Quality soap, it is best to create by yourself. This master class will tell you about simple ways to create soap at home.

Quality soap, it is best to create by yourself. This master class will tell you about simple ways to create soap at home.

Constantly applying soap in the household, wesometimes we do not even think that we can do it ourselves. After all, home handmade soaps will always be better than purchased ones. Thus, you can be sure that its composition does not have unnecessary, harmful components. For people who have certain allergic reactions to those or other ingredients - this is an excellent way out, because they can safely use soap made with their hands with full confidence, knowing that they do not have unnecessary components. We make soap at home. Photo №1 So how to make soap with your own hands? Home handmade soap is made according to specially thought-out recipes, which beginners can find on the Internet or special magazines. The most important thing that you need to have in your household is fragrances and soaps for soap making. Do not forget about the molds. Home soap making is a very interesting activity, but sometimes you want to know more about all the ingredients that are used for cooking handmade soap. Of course, information on aromatic and base oils, how to get flavors and dyes for soap, is quite interesting, but still the "heart" of home soap is a soap base. The soap base is transparent and white (the color of which is due to the presence of titanium dioxide in the composition), its composition does not represent a special secret: it can detect stearate and sodium myristate, sodium laureth sulfate, propylene glycol, water, glycerol and EDTA sodium. Creamy soap base recipes are distinguished by the absence of glycerin. When cooking the soap base, the fat mixture is treated with caustic soda, and after the fatty acid salts are obtained, they are cleaned and the remaining components are added. Soap recipes from the soap base are quite numerous, because this is a hobby and interesting because you can become a real experimenter, choosing the oils and other components that you like. The only thing you should not experiment with is the proportion of the mixture, on 100 g of soap base you need a few teaspoons of base oils and a few drops of aromatic. From the basic soap base you can prepare and home shampoo. Shampoo on a soap-based recipe is fairly simple. Melt the base with water on the water bath (you can use rose water), the result should be a liquid, add a little sea salt and after a light thickening - 2 drops of essential oil roses. Many soaps have long mastered a home business - handmade soap can create an excellent income. Similar works are exhibited at commercial handicraft auctions, a shop and soap shops. They are in demand, especially during the heyday of "handmade." So there is nothing surprising in the fact that many people are interested in such an interesting hobby as home soap making - this process gives a special pleasure, because you can realize all your knowledge and fantasies by selecting a particularly successful recipe or form. In addition, the superbly-looking and fragrant soap, cooked by your hands, will be an unrivaled gift that will please everyone. How to choose a soap base To make soap at home is very simple, if the whole process does not begin with the first stages of cooking soap, the soap base is used. As a bonus, you get rid of the presence of unpleasant odors in your apartment and do not conduct unsafe processes in it. Where to buy soap base? You can find it in stores for soap makers, and on the Internet. Mainly German, Belgian, Latvian and Chinese products are represented on the market. Who should I give preference to? If you do not trust a lot of surfactants in soap, then the soap base, which you can buy from Latvian and English companies, will fully meet your expectations. These bases are transparent and devoid of chemical odor, but at the same time do not give a lush foam. A plentiful foam gives soap made from Belgian and German bases, but the Chinese base has a number of nuances. It is ideal for those who make their first steps in soap making: available at a price, takes nutrients well and quickly freezes. But at the same time, it is easily crumbled and has an obvious soapy odor. Experts do not recommend cooking cosmetic soap from the soap base produced in China. In appearance, the soap base is transparent and white, the fact is that a titanium dioxide dye is also present in the white matte base. Today we will offer you an interesting recipe for soap made at home. For work we need:

  • soap base of two types - white and transparent for 60 grams each,
  • jojoba oil - 3 drops each,
  • dry lavender - 1 tsp,
  • essential oil of lavender - 3 drops,
  • dye blue - 2 drops,
  • essential oil of patchouli - 2 drops.

Dried lavender is added for beauty inA transparent layer that is also tinted with a slightly blue background. Such a soap will look great as a gift, because it can be designed very even in an original way. We make soap at home. Photo # 2 Another recipe for soap, made by own hands withwaxing. The wax is made from the most amazing natural product - beeswax. You can buy it in special stores for soap makers, as well as in honey shops or beekeepers.

  • piece of honeycomb,
  • yellow dye - 4 drops,
  • transparent soap base - 100 gr.,
  • 1/3 tsp olive oil,
  • ½ tsp honey,
  • 5 drops of essential oil of geranium.

You can simply put the wax in the form forpour and then pour a soap base. But be careful, if the soap base is too hot, then the wax can fade ugly. If you do this for the first time, and are not sure if it will work for you, try the following. Put the wax on the bottom of the mold, squeeze it well, melt a small amount of the base, adding a drop of dye to it, then carefully add a small amount of the base to the wax - the layer should be about 3 mm thick. He can not completely melt the wax, but only give him a fragrant scent. Then after 5 minutes the mixture will solidify, then spray the alcohol from the spray on the soap base and pour the mold to the brim. We make soap at home. Picture №3 There is another way - a bay soapy shapethe base is not to the brim, wait until the top is covered with a dense crust, then sprinkle with alcohol and pour a bit of the base, before it has not had time to freeze, put a wax on it and carefully squeeze it. Such recipes will help you to try yourself in the role of soap and you will definitely like it!