Rocking? Hanging bed in the interior (33 photos)

Rocking? Hanging bed in the interior (33 photos)


    Hanging bed in the interior

    Hanging bed is a favorite vacation spot.residents of Asian countries. That is why such an element of furniture can often be seen in the images of various shacks, the view of which overlooks the ocean. But nothing can prevent you from moving part of this paradise to your home, even if the house is very far from the coast. Hanging beds can be single, double, and, even, two-story, can have a rectangular or round shape. The choice of a hovering bed depends on the tasks that it should perform.

    Rectangular hanging bed in the interior

    Rectangular hanging bedsheavier and heavier. Some models of rectangular beds have sides. Such furniture elements visually look very massive, but the presence of the sides will definitely not allow you to fall at night. Most often, a rectangular hanging bed is a massive base on which the mattress is located. The mattress should be thick enough, since sleeping on hard boards is not very convenient. A hanging rectangular bed will be an excellent option for a dreamy bedroom. Such a bed, made in soft pink colors, with a canopy will become a real decoration of the bedroom of a young romantic girl. With the decor, you can also use special lighting, which will create the illusion of a bed floating in the air. But to achieve the desired result, it is better to seek the help of specialists. These beds are fixed to the ceiling using jute ropes or chains. The base on the cuts has four holes in which the ropes are threaded and tied at the bottom of the knot. Ropes are fastened to the ceiling by anchor fasteners. Rectangular beds, as a rule, are located either in the center of the room or near the wall, but not close, since when swaying the bed should not hit the wall. If swinging is not necessary, but when creating an interior you want to stay in trend, you can use the model of a hanging bed, which is attached to the wall on one side and the ceiling to the other. When choosing a hanging rectangular bed, you need to consult with specialists, to calculate whether such a load can withstand the ceiling. In this case, one should take into account not only the weight of the bed itself, but also the people who will rest on it. Hanging rectangular bed in the interiorHanging rectangular bed in the interior

    Round hanging bed in the interior

    The round bed has an aestheticappearance, but its design is significantly different from a rectangular bed. Unlike rectangular beds, which have two or four attachment points, a round bed has only one. The design of the round bed is based on a ring, which is covered with a dense fabric. The appearance of such a bed resembles an ordinary children's trampoline. A round mattress is laid on top of the base, equal in diameter to the base. The bed is hung using 20-30 thin rods, which are fixed on one base (ring) on ​​one side and the other in a bundle near the ceiling. A mosquito net or canopy can easily be attached to a hanging round bed. Therefore, it will look great even on the open terrace of a private country house. If it is not possible to fix the bed on the ceiling in the room, you can install a round bed with a rigid supporting structure. This design has the shape of a trapezoid, to the upper base of which the bed itself is attached. No matter how good the round-shaped hanging beds are, in terms of functionality they are still inferior to rectangular ones. Round beds are ideal for relaxing outdoors, on the terrace or veranda. For a good sleep, a rectangular bed is better. Round hanging bed in the interiorRound hanging bed in the interior

    Hanging beds for children

    A hanging bed is the best option for a nurseryrooms. The child goes to bed with pleasure, which soars in the air. Children will love this bed, made in the form of a ship, which is attached to the ceiling with chains. This bed will fit perfectly into the marine style of the interior of the children's room. For a children's room, in which not one, but several children live, a bunk hanging bed is an excellent option. Like regular bunk beds, hanging beds are located one above the other. The only difference is that the hanging beds do not touch the floor. For the safety of children, bunk beds are fixed on one side to the wall and the other to the ceiling using chains or ropes. Such beds are well suited for a small children's room, where every free meter of space must be taken into account when decorating. Hanging beds in the interior of the children's roomHanging beds in the interior of the children's room

    Hanging bed in the interior photo

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