bed from the car will become a local attraction and a subject for discussion of neighbors! bright flower bed of a car Now you can often meet surviving theirThe last days are old, rusty models of the Soviet automotive industry of the 1960s-1980s, which are no longer in production. It seems that nobody cares a car, but just throw it away - it's a pity or there is no possibility to take it out somewhere. Here also it is not necessary! Let the car that has lived a long life will finally remain on the plot of land in the form of an interesting garden decor. flower bed of a car

How to make a flower bed from a car with your own hands

First choose a place for the flower bed on the site. Do not hide the car somewhere in the depths of the garden, it is best if it is a well-viewed from all sides of the place. flower bed of a car Then decide on the flowerbed design. Where do you want to plant flowers - only in the hood and trunk or even in the cabin? Or maybe planting loaches or moss with the whole surface of the machine? Depending on the chosen option, remove all unnecessary details from the old car - remove the seats, remove the engine and all the contents of the hood. Most likely, for this work it will be necessary to call male assistants. flowerbed of an old machine The car can be left in its shabby form,with rust, scratches and dent. Such a flowerbed will acquire a vintage retro style. Also you can paint the body with bright colors, decorate it with drawings and patterns. Think about how to keep the body longer from the final destruction. In the form of a bed frame, the machine will rust and rot faster, so it makes sense to cover the metal with an anti-corrosion agent. flowerbed of an old machine In an old car you can both plant flowersdirectly into the ground, and just put the pots with plants. If you decide to plant flowers in the trunk or under the hood, cover the bottom with a film, pour the expanded clay or a small gravel for drainage, and only then fall asleep. So you save the car from the effects of moisture. Even if you just put pots and pots with plants in the machine, it's still better to use a waterproof film. flower bed of a car

Which plants to put on the flower bed of the car

You can plant absolutely any plants. The choice depends on your taste and weather conditions. Determine in advance what you want to see on the flower bed and buy flower bulbs in a checked shop, for example, in http://yaskravaklumba.com.ua/shop/category/klubniilukovitsy. Heat-loving plants in pots for the winter can be taken to the house. You can plant curly species that eventually will completely weave the surface of the car. Also, to create a flowerbed completely covered with plants, you can use a lawn in rolls, as well as moss. a flower bed on an old car original flower bed of the car flowerbed on an old car flowerbed on an old car a flower bed in the car bed of rusty truck