New and original ideas for the design of a funny bear toy. We make excellent gifts for our beloved children with our own hands. Photos and instructions

New and original ideas for the design of a funny bear toy. We make excellent gifts for our beloved children with our own hands. Photos and instructions

Young mothers can seem to sewa toy for your beloved child - it's difficult, and almost impossible, if you are not a professional seamstress. Especially for you it will be demonstrated that making a pretty toy is possible without having any special skills. It is necessary only to have at hand an old and useless sock. From it, a pretty bear will be sewn. And at the same time, you will be able to comprehend the fundamentals of cutting and sewing. What will it take to sew a bear?

  • An old sock. It is better to take a monophonic, and not variegated, because the bear will look so natural.
  • Threads. To pick up threads under the color of a sock, or to take black, or white.
  • Needle, scissors.
  • Filler. It is better to take cotton or sintepon.
  • When the preparatory work is finished, then you can go directly to sewing.

  • We take an unnecessary sock. It is desirable that it be monophonic.
  • Now you can proceed to the cutting of the future bear.
  • For beginners, it is necessary to clarify what isdressing up. Cutting is cutting the material to create future products from it. Therefore, most often use ready-made paper or cardboard patterns. Before you begin to cut the canvas, you must first draw a contour of future details. What is necessary for this use? It is best to apply the contour with soap or chalk. These materials leave no residue after washing. It is better to use a remnant with a sharp edge. Otherwise, you need to trim the edge of the soap for drawing. It is important that the appearance of the bear was excellent, because you are making a bear for your child. Felt pens and ballpoint pens do not fit categorically! A light pencil is also not recommended, because the track will remain, though weak. photo-instruction for patterning the product. Photo №1

  • Lay out the sock on the table and spread out the front side. The heel of a toe is obliged to look at you. Then, draw lines on it, like in the photo.
  • Arming with scissors. Start to gently cut the head of the future bear.
  • A narrow strip in the lower half of the head is cut off. Through the hole, which turned out in the end, it is necessary to fill the head of the future bear, chosen in advance filler.
  • Now you need to work with the remaining half of the sock. Let's start creating a torso.
  • Align the line that turned out after cutting the head.
  • After alignment, you should cut out the legs of the future bear.
  • You may be concerned about the bulge from the toe of the toe,but do not worry about it. All this should be, because it will be the ass of the future bear. You are sewing a sitting soft toy! Now it is necessary to trim two pieces in the area of ​​the elastic band of the socks. They stayed after cutting the trunk itself. You have turned out, in the end, the front paws of a bear. photo-instruction for patterning the product. Photo # 2 That's all. Details of the future bear are ready. Now you can proceed directly to sewing.

  • To begin with, you should work on a patternproduct heads. Its upper area with ears is all open, so it is necessary to sew one edge. Check with the photograph that was located below. For clarity, this line of future tailoring is represented in red.
  • To sew a part, you have to unscrew the head part with the back side. Now we take a thread selected for the color of the part. Sewing edges is required by the suture seam.
  • photo-instruction for patterning the product. Picture №3 Some young mothers do not know what a seam stitch is. There is nothing complicated. When sewing with a suture seam, the needle should go like this (from right to left). Everything is shown in the picture. photo-instruction for patterning the product. Photo №4 Basically, the seam stitch is used forshaving edges or loops, as well as for stitching the two parts into one. It helps the fabric not to crumble, and firmly holds the halves of the canvas. By the way, even to dissolve such a seam is almost impossible, even if one edge of the thread miraculously free. So the head of a bear with a sewn upper edge looks like: photo-instruction for patterning the product. Photo №5 Now we turn out the resulting detailside, and begin to fill with filler. You can use cotton or sintepon. The main thing is that the toy, in the end turned out soft. Council. First, you need to stuff the ears of the product, and then everything else. Now it is required to sew the lower part of the trunk. To do this, turn the part inside out, and trim with a suture seam. In the photo, the seam line is shown in orange. Now remove the part with the front side. photo-instruction for patterning the product. Photo №6 Fill with filler the torso of the future bear. The next step is the tightening of the open edges of the head and torso of the bears. Take a needle and thread, and sew open edges of the trunk of the product with the most common seam called "Forward the needle". Stitches should not be too small, somewhere 5-8 millimeters. Tighten the edges of the thread, and then tie them together with a couple of knots, and then cut off excess ends. Do the same with the open bottom edge of the head. For the next part you need the fabric of white knitted fabric. A plain white socks or an old snow-white T-shirt will do. From the canvas, cut out the oval, which is approximately equal to half of the bear's face. Sew this part to the bottom area of ​​the face of the bears. Beforehand, put a little filler under the white oval piece of the canvas, so that this half of the muzzle becomes slightly convex. To sew the oval, use this kind of suture seam: photo-instruction for patterning the product. Photo №7 Head and torso together. Now you should tackle the front paws. To sew them it is necessary similarly, as earlier they sewed a head and a trunk. The details are turned out by the reverse side, sew so that the bottom edge is left open. Turn out the detail with the front side and fill it with cotton wool or sintepon. Using a suture seam, sew the legs to the trunk. Place them on the sides, but below the head. For the mouth, find a small black button, preferably with an eyelet, and not with holes. The view will be much better! Rotik can be made thanks to three stitches of thread. Start the seam under the spout, and finish the work underneath it. Secure the thread. Make eyes to the bear. From what materials? There are many options!

    • Black beads.
    • Black buttons.
    • White buttons with four holes to sew with black thread using the method of "criss-cross".
    • Black circles, pre-cut from the material.
    • Sew for the beginning white circles of matter, and upward - sulfur mugs, but smaller - pupils will turn out.

    Create a breast of a bear. From the white canvas that was used to create the muzzle, make this detail: photo-instruction for patterning the product. Photo №8 After that, it must be sewn to the breast. The apron can be sewn not on all the flesh, but to grab only the upper ends behind - you will get a bib. That's all! The bear cub is ready. Let your child enjoy a new toy, and you, meanwhile, get an invaluable experience of cutting and sewing.