Sew carnival costume Little Red Riding Hood, adult, for girl / Toys by own hands, patterns, video, MK

Sew carnival costume Little Red Riding Hood, adult, for girl / Toys by own hands, patterns, video, MK

The costume of the Little Red Riding Hood is always fashionablevariant of vestments for carnival events and some holidays. Its advantage is not only that this outfit does not lose relevance. Another of its advantages - it's easy to create an image, because its details can be created independently and at home. Do not torment yourself with thoughts about how to sew a Red Riding Hood costume. It's enough just to remember what that character looked like, and to create simple details with your own hands, entering into her image.

Little Red Riding Hood for a girl with her own hands

For the simplest version of such a childish carnival vestments, the girl will need to sew just a few details:

  • apron;
  • bonnet;
  • skirt;
  • corset.

For a blouse, you need two large pieces of whitesatin fabric, from which it is necessary to carve two large details, repeating the shape of the blouse, and sew, leaving holes in the neck, bottom and sleeves. You need to make the blouse so that the blouse is very loose and easy to dress. Making an apron is very simple. From a white satin fabric we cut out a detail in the form of a semicircle. Its arch is lined with white lace braid, and to the base we sew the belt from white satin fabric. The approximate width of the belt is five centimeters. To create a bonnet, from a red satin fabric you need to cut out a figure in the form of a rugby ball, sew it with a lace tape of contrasting color, and sew two satin ribbons that will be tied with a bow under the chin. Costume Little Red Riding Hood-8To make a skirt, from a cloth cloth of redcolor should be cut two details skirt medium length with a wide bottom. We sew the two parts together, bend the upper edges, insert the elastic band, tighten it a little, and stitch it so that the rubber can not fall out. Costume Little Red Riding Hood-3For the corset you will need a satin fabric. Cut it in the shape of a rectangle and make five holes with the edge of each side of it. Through the holes crosswise, passing a black lace or a very thin ribbon. Red Riding Hood Costume Red Riding Hood-7

Original children's dress for girls

For girls who like to stand out, you cancreate a carnival image with unusual details. Instead of a bonnet, you can sew a red beret from the wedges by placing a pompous pompon on top or trim it with a lace. It will be effective to look a red skirt-tutu that can easily be created from the fabric in the form of a net and elastic. Red Riding Hood CostumeTo make the corset not inconvenient, it can besew on any white blouse from the wardrobe. To do this, you need to take three rectangles (one on the back and two in front on the sides) and a lace that will connect the front two parts. You can also make a very simple apron with your hands, which does not require needles and threads. It is enough just to cut out from a light satin a detail resembling a semicircle in shape so that two long thin strips from the base of it leave, which will play the role of strings. Costume Little Red Riding Hood-12

Variant of an adult costume of Little Red Riding Hood

To create such a carnival outfithands, you only need to sew a few details, the rest can be found in your own wardrobe or purchased. A red skirt and white blouse can be found independently. It is desirable that the skirt is not straight. Costume Little Red Riding Hood-4Stylish version of the apron - lace. You can choose both black and white lace, contrasting with a bright skirt. Sew an apron unusually easy - to the semicircular base of the apron you need to sew a wide satin ribbon. Costume Little Red Riding Hood-10Very effective detail - lace cuffs withsatin. They are useful if the blouse is short. Cut out the rectangle, which you can wrap your wrist, lace it with lace. To connect to the wrist, he must with the help of buttons.