Turnip - puppet theater made of paper, felt, crochet, video / Toys by own hands, patterns, video, MK

Turnip - puppet theater made of paper, felt, crochet, video / Toys by own hands, patterns, video, MK

A fairy tale about a turnip is one of the most beloved stories,which children hear at the very beginning of their lives. It is well known and loved by several generations of people. But it can not only be read or watched as an animated film. With the help of simple means, it is quite possible to create a puppet theater with your own hands for this instructive children's fairy tale. The children's theater "Repka" can be made in different ways, and it is quite possible to work with children - so it will be even more interesting to watch the play.

Necessary tools and materials

To create a puppet theater "Repka" will require the following materials, tools and accessories:

  • White and colored cardboard.
  • Colored paper.
  • Felt-tip pens or paints.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Thick hard felt, better polyester.
  • Threads, pins and needles.
  • Plasticine.
  • Threads for knitting and a hook.
  • Threads for crochetingPuppet theater fairy tale "Turnip" can be simplyprint, download from the Internet, cut out of cardboard and decorate with colored paper, and make characters from felt using a paper base, as well as mold out of plasticine or bind from colorful threads. The choice of material depends only on the desire and available options.

    Characters of fairy tales and scenery

    Planning to make the theater on the table "Turnip", you needto think over not only the scenery, but also how and from what characters will be made. There is enough room for imagination here. If the scenery can be simply taken from the network or painted on a thick cardboard, painted or colored with colored paper, it is desirable to make the heroes of the story voluminous. Although there are options here. The easiest way is a granddaughter doll made of plasticine or felt, it's just as simple to make a grandfather from plasticine and other characters, because all the children, even the smallest ones, love to mold and mold.

    Work with different materials

    Puppet show "Repka" usesa limited number of characters, so they can be done quickly enough. Since there is a puppet theater on the table, the decorations for it consist of a base and a backdrop, as well as a number of small details. The easiest way is to make them out of cardboard, having bent the bottom edge and pasting to it a piece of strong cardboard as a base. Knitted heroes of the fairy tale TurnipFor characters, you can use crochet:

  • The basis will serve as light hollow balls, which are put on the finger.
  • They are carefully tied with threads of white or flesh color.
  • Then make faces, embroidering eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Hair is made of fluffy threads.
  • It is important to give the characters an individual look,tying his grandfather a cap, a grandmother a kerchief, a granddaughter a ribbon in his hair, do not forget about the recognizable kind of cat, mouse and dog Bugs. And most importantly - to make a turnip - round, yellow, with a long spine and lush leaves, for which it was pulled from the ground by the whole family. Be sure to knit all of the very striking threads, so that you can see from afar.
  • Crochet characters fairy talesHeroes for the puppet theater are easy to make from felt:

  • To work, you need light felt balls to create heads, and a colored material for the basis of each character.
  • From the rigid felt, triangles are cut out and stitched (glued) into cones.
  • A ball is attached to everyone - a head.
  • Now it remains only to draw faces and give the characters familiar features.
  • Finger dolls for the fairy taleThe most effective figures are obtained from plasticine,and you can use both conventional and one that hardens in air or at high temperature. In the latter case, plays can be played many times. The figure, made of colored plasticine, can be left "as it is", but you can show creativity and dress it up in clothes made of cloth or paper. Children will be happy to do this, adults need only help them a little and adjust the result of the work. Plasticine heroes characters fairy taleIt's easy to explain to babies how to blind turnerfrom plasticine. To do this, a ball is rolled from the yellow plasticine, the root is "pulled out" from the bottom in the center, and the material is pinned on top of it until a wide dent is formed. This place will be attached to the "tail" of the turnip, which must be made of green plasticine very long, so that the whole family could grab for it. The old-old fairy tale still is like small children, so parents should make an interesting puppet show for their kids. After all, childhood is ending so quickly.