Cloth for dolls Tilda, from which to sew, materials / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Cloth for dolls Tilda, from which to sew, materials / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Tilda - a toy that is easy to sewhands, from improvised materials. You will need a cloth for the body and clothing, stuff for packing, details for jewelry, yarn or hair for hair. The fabric may need to be dyed, which is quite straightforward. Let's consider more in detail, from what to sew each part of the tilde and what kind of material should be for these dolls.

Fabric for tilde

Fabric for toys should be natural andrather dense, but not "wooden" and stiff. Perfectly fit linen, coarse calico, flannel, thick cotton. Color is a separate matter. Tildes of fairies, angels, cats often have a beautiful tint, or their "skin" of a pleasant ginger or coffee tint. tilde clothHowever, if you want to sew a gray sheep,yellow lamb or make several toys of different colors, then the choice is yours. However, canons are canons: if your tilde fabric is flax or cotton of natural, unbleached shade, you can paint them in the desired color with a tea or coffee solution. As for clothes, here the fabric for tilde can be almost any. Chintz, knitwear, chiffon, etc. It all depends on which character you decided to embody. If it's a tilde Santa Claus, then you need to sew a red velveteen suit. If the bath fairy or the angel - that will approach a gentle dress in peas, or generally transparent. And on the cat sit a striped calico triangle, decorated with a heart. tilde's story

How to paint the fabric?

Take the usual instant coffee, pourboiling water, stir properly, so that the future bodies of toys are not stained, and put pieces of cloth into the solution. The proportions are easy to determine by eye, depending on how much and for how many dolls you plan to color, and what saturation tint you want to get. dyeing fabrics for tildesIn approximately the same way, it is possible to paint linen or cotton with a solution of strong tea. Than it will be more saturated, the more "tanned" will be dolls.

Material for hair tilde

Sewing a tilde is half the battle, she still needsmake a beautiful hairstyle. Usual yarn, preferably volumetric, soft - that's an excellent material for the hair of these dolls. The more ruffled, the volumetric hair will be, so, in general, better. Still, for domestic, cozy toys do not fit fancy headwear. tilde materialsIf you sew an animal doll, then from tough yarnyou can make a mustache. However, they can be sewn with a suture of a floss, or simply paint with makeup. Blush on the cheeks is depicted with the usual cosmetic blush, they are perfectly absorbed into the fabric.

Fillers for dolls tilde

You can stuff toys' bodies with cotton, holofiber,or sintepon. However, you can use for this purpose and trimming the fabric, and croup, and even salt. For example, if you want the tilde to sit smoothly, a dense filler of the type of rock salt will do, it will fix the body of the doll. tilde clothBut if the feet (or paws) of the tilde should be goodbend, they should be filled with cotton, it is very light, soft and even more plastic than the same holofayber. Note that some needlewomen add flavors - lavender, coffee, etc. - to the fillers. You can fill the body with burnt buckwheat and add ground coffee beans to it - it will not only be a beautiful doll, but also a stylish aromamadalon. As you can see, it is not difficult to sew a tilde, and for this you need the most prosaic materials. And, of course, the correct pattern. To understand what color and what texture you need a fabric, hair yarn and fillers, carefully study the doll's options. And, based on the image you like, choose the necessary material. Our master classes on tilde: