We make punk hairstyle in the style of grunge independently, using advice and recommendations.

We make punk hairstyle in the style of grunge independently, using advice and recommendations.

Grunge, punk and rock in modern hairstyles onlong hair. Create a fashionable image with your own hands. Recently, ordinary everyday hairstyles are not particularly fashionable. If you pay attention to the trends in the world of hairstyles in the last decade, then the obvious will be that the more hair is more unusual, unusual and more remarkable, the better. Many women can not afford any excesses about creating a hairstyle, based on their views, habits or the like. But some of the fairer sex, especially at a young age, do not try to adhere to any conventions, and are more inclined to experiment with their appearance. Actually, the hairstyle for long hair in the style of grunge or punk rock is especially relevant today. In this publication, we offer you one of the modern options for creating a stylish hairstyle in rock themes. Hairstyle in grunge style. Photo №1 Actually, if you are alien to any conventions andrules, topical as ever punk rock style in hairstyles on long hair just for you. By the way, rock themes are very popular among celebrities who, as you know, do not adhere to any rules and beliefs. On the contrary, more often they dictate this or that fashion, which can not be displayed in the hair. It should also be noted that such stylish stylings are perfect for visiting a rock concert, a theme party or even a social event. No one should be embarrassed by a non-standard and slightly defiant appearance.

Hairstyle in grunge style with weaving on temples

Today we want to offer you one of the variants of the hairstyle in the punk rock theme, which you can easily and quickly perform with your own hands on long hair. Hairstyle in grunge style. Photo # 2 First, comb your hair thoroughly along the entire length. Approximately at the level of the eyebrows, separate a fairly thick strand of hair with a cut to the back of the head. This hair should be applied with a gel for modeling. On the central part of the head, starting from the forehead and up to the neck, you should have a mass of hair, the upper part of which must be combed using an ordinary scallop. Going down to the neck, gradually start stranding the strand, not touching the hair on the sides, which you smeared with gel. From both sides along the temples, descending to the neck, braid the French braids. You can braid ordinary spikelets. Put the ends of the weave on your shoulders, or at all, if your hair is too long. Pin the braids with small elastic bands. Hairstyle in grunge style. Picture №3 As a result, you should get two tight braids from the temples along the edges of the head, and in the middle a beautiful beginning from the base of the forehead and to the neck. Hairstyle in grunge style. Photo №4 You can safely wear fashionable hairstyles in the style of rock and in everyday life, especially if you are a courageous, creative, stylish person who knows his own worth.