Origami fox of paper with your hands - three schemes

Origami fox of paper with your hands - three schemes

Is not it time for us to supplement the paper zoo with new ones?Inhabitants? Today, a collection of animal figures will be replenished with origami fox. We will tell you about 3 types of folding a cunning forest beauty, the more interesting it will be to collect a whole fox family, where each toy will be unique. Take an orange, preferably two-sided, colored sheet and a black marker to draw a tricky mug of the chanterelle. Greater and not required. And now watch carefully how to make a fox out of paper in two counts. How to make a fox out of paper

Paper chanterelle: option 1 - simple toy

The first fox of paper is powerful even for babies. The following schemes will be more complicated, the more interesting it will be to tinker with them. We need a square piece of paper of the right color. You can make a white office paper, and then paint your little animal or entrust this occupation to children. Then add the paper in stages: A simple scheme of chanterelles origami

  • Fold the square of the sheet diagonally, then fold it in half along one of the bends into an isosceles triangle;
  • Sharp angles of the resulting triangle bend to the obtuse angle. See Fig. 1, the step-by-step instruction in the pictures will not allow making mistakes;
  • Now fold the workpiece in half from yourself. Having seized all 3 "walking" corners, bend them to yourself, focusing on the vertical axis of the convolution;
  • Then lay curled corners - the extreme will be the ears, a twin central area, expand the (inside) and prozhmite forming snout fox of paper;
  • Fold inside a tail of colored paper, through which the chanter becomes stable. Origami fox is ready, it remains to draw her eyes and nose.

Here's what you should get: Fox origami scheme for children

Fox from paper: variant 2 - Japanese fox

And want to learn how to make a fox origami inClassical Japanese technique? Everything is incredibly simple: by analogy with the first simple version of the toy. Here you also need a square of paper sheet. Scheme 2 converges with the first instruction in points 1-2, then this fox origami is formed slightly differently. Proceed step by step, first repeat steps 1 and 2 (the previous fox artwork is simple from the square), and then: How to make a fox of paper in stages

  • Unbend to yourself not the "walking" corners, but the strip of the plane from this side (as shown in figure 2). So you ask the "paws" of the cunning animal;
  • Then unfold the muzzle of the fox from the middle corner, straighten the ears and arbitrarily bend the tail part, so that the fox origami stood confidently, draw a chanterelle from the paper.

We did it again! Hooray! Handmade fox from paper

Paper fox: option 3 - volumetric complex toy

Ready to learn how to make a fox of paper yourHands, so that the animal was as much like a real animal? Then we proceed to analyze the third (most complex) scheme. She shows us how to make an origami chanterelle with detailed anatomical elaboration of body parts. The scheme is not easy, but you can be proud of yourself, if you still cope with the intricate technique of folding. So: Volumetric fox from paper

  • Fold a sheet of paper out of the horizontal orientationSo that its lateral faces converge in the center, then the stock of origami from paper should be sharpened both from below and from above. To do this, bend inwards all 4 corners of the convolution, then expand them (you need to label the faces);
  • Lower corner "pockets" open from the inside (both) and squeeze on the plane. But the upper corners should not be opened, but turned inside (both). Did you manage? We make a toy made of paper for children;
  • Upper corners (future ears) we bend to ourselves,Focusing on a groove. The ears must be folded back to themselves, reducing the formed regular triangle. Ears overwhelm one after another (see Figure 3);
  • The upward angles of the bottom edge bend downwards,Fold the bundle in half (marking the center axis) and return it to its previous position. On the axis, fold the structure with a step (accordion), as shown in Fig. 3. The lower part now slightly overlaps the top. Angles of the step we bend to ourselves;
  • He turns the package down with his face and bends to him the head of the future fox - the top corner of the workpiece. Next, make yourself a limb-separators of the front paws from the rear (see Figure 3 carefully);
  • Acting strictly according to the scheme, systematically formDetails - paws, three-dimensional muzzle, tail. First, the origami chanterelle will appear angular, but then it will find spectacular final outlines. You can watch the video, if you understand the scheme is difficult.

Volumetric chanterelles do not make from a cardboard - it is difficultKeep the shape of the workpiece. If you have mastered how to make a chanterelle according to scheme 3, you can easily make paper figures of animals of any complexity origami from paper. For example, you are quite capable of a classic Japanese crane or an amazing frog made of paper that jumps or opens your mouth. Did not understand how to make a fox origami, but still want to make a kid a toy of colored paper? Use the ready template (Figure 4). Here you do not have to fool around how to make a chanterelle. It's simple: print out the finished drawing, cut out the contour of the part and collect the ridiculous fox on the glue. Simpler does not happen. Ready-made template for fox from paper How to glue a paper chanter