Making a miniature birdhouse fence for DIY garden decoration

Making a miniature birdhouse fence for DIY garden decoration

You can decorate the garden in various ways, some- just for beauty, and some - can also be of some use. For example, you can arrange a place in your garden where you will feed the birds by putting a birdhouse or feeder there. Today's idea is to make an open feeding trough and fence off this place with a miniature fence similar to birdhouses. This original element of garden decor is easy to do with your own hands. DIY do-it-yourself birdhouse fenceDIY do-it-yourself birdhouse fence

We will need

  • - A cup on a leg for a feeding trough;
  • - Boards for a fence;
  • - Multi-colored paints;
  • - A drill with a nozzle, a saw, a hammer, self-tapping screws or nails.

Instructions for making a birdhouse fence

Boards for this fence can be taken in different widths,it will look even funnier. With a saw, we cut off the top edge of all boards with a triangle, it is possible at a different angle - so we will form a “birdhouse roof” for our miniature fence. Also of wood you can. Cooking boards for the fenceWe prepare boards for the fence using a specialnozzles on the door - we make large holes in each board. Each edge is carefully treated with sandpaper so that there are no burrs or roughnesses. Below we drill small holes and insert a thin stick in them - this will be perched for birds. So that the stick does not fall out under the weight of some particularly active or just heavy bird, we glue it on carpentry glue. Drill birdhouse holesWe drill holes of birdhouses From the rest of the planks we make a roof for each of our "birdhouses". Boards on the roof can be nailed or screwed on with self-tapping screws - this is what you are more comfortable with working with. Make the roof Making the roof To make the fence morecheerful, paint it after all or individual elements with multi-colored paints. But remember that too bright, acidic shades can scare away birds, so try to choose more or less neutral, natural colors. Wait for the boards to dry. Paint the fenceWe paint the fence. Next lay out on the ground."Birdhouses" in the order in which they should be in your fence. We beat or drill one long bar at the top and bottom back - they will keep the shape of the fence. And so that the boards go at the same distance, you can use a wooden block as a simple separator or simply measure the required distance with a ruler each time. We beat the barsWe nail the bars. It remains to dig ourdo-it-yourself decorative fence into the ground. Alternatively, you can pre-dig two rails, and already insert our fence into them. We also recommend viewing:

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