Create bright women's pants with your own hands

Create bright women's pants with your own hands

How to make a pattern of women's trousers with their own hands. Photo №1 To build a drawing of any model of women's trousers, you canon a typical pattern, having made changes on a fabric, and the width of female trousers can be corrected on primerke. Having developed the pattern you need, boldly transfer it to a dense flexible material. After that, it can be used as the basis of any model. When building a drawing, do not forget to leave allowances for seams - you may need to fit. We construct a pattern of women's traditional trousers This pattern is based on the following criteria:

  • POT - waist girth - 38 cm;
  • POP - half-hip of the hips - 52 cm;
  • CI - product length - 102 cm.

Front liner Develop a drawing of the frontWe begin by drawing a line of women's trousers with the construction of a right angle, denoting its vertex as the point T. The length of the product is laid vertically downwards from T. CI = 102 cm. If you draw a line from the point H to the right of the desired length, you will get a line of the lower edge of the trousers. The depth of the saddle (TB) is laid down from T and calculated: PSB: 2 + 1 = 27 cm. The width of the product (BBH): is deposited to the right of B by half the PSB and calculated by the formula: POB: 2 + 0.5 = 26.5 cm. Seat height Б1-Б2 according to the PSB formula: 10 = 5.2 cm. Up from Б1 measure 5.2 cm and mark Т1, connecting the points. Dividing B1-B2 by two, and then marking B3 on the middle of the path to B, determine the line of the arrow by connecting B3 and the bottom of the drawing. The width of the bottom of the product: from H to B lay from 4 to 6 cm. Equivalent stretch to the right of the arrow line, denoting as H1 and connecting with B2. We calculate the depth of the folds of the waist. The segment T1 = 26.5 cm. We distribute the difference T1 - (POT: 2), taking into account the landing of the trousers: (7.5-0.5): 2 = 3.5 cm. We make out the undercut, following the recommendations of the drawing: measuring to the right from T 3.5 cm, we obtain a lateral recess. Front wrinkle: 3.5: 2 = 1.75 cm - we lay this segment on both sides of the arrow. Markings 3.5, B, 4-6, H1, B2, 5.2, 1, 3.5 - the contour of the front pants. The width of the saddle is defined as follows: the tenth part of the PSB is put to the right of B2 and B4 is marked. We calculate by the formula: POB: 10 + 3 = 8.2 cm. Saddle line of the rear. To determine it, segment D1-D2 is divided into two, from the marked point downwards - 1 cm. At the waist to the left of T1 we measure the tenth part of the VBO - we obtain the point m equal to 5.2 cm. Point t and 5.2 are connected, the tenth part of the VBO is deposited upward the output is the point m1. POB: 10 = 5.2cm - by combining this point with t1 divide the piece into two. From the resulting point, put right to 90o 0.5 cm. Smoothly, according to the drawing, connect the labels t1, 0.5, 5.2, B2, 1, B4. POT: 2 + 7 - the formula for calculating the length of the waist. To the left of T, draw a straight line, to it from T1 we draw a tangent equal to T0T + 7 = 26 cm is the point m2. Calculation of the depth of the rear recesses: 26-POT: 2 = 7 cm. We take 1 cm and distribute equally, at the output - 3 cm. Registration We will make out the undercut: We divide the piece of m2 m1 into three, marking down 10 cm from each point and 1.5 cm in both directions, then we connect the labels 1.5, 1.5, 10. To design the width of the bottom of the trousers, we postpone, if necessary, H1 and 4-6 at the sides for 1 - 2 cm. The line of the side is formed by joining the m2 and 1-2. By connecting B4 and 1-2 and dividing the line in half, determine the step. At 90 ° to the left of the division point, postpone 3 cm and, in accordance with the drawing, connect B4, 3 and 1-2. Points of the contour of the back of the trousers: т2, 1-2, 1-2.3, Б4, 1, Б2, 5.2, т1, 10, 1.5, 1.5, 10, 1.5, т2. Recommendations Correctness of hip circumferenceis checked as follows: divide TB by 2, marking with point B. Draw line B, 0.5, T1, B1 and mark G, then connect it to point D. along the lateral line of trousers. The result should be the sum of PBO + 3.