Fur cover on the stool do it yourself

Fur cover on the stool do it yourself

Many homes probably have an old oneunsightly stool, which is a pity to throw, but ashamed to guests as well. We offer a great idea to upgrade it - a sheepskin fur case! Such a stool can often be seen in the interiors of glossy publications. It looks very gorgeous, straight great decor for the house. Of course in such a stool there are pros and cons: it is very warm to sit on, especially on long winter evenings, but it requires extra care. It can not be washed in the washer, but will have to be dry-cleaned. But believe me, this beauty is worth it!


  • Old plastic stool. You can certainly take the usual wooden
  • Paralon
  • A piece of long-haired sheepskin or other fur, and can be artificial.
  • Thin plywood.
  • Glue like "liquid nails" and construction stpeler
  • TIP: If there is no natural fur, go through the closet, any artificial collar or old fur coat will fit

    Assembly technology

    Step number 1: Disassemble the stool In this master class, Ikea plastic chair was used. But you can take absolutely any old stool. We remove the seat, we need it for marking. Step number 2: Cut out blanks for the seat

    • We draw two circles: one in a wooden board, and the other on a paralon about 4 cm thick.
    • Cut them with a board saw and paralon scissors.

    With glue, liquid paralone to the board so that it no longer moves. You can additionally cover paralon with a piece of flannel and fix it with the same glue Step 3: Dressing up the fur case

    • The peculiarity of sheepskins is that often it is sold not even. Therefore, we did not cut a circle on it. And just pulled it from the top of the finished design.
    • We fix the ends with a construction stapler.
    • Excess sheepskin prune.

    Putting the chair back - screwing the legs. And we give the chair to stand for a day, during this time the glue will dry out well - and the fur will take on the shape it needs. TIP: We also recommend combing the fur well after assembly. More with 5 master classes!