What can be made of glass jars: a candlestick and a vase with your own hands

What can be made of glass jars: a candlestick and a vase with your own hands


    Crafts from cans by own hands

    The simple thing that every home has -glass jars of pickles, jam or mayonnaise. What do you do with them? If you throw it away, then I have a better idea - why not make a thing useful in the household, a gift or crafts with the children, using these glass jars?

    Stained glass candle holder

    In order to make an interesting stained glassyou will need a candlestick: • Glass jar; • contour; • stained glass paints. Making such a candlestick is very easy. With the help of the contour, it is necessary to apply a drawing to the jar. Instead of a circuit, you can use glitter. Then paint the jar with stained-glass paints. Let the drawing dry. Then insert a candle into the jar and you can admire the result. Stained glass jars from glass jarsStained glass jars from glass jars

    Patterned glass jar candlestick

    Patterned glass jar candlestick looksvery impressive. To create it you will need: • Glass jar; • paints (can be watercolor); • semolina; • PVA glue; • Polish for hair. It is necessary to start work from the bottom of the can. It must be well lubricated with glue and roll in semolina. Then glue to draw arbitrary patterns on the walls of the can and also sprinkle them with semolina. When the glue dries, the pattern must be covered with paint and allowed to dry again. You can fix the result with the help of hairspray.

    White candlestick from a can

    Such a candlestick is incredibly beautiful, whileit is very easy to do it yourself. For this you need: • Glass jar; • white acrylic paint; • thick thread. To begin, wrap a glass jar in random order with a thick thread. Then the entire surface of the jar must be coated with white acrylic paint (although the paint can be taken in any color). After the paint has completely dried, you need to cut and remove the threads, insert a candle into the jar and light it. Such a candlestick can add zest to any interior. White glass jar candle holdersWhite glass jar candle holders

    Sea salt can jars

    Perhaps this method of manufacturing a candlestick froma glass jar is the simplest, but also the most unusual. For such a candlestick you will need: • Glass jar; • sea salt; • dyes; • PVA glue. If necessary, mix sea salt with dye. Apply glue to the surface of the can. While the glue has not dried, roll the jar in salt and let it dry well. The result is a very beautiful and original lamp. Which will look great in the New Year's design, as it seems that such lamps are strewn with snow. Glass jar candlesticks decorated with sea saltGlass jar candlesticks decorated with sea salt

    Flower vase from cans

    To create a flower vase, you should prepare: • Glass jar; • corrugated paper; • PVA glue; • scissors. Corrugated paper must be cut into strips and made fringe on them. Then the resulting fringed paper strips should be glued to the jar one by one. If necessary, the colors of the paper strips can be alternated. When the can is completely pasted over - the vase is ready. Glass jar flower vaseGlass jar flower vase

    Glass jar vase and twigs

    A vase of branches will perfectly complement the room in the ecostyle. For such a vase you need: • Glass jar; • a piece of burlap; • jute thread; • twigs; • Super glue. Twigs must be made the same length. Best of all, if the branches are slightly higher than the prepared jars. Wrap the surface of the can with burlap and fix it with glue. Using a jute thread, connect all the branches to each other. Fasten the finished rug from twigs to the jar with jute thread. In order to make the resulting vase more stable, you can put a few small stones on the bottom. Glass jar vase and twigsGlass jar vase and twigs

    DIY glass jar vase

    To make an original vase with your own handsprepare: • Glass jar; • sequin braid; • satin ribbon; • scissors; • Super glue. It is very simple to make such a vase with your own hands. Carefully glue the sequin braid onto the surface of the can. Try to glue the braid so that each successive row of sequins is slightly on the previous one. You can decorate a vase with a satin ribbon bow. Essential tools for creating a glass jar vaseEssential tools for creating a glass jar vase DIY glass jar vase Do-it-yourself vase from a glass jar We also recommend to view:

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