Tips and practical recommendations for creating New Year's hair for long hair in the year of the Fire monkey.

Tips and practical recommendations for creating New Year's hair for long hair in the year of the Fire monkey.

We meet the new year of the Fiery Monkey in"Fully armed." The most current haircuts for the new year 2016 Perhaps there is no more expected and beautiful holiday in the world than the New Year. Many people from all over the world, from the earliest childhood, adore this holiday, preparing for it according to all the rules in advance. In addition to the fact that every person expects from the new year the fulfillment of any of his dreams or aspirations, the new year also implies a change in your appearance. It is known that a New Year's party or even a home celebration in the family circle always implies a beautiful outfit, sometimes associated with some traditions. But any festive image is invariably connected with the choice of a suitable hairstyle. Therefore, in this publication we will consider the main fashion trends in the world of hairdressing in 2016. New Year's Hairstyles 2016. Photo №1 Any outfit, manicure, make-up and hairstyle for a newyear should not be familiar, since such a holiday in itself symbolizes the beginning of a new cycle throughout the earthly life, and even more so in the life of an individual. And if in everyday life you wear an ordinary tail or a bunch, the trends of the new year 2016 offer fashioners to diversify their styling with a lot of original, sometimes quite unusual ways. Since the coming year will pass under the auspices of the Fiery Monkey, the trend will be all bright red tints, both in clothes and in terms of makeup and hair color. Naturally, this does not mean that you should repaint yourself into a red beast. But add a fiery spark, let only one night of the holiday, will be very relevant.

The basic rules for creating New Year's Hairstyles 2016

Any New Year (and everyday) hair,first of all, must be combined with the chosen make-up and festive attire. Do not forget about properly selected manicure. If we are talking about the image for the New Year celebration, then your appearance should be complete and complete. For those women of fashion who set their main goal to look stylish for the New Year and, as they say, in the trend, then it is necessary to take into account the following nuances. Hairdresses, as a rule, should be decorated with bright hairpins or other accessories. All ornaments for a hairdress should harmoniously be combined with the chosen bright dress. New Year's Hairstyles 2016. Photo # 2 Note that if you plan toNew Year's Eve in a fairly active state, then do not worry about creating too complicated a haircut. Fashion trends require more naturalness in any female image, which one way or another should be expressed in hairstyles. But it is known that the more complicated the styling, the more unnatural it looks. In general, read our next recommendations regarding the actual New Year's hairstyle for long hair. The use of all sorts of jewelry in New Year's Hairstyles 2016 New Year's Hairstyles for long hair 2016 can not be banal, boring or simple. However, slight negligence or violent dishevelment on simple loose strands is welcome. Particularly appropriate on simple styling in 2016 will be all kinds of accessories for hair, namely bright, colorful, non-ordinary products that can give your image some playfulness and radiance. Since the year of the Fiery Monkey can not have anything to do with tranquility, any playfulness will be relevant. This year it will be very useful to use fixative varnish for hair with sequins, it is possible to use carcass for permanent coloring of hair of bright colors, gels and stains with coloring effects. Everything should be colorful and colorful, but, however, not too violent. Hairstyles for the new year 2016 in the style of "Retro" Although the next year will pass under the sign of the Fiery Monkey, she will not be embarrassed at all in your New Year's image of the Retro style, but, of course, if you competently beat it. If you have long, luxurious hair, this is a definite plus. You can perform a retro hairstyle, creating soft curls that were fashionable back in the 20s of the last century. Such a styling is easy enough, at the same time you will look stylish and "in step with the times". Choose a special hair foam with the effect of giving volume, apply it to moistened hair, distributing the entire length of the strands. After this, very carefully comb the hair with a comb, making the parting obliquely, thereby forming curls. Each such locks should be fixed with invisibility. After you do the same actions with the entire mass of hair, fix the finished effect with varnish. New Year's Hairstyles 2016. Photo # 3 A wonderful addition to the hairstyle for longhair for the new year 2016 in the style of "Retro" will use a fairly bright bandage, which can be placed on the top of the head, beautifully highlighting their curly locks "for old fashioned." The same strands can be colored with bright golden hair mascara. Feminine romantic curls in modern Christmas hairstyles on long hair No matter how trivial you might seem to you ordinary locks, in stylings for the new year 2016 such curls will look relevant, but depending on how to decorate them. To create a romantic image with curled locks you will not need anything special. This haircut can be easily done with your own hands at home. To do this, it is necessary to raise the hair a little and dry it with a hair dryer near their base. Then screw on the curlers of a fairly large size. This is necessary in order to get enough voluminous curls. On the top of the head, select one large area on which to lift the hair with the help of nachos. Pinch these hair with the invisibility for fixation. You can also comb the top part on the sides, adding a bit of splendor. As an option, some strands of hair can be twisted into flagella and fixed on the head as you like. In any case, you can act with curls at your discretion. You can pin them on one side, and place the other side of the curls on the shoulder. If you dress your hair with light carelessness - this is a plus. Having tousled the curls, you will fully correspond to the image that is appropriate in the New Year of the Fiery Monkey. Look at the following photos, as it is possible to lay curled locks for New Year's laying. New Year's Hairstyles 2016. Photo # 4 Fashionable cockleshells or bundles for the new year of the monkeyAll sorts of beams in the cold season are always very appropriate for understandable reasons. However, on the New Year's holiday the beam will look good, if you add some fashionable fantasy elements to it. For example, collect strands of hair in any chosen part of your head in the popular "horse" tail. Next, using a special hair roller, make a bunch of pretty magnificent sizes. From the bundle, release the tips of the hair, giving the hairstyle carelessness. Such beams and seashells should be decorated with any accessories, perhaps with rhinestones, pebbles, shiny threads. Alternatively, the bundles can be made with weaving from their own strands. New Year's Hairstyles 2016. Photo №5 Topical New Year's Tails 2016 PopularThe direction of the next winter is promised to be all sorts of "horse" tails. This applies to the New Year celebration. Actually, to make it will not be any special work. To do this, you just need to collect the entire mass of hair in a high tail. However, the year of the Fiery Monkey 2016 requires you some imagination in creating holiday hairstyles. Variations can be a large number. For example, make a tail and loosen the knot a little. Then release some strands from it. So the hair can be given some carelessness. The curls released from the tail should be pinned with invisible objects in the most acceptable way for you, in any order. Also, strands can be wound, ruffled, mixed together, combed and the like. The following images will help you cope with the design of the New Year's "horse" tail. Naturally, all sorts of bright fiery accessories that decorate your head will also look profitable. New Year's Hairstyles 2016. Photo №6 Application of modern weave in hairdresses onnew 2016 Kosa was and remains a popular type of laying long hair for many years, if not millennia. In the modern hairdresser's art a variety of techniques are used everywhere, and 2016 promises many different variants of braids for long hair. As for the New Year's holiday and the trends of the coming year, different methods of staining should be used in hairpins with pigtails. If you can braid the original pigtails, spikelets, "fish" tails, and so on, combining it with the weaving, it is quite obvious that you will be able to create an actual New Year's image. Having made comparisons, it is possible to say with confidence that in the new 2016 fashionable there will be unusual combined variants of weaving on long hair. So, you can invent everything that your heart desires, braiding and laying out pigtails the most incredible directions on the head. Combine different weave, cross them, ruffle, add to the braids all kinds of accessories. The following examples of such hairstyles will help you decide on the method and style of the weave. New Year's Hairstyles 2016. Photo №7 Hairstyles for the new year 2016 for girls withcurly hair It is interesting that the owners of cute curls in the new year of the Fire Monkey can feel quite naturally, absolutely doing nothing on their head. Monkey will please any curls in their most disheveled and careless form. You can simply decorate your hair with a brilliant hoop or diadem, and your appearance will be ready to meet all the best in the coming new year. If you are not in the spirit of your own curls, straighten hair with a special iron and do any of the above-described hairstyles. Owners of curly long hair are equally accessible all kinds of weaving, laying and tails, which can be done on straight hair. New Year's Hairstyles 2016. Photo # 8 New Year's Hairstyles 2016 in an informal styleIf you adhere to the informal style, using your curls, you can make the original bundles in the form of horns or braid a huge number of braids. The undoubted advantage of any braids will be the application in their weaving of all kinds of threads, ribbons and other accessories, pins, rims, tiaras. Also, with some informal hairstyles, it would be appropriate to combine short-cut temples and long hair, for example, designed as dreadlocks. New Year's Hairstyles 2016. Photo №9 Regarding informal New Year's hairstyles forgirls who are accustomed to be different from anyone, it is worth adding that any asymmetric sections will be relevant, both in the bosom and in any other place on the head. The use of thematic accessories, piercings and even tattoo on the face - is welcome. A fiery monkey lets you do any experiments on yourself. But if you add bright colors to your image in any way convenient for you, you will have an indispensable success. Go ahead and fight! New Year's Hairstyles 2016. Photo # 10 Whatever it was, but the hairstyles for the celebrationNew Year's Fire monkeys promise to be colorful, bright and completely unimaginable. Connect all your imagination, all your imagination - and you will be irresistible!