Wooden houses in the chalet style: facades and interiors (60 photos)

Wooden houses in the chalet style: facades and interiors (60 photos)

The idea of ​​building a chalet style house came toto us from the distant past, when in the picturesque alpine mountains on the border of France and Switzerland, local shepherds lived in such small cozy houses. This is evidenced by the name of the style - "Chale" from French is translated as "shepherd’s house". In modern days, chalet-style houses are especially popular in Europe (Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland) and are finding more and more admirers in our country.

Features of the appearance and facade of the house in the style of a chalet

The main external features of this styleare gable roofs, wooden walls, stone foundations, natural materials and their analogues. This explains the tendency of increasing interest of Russians in such houses, especially among residents of megacities. Many dream of privacy from everyday hustle and bustle from the city in the heart of nature. And houses in this style fully satisfy such needs. The chalet style in its modern interpretation is rich and aesthetically pleasing in its architectural composition. These are no longer just small rural houses made of stone and wood with a fireplace, designed primarily to provide heat. A wide variety of building and finishing materials give free rein to the imagination in the process of designing and building a house. Chalet style modern house Modern Chalet Style House Traditionallythe construction of a house in this style is carried out on the basis of the following conditions: the main facade should be facing the eastern side of the world, and the rooms should be designed mainly so that sunlight uniformly illuminates them throughout the day. The roof in the classic version is gable, flat, with large ledges up to two meters in order to protect the facade from bad weather conditions. Outside, the roof is usually tiled with wood elements and decorated with carvings. A wide ledge protects the wooden walls from rainWide roof ledge protects wooden wallshouses from rainfall For the construction of the basement floor, use stone, brick or concrete. The second floor, as a rule, is made of timber and logs. A house in a similar style should have a spacious balcony, wide panoramic windows, a large veranda and an attic. When choosing finishing materials, it is important to consider the general idea of ​​the design of the project, so that everything looks appropriate and harmonious. One of the most important aspects is the preferred use of environmentally friendly materials. The house should be in harmony with the surrounding natural landscape. The chalet-style house has large balconies, a spacious veranda and panoramic windows.The chalet-style house has large balconies, a spacious veranda and panoramic windows.

Chalet-style home interior and decoration

Inside, a chalet house usually has manybeams, crossbeams and wooden poles. Despite the fact that the chalet houses are fully equipped and equipped with the latest technologies and equipment (climate control system, Wi-fi, TV, jacuzzi, sauna, split systems) in modern days, the interior design looks simple, unobtrusive and demonstrates the maximum merging with nature. The main attributes of the interior of the house in this styleconsidered a fireplace, animal skins, warm blankets, rude rugs. Wicker furniture also blends in perfectly with the surrounding chalet. Wood material is widely used that looks slightly shabby and worn out, thereby conveying a sense of antiquity. The walls are mainly made of wood, and the floor can be either wooden or stone. The ceiling is also wooden with contrasting large beams. To give the chalet interior a touch of antiquity, you canto decorate the surrounding space with antique lamps, candlesticks, chandeliers, mirrors and paintings. It is important that they combine honey with themselves, creating a single compositional ensemble. In addition, the chalet style is inherent in handmade elements of decor. In the presence of original panels, knitted or woven rugs, beautiful lampshades, handmade delicate tablecloths, you can safely use them in the interior. European-style chalet houses are not onlyromantic and cozy, but also helpful. After all, wood and natural environmentally friendly materials have a beneficial effect on human health in general. Elvira Goleva for Decorwind.ru

Wooden houses in chalet style - photo

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