How to crochet a charming summer hat with your own hands, this hat will be ideal in the summer season

How to crochet a charming summer hat with your own hands, this hat will be ideal in the summer season

This article will help you understand howa ball of threads make an elegant headdress that will not only be the pride of your wardrobe, but also protect you from merciless summer sun rays. How to crochet a charming summer hat with your own hands. A simple master class on knitting a light hat for the summer. Photo №1 Necessary materials:

  • 2 coil cotton thread,
  • hook number 2,
  • fishing line and tape (it is desirable that the line was thin, and the tape was half a centimeter wide and one meter in length).

Start from the bottom by combining 3 loops in thering. In the next row only the usual bars and no crochet. After this, it is necessary to increase the number of loops in half by tying two sticks out of each hinge without a crochet. In the end, there will be 12. The next row alternates 2 columns without a crocheted out one loops of the bottom row with 1 column with a crochet. The remaining rows will be knit in the manner indicated in the image. As a result, we get a circle, we will adjust its diameter by trying on a hat, or calculate: the amount of girth of your head will be divided by 3.14 and subtract from the result two centimeters. After that, we do horseback riding. We will be tying spirally, without loops from loops in the bottom row, we unfasten 1 column. If the first and second rows are made more dense, the transition will be more even. The base of the hat will be approximately thirty rows - it is necessary that this base slightly covers the ears. We send the last row with a 1-stitch column to make holes for the tape. Since the hat itself will be flared,the knitting technique is different: In the first row, we add: we sew each 10 loops in the lower row by two columns without crochets. In the second - the fourth row - we make ordinary columns without nakidov. The fifth is identical to the first, only the increase will be every twelve loops. The sixth - the eighth - we add after fourteen columns. The tenth - the twelfth row - is tied in the usual way. The thirteenth - we add after sixteen columns. The fourteenth - the sixteenth row - is tied around the usual. The final row is the columns without the crochet. To keep the fields in shape, they should tie the line. When finished, the fishing line should be reflowed, and the end of the thread secured to the back of the hat. At the final stage, we will decorate the hatluxurious florets of thread. To do this, we need to tie three loops into the ring, then tie 10 posts under them. In the final, 3rd row, we unfasten 5 new loops from all loops of the second row. One with a crochet, three with 2 nakidami, one with a crochet. Charming summer hat is ready! So simply and quickly you can make by yourself a beautiful headpiece for the summer!