Crocheted snowman crochet, photo, instruction / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Crocheted snowman crochet, photo, instruction / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

New Year's crafts - the bestholiday decoration. And what could be more fun than a fairy-tale hero like a snowman? Hook in skilled hands can be associated with an unusually cute and funny snowman, who is able not only to decorate the festive table, but also to become an excellent gift to close people or even your child's favorite toy! 1To tie a toy like a snowman crocheted, you need to be patient, with materials, tools and armed with our advice:

  • Before you start creating, it's good to read a master class or watch a video of the crochet knitting lessons of a snowman.
  • It is better to buy thread woolen or cotton. You can use the remainder of the thread from the previous knitting. For one snowman takes 30-50 grams of thread. Hooks for knitting are desirable to have different sizes. The hook must always match the thickness of the thread.
  • Sometimes you may need knitting needles, for example, for knitting a scarf.
  • Beads, buttons, glass beads will be needed for the eyes and eyebrows.
  • Knitting a snowman is best based on a scheme that can be found in master classes or videos.
  • If you decide to present such a surprise to relatives as , then it will be possible to decorate it nicely with details connected by a crochet.

The process of crocheting a snowman is based ongeneral principle. A snowman always consists of two or three balls, which are his body and head. If you know how to knit a ball, then you can easily link a snowman. For beginner needlewomen, a master class or video lesson on crocheting a crochet will be a good help. We offer several master classes in which you will find a detailed description of the algorithm for knitting New Year snowmen by crocheting.

Snowman with scarf - master class

We suggest you associate with us a funnya snowman who can be hung on a Christmas tree, presented to friends or decorated with a house. You will need: red, green and light golden threads, a hook, two differently sized balls, a needle and thread, PVA glue and a brush, paper, black beads and a bugle . Step one: We tie two balls with golden threads. This is the torso and the head of the snowman. Step two: firmly connect the trunk and head, for which the tip of the thread from the billet of the trunk is threaded into the penultimate row of the blank of the head, tighten and tied to a knot. Step Three: We knit the red scarf with knitting needles.Step Four: nose and wrap it with a red thread, attaching it with glue, as shown in the diagram. Step five: we knit a green hat, and from beads and bugles we make eyes and brow. Step Six: attach the nose with a needle and thread and pull the golden cap through the tip of the cap rock.

Snowman in a hat - a master class

For needlewomen who know the technique of crocheting, the creation of such a snowman according to the scheme will not be difficult. You will need: white, orange, brown and black woolen threads, a hook. 9

  • We knit a ball (the lower part of the trunk), but not up toend, and on 12-18 columns in a row we begin to knit the next smaller ball (upper part of the trunk). By the same principle, we knit a third ball (head).
  • We knit small balls of small size separately - these will be handles.
  • We fill the snowman with a sintepon or cotton wool. On the bottom for stability you can put plastic balls or pebbles.
  • We knit a hat from black threads and a nose from red. Then we embroider the mouth and eyes.

Warmer for a mug - a master class

Snowman, knitted with thin knitting needles and crochet, inas a hot-water bottle on a mug - though a small, but important detail for a cosiness in the house. You will need: blue and white yarn, orange yarn "Iris", hook №1,5, knitting needles, sintepon and beads. 10

  • First we knit the head: white thread on the spokes we type 20 loops and knit the facial surface, adding in 3 and 5 rows of 10 loops. Having connected the 22nd row, fill the resulting detail with a synthepon. Then in the 23rd, 25th and 27th rows, add 10 loops again (70 loops total in the row). On the 120th row, close the hinges. Execute the seam, wrap the edges inwards, hem on the neck and slightly pull off.
  • We knit a hat: we collect 38 loops and knit with garter stitch 32 rows and close the hinges. We make the seam, tighten the top, make a white pompon and sew.
  • We knit a scarf: we sew 8 loops with blue threads and knit about 100 rows.
  • Make the nose: take an orange thread and knit 3 air loops, connect them in a ring and knit the first row of 5 tbsp. b / n, 2-8 rows of art. b / n, adding 1 loop each. Fill the nose with a sintepon and sew to the head. Then sew the eye-beads, as shown in the diagram. The connected snowman crocheted and knitting needles.

Knitted snowman on postcard - master class

Even beginners can connect thischeerful character, which is great for decorating a Christmas card postcard or decorating a Christmas tree. You will need: woolen or cotton threads of red, white, black and orange colors, a hook, four buttons, two beads and threads of a mule. 11

  • We knit two mugs of different sizes. Description knitting circles beginners needlewomen can find in the master classes or video lessons.
  • We knit a cap, a nose and a scarf, sew on buttons, make eyes and dimples on cheeks, embroider smile and snowflakes with threads of floss. Then we sew all the details according to the scheme.

Ideas for creating New Year snowmen

From the shaggy yarn, you can get a cheerful fluffy family. 12Original potholders in the form of a couple of funny snowmen will decorate your kitchen. 13Having studied the master class and video lessons on crocheting, you can easily connect a snowman-athlete. 14A merry snowman will make a wonderful company, crocheted a green Christmas tree. 15A pretty gift will be a mobile phone case decorated with a snowman. 16And this New Year's tackle will be connected even by a beginner skilled worker. 17A little patience, skill and imagination will help youcreate unique images of New Year snowmen. We hope that our master classes and ideas were interesting and informative for you. Missing little things you can easily peep in the video lessons on knitting.