Children's autumn suit we make our own hands from improvised materials

Children's autumn suit we make our own hands from improvised materials

Create an original autumn outfit for a girlAutumn - sung by poets, described by artists, is an incredibly bright time of the year. We all are sad about the departure of summer and the imminent approach of winter and at the same time enjoy the incredible beauty of the surrounding world. After all, what a time it is time to give us such a diverse palette of colors, and, accordingly, huge variations of natural materials. Help your daughter to imbue, with the feeling of autumn ease creating for her (and even better together with her!) An original autumn dress. We create a children's autumn suit with our own hands from improvised materials. Photo №1 To do this you will need:

  • old dress elegant (the only condition -it should be suitable for our subject color, perfect fit yellow or brown, as well as orange). If you suddenly had a disaster and the right dress is not at hand, do not despair, it can easily be replaced with a lush skirt-tutu. Sewing this can be from tulle in just an hour, even without using a sewing machine.

  • Colorful leaves. In the nearest park you can collect together with your daughter an incredible number of different in form and color palette of leaves. Do not limit your imagination, the more variety the better. You can also use dried flowers from the school herbarium, twigs, dry grass.
  • Materials for fastening: glue, pins.

Manufacture: The manufacturing method is extremely simple. With the help of glue we attach on the hem of the dress, or on the skirt, the natural material found. Try to place it evenly over the entire area of ​​the suit, observe the color scheme. Since the manufacturing process is extremely simple, you can attract a girl to it and turn everything into an exciting game. To your suit is ideal for a light autumn wreath of leaves. It is also very easy to make it. First, tear off the petioles from the leaves, apply them to each other and alternately join the already existing petioles. That's all - a wonderful wreath is ready. Also do not forget to carry your model in the process of creating a dress, because it will not only be useful and develop the child, but also extremely fun! So in just a few hours you turned your daughter into a little autumn queen, and which girl does not even dream of being a princess for a short time!