Finger theater with their own hands, ideas, photos / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Finger theater with their own hands, ideas, photos / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Finger puppet theater is a fascinatingdeveloping a lesson for toddlers. It perfectly expands the imagination, strengthens the fine motor skills. The heroes of such a theater, that is, toys, can be self-made, sewn or bound, carved from paper or wood. Making a finger theater by oneself is quite easy. Let's consider all methods.

Fashioned finger theater

Let's see how to make toys of the famous fairy tale "Turnip". we make a finger theaterWe will need:

  • paste for modeling. Very good JOVI, which in the open air becomes firm. It dries quickly and does not need to be burned. Pasta can be covered with paint or varnish;
  • green and yellow paste JOVI Patcolor;
  • brushes;
  • acrylic paints;
  • stacks (special sticks with tips);
  • markers.

It is necessary to take a paste a third ofmatchbox. Let's start with my grandfather. We make a cylinder, form the head, delineate the body. In general, the result should be a figure in the form of a nesting doll. At the bottom of the matryoshka you need to make a hole for your finger. To the ready torso you need to attach the handles that are molded from the same paste. palchik-teatr-007Do not forget to wet your fingers constantly with water,as the paste dries quickly in the air. Small details - a mustache, beard, nose, eyes - it is better not to fashion, but cut out the stack. The same way all the fairy tale characters are made, the rest of the toys are from grandmother to mouse. Do not forget to make a hole for the finger in the base of the toy! Make a turnip as follows: we make a sphere of yellow paste, and with the help of a stack we cut out the leaves from the leaf of the green paste. We fix "vegetation" to the root crop, tightly fix. palchik-teatr-008When the heroes "Repki" dried up, we paint toys with acrylic paints, with the help of brushes. You can entrust this work to the child himself. Plasticine puppet theater is ready!

Paper finger theater

palchik-teatr-002Make a finger theater with your own hands made of paper is even easier. We will need:

  • colored and one-color paper;
  • glue;
  • paints;
  • brushes;
  • scissors.

Make toys that are worn on the finger, frompaper - it's easy. You can find pattern templates on the Internet, print them on a color printer, cut and paste. You can simply cut out the paper "fingertip" of the desired character, color it yourself and also glue it together. finger theater palchik-teatr-009If you or your child are strong in origami, then inIn this case, the space for imagination is simply unlimited. The only downside - these dolls are very fragile and short-lived. On the other hand, every day you can put a new play with new characters. I.e, Is a theater where the most ambitious productions and entries of new heroes are possible with relative simplicity of embodiment.

Sewn fingered theater

Toys made of dense fabric - the sameDurable, as well as molded from pasta. These finger puppets can be made of wool, felt, leatherette, felt. In addition to the fabric itself, we will need, of course, threads, a needle and elements for mating a toy's muzzle: beads, sequins, etc. palchik-teatr-010How to sew dolls? First of all, decide - can you independently make patterns of a cat, chanterelles, dogs, or is it better to use ready-made ones? In the network of their great variety. Next - a simple job. We translate a pattern on a fabric, we cut out two details of a doll, we sew them by an ordinary seam over the edge. palchik-teatr-011However, if you can work on a sewing machinemachine with small forms, it's even better - the edges of the doll will be more accurate. When the silhouette is ready - do not forget that the base can not be stitched, with the help of which the toys will be put on the finger - we sew the stitch with a stitch or we make eyelets and a nose with beads. The toys are ready. It remains to put them on your fingers and arrange a presentation. Another option: to tie . But for this you need to be able to knit, and pretty good. finger theater

Wooden finger theater

This is aerobatics, such a puppet homemadeThe theater is already close to a professional set and almost eternal. But only those who can work with it can make toys from wood. Cutted out of wood figures should be painted and varnished. The only drawback of such a puppet theater is the constancy of the repertoire. Wooden toys are difficult to remake, as well as to make new ones. finger theaterSo, if you decided to make a fingerpuppet theater yourself, then evaluate your skills in the field of hand-made. If you perfectly cut wood or knit - fine, but if you do not know how - then bravely sculpt dolls from pasta or cut out of paper. Remember: the main developmental feature of finger surgery is that a child can not just arrange a performance with already ready puppets, but and take a direct part in their creation.