50 do-it-yourself gift ideas for March 8 (36 photos)

50 do-it-yourself gift ideas for March 8 (36 photos)

March 8 is not only a symbol of the comingspring and the awakening of nature, but also international women's day, which has been celebrated for many years in a row. On this day, it is customary to congratulate all the women who surround you in life. Therefore, each of them needs to choose and give exactly the gift that would suit her the most. Women always appreciated the gifts on March 8, made by themselves. That is why we will now consider all sorts of options that can be presented to our beloved ladies on this holiday.

  • A song or poem dedicated to the beautiful half of humanity will always be a valuable and creative gift.
  • Handmade knitted things, for example, a scarf or hat, are perfect for spring weather. In this case, it is best to use bright shades of thread.
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    Colorful knitted scarves as a gift for March 8

  • If you understand electronics, you can make an original photo frame, where photos will automatically change.
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    Do-it-yourself digital photo frame for your beloved on March 8

  • You can make a photo collage or frame yourself. For example, in the form of a heart, a flower, or something that reminds of spring.
  • Make a delicious cake or cake. The main thing is to know the culinary tastes of your woman to get to the point.
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    Cake on March 8 in the form of a heart

  • Build a beautiful pot that can be decorated with various decorative elements. Plant a houseplant there and give it along with a greeting card.
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    Beautiful celebratory pot for his wife on March 8

  • You can also do it yourself on March 8. Various design options and congratulations can be found or come up with yourself. The main thing is not to limit yourself and fantasize as much as possible.
  • What woman doesn't like romance? You can have a beautiful evening with a delicious dinner of your favorite dishes.
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    A nice romantic evening on March 8

  • Supplement to dinner will be candles, which are not so difficult to cook at home. Ordinary, in the form of a heart or flowers - any as you wish.
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    DIY candle making and decoration

  • Gingerbread cookies and handmade cookies will become popular sweets in the form of a gift.
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    Gingerbread in the form of number 8 for a gift of a beloved

  • You can arrange a woman a spa vacation, and cook various masks and scrubs at home.
  • Another great gift will be a beautifully decorated vase with fruits and sweets.
  • An additional bonus to fruit will be wine, which can be decorated in the form of a "lady".
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    Making a bottle of wine on March 8 do it yourself

  • Present a mug decorated with your own hands. You can draw a whole picture, or just sign: “beloved mother”, “dear wife”, “your daughter”.
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    Beautiful mug on March 8

  • Which women do not like flowers? Make them yourself using corrugated paper and a basket. These can be flowers of different varieties (roses, tulips, daisies, asters).
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    An original bouquet of corrugated paper for a gift for March 8

  • A flower can be made from beads by choosing a suitable pattern and color painting.
  • You can also knit a flower or a soft toy of thread. The easiest way to do this is to crochet.
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    Knitted toy for the holiday

  • If the morning begins with a festive breakfast, then the day will not be in vain. Make something delicious by serving it to your beloved wife.
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    Tasty festive breakfast for girl on March 8

  • Any woman likes to wear various accessories, so why not make her comfortable and weave a bracelet, pendant or brooch, which is presented in honor of the holiday.
  • A selection of your favorite tunes, or just songs that are associated with the beginning of spring, will also be an unforgettable gift for your beloved ladies.
  • Theater is always great. But what if you play your own thematic scene, devoting it to this day. An excellent performance that will be remembered for many years may come out.
  • Do not believe it, but do-it-yourself repair work inat home is one of the most valuable gifts for a woman. Especially if she asks for something to fix for some time. Pay attention to this and, if possible, correct all the shortcomings.
  • It would seem that in the world writing means? Surprise a woman by sending her a handwritten letter. There you can add a postcard, candy, or something else. But the very moment when she will receive it and will be intrigued, what is inside there ... She will remember this positive emotion for a long time.
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    See even more crafts on the site: The long-awaited letter on the holiday of March 8 for beloved

  • A joint trip - that’s what sometimes so grabs any of us. Arrange such a gift on March 8, and go somewhere out of town, or in interesting places of the city.
  • The trip can be combined with the quest. To come up with interesting tasks, completing which you can get a small prize. Fun, fun and creative.
  • If a woman likes to read, buy a book by her beloved author, and make a bookmark with your own hands for the main gift. This will undoubtedly demonstrate all your love and care for a person.
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    DIY bookmark for do-it-yourself books

  • With your own hands you can do not only culinarythings or interesting accessories. One option is to learn how to massage. Take some lessons from a specialist and give your woman a relaxing massage. Let her do nothing on this day and just rest.
  • Coffee bean topiary will be greataccessory and decoration in the house. It can be done independently and it will not take a lot of time. It can be in the shape of a heart, a horseshoe for good luck, a flower, etc.
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    Topiary Eight of Coffee Beans

  • A pillow is also a great gift option. There are many options in which form to sew it (heart, flower, emoticon).
  • Making a notebook with an inscription of a name, spring decoupage or any other decoration is a very beautiful and useful thing. It can be pardoned and used for everyday purposes.
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    Notebook design for a homemade gift for March 8

  • Specially selected photos in a beautifully designed album will be a valuable gift on this holiday on March 8.
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    Spring album for photos

  • Make a garland of flowers and decorate the house with it. The atmosphere of a festive mood is guaranteed.
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    Festive garlands in interior decoration

  • A wall with congratulations in the form of a collage that you can beat with beautiful pictures, congratulations and decorate with flowers.
  • A bottle with sweets and parcels will become a bright element of the holiday on March 8th.
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    Chocolate candies in a bottle

  • Do not forget about the festive decoration of the table with the help of beautifully folded napkins and properly placed appliances. Additionally, you can put a small box with a surprise.
  • Their copyright wrapping paper for chocolates will be a unique gesture. Chocolate itself can be prepared manually, and print wrappers on a color printer.
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    Chocolate Wrap Templates for a Simple Gift

  • A box of delicious favorite sweets will be a delicious surprise for your lady. On the lid or under it, place your wish and congratulations.
  • Draw a picture in honor of the celebration of women and spring. Even if you don’t really know how to draw, your efforts will still be appreciated. You can create something in the form of caricatures.
  • The photo print of some joint photo or just a beautiful drawing on a T-shirt will undoubtedly make your woman smile.
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    Photo-print on a t-shirt for the day of March 8

  • Cook the soap by hand and pour into the mold. You can make it monochrome, or play a little, and create a soap of several colors.
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    Homemade holiday soap in the package

  • Using the wonderful technique of quilling, any of your cards will turn into an unusual gift for your beloved woman.
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    Making cards in quilling technique for March 8

  • Don’t say that everyone loves surprises. Take the kinder surprise, carefully open it and exchange the base toy for your small souvenir. It really can surprise and please a person.
  • Paper cake with little surprises insidewill be a bomb this holiday. It is very practical to make such a cake for the family or for work. It consists of 12 parts, and accordingly it will be possible to give each a piece.
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    Original paper cake for the holiday.

  • Come up with a little board game with interesting rules. Then this holiday will be fun and provocatively.
  • Bonus card book is wonderfulan idea that can be quickly and easily implemented. Come up with several options that could be performed for your woman, and indicate the validity of the cards.
  • A stitched case for a mobile or tablet is always a practical and useful gift.
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    DIY phone case

  • A photoshoot is a colorful event and a good option to make a pleasant surprise. The most beautiful photographs can then be placed in a common album or frame.
  • Products from felt are now gaining very great popularity, and it's not in vain. Invent various compositions from them, which you then transfer to a postcard or even make a separate picture.
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    Crafts for March 8 from felt

  • Do-it-yourself vase - isn't it a miracle? Decorate it with various decorative elements and present it to your beloved wife or mother along with flowers.
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    Decoupage and decoration of handmade vases

  • It is important to remember that not only the gift itself is intriguing, but also the way it is presented. So beautifully pack it with your own hands in wrapping paper and think of how to present this souvenir extraordinary.
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    Creative gift wrapping for March 8th Choose the right options and make gifts with your own hands. Congratulations to all women on the upcoming spring holiday! By recommendation . Do you like the article? Share on social networks!