How to make a penguin out of plasticine or clay. Master class / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to make a penguin out of plasticine or clay. Master class / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Working with plasticine is a favorite activity of anychild. In addition to the fact that she gives the young creator great pleasure from creating some objects with her own hands, this work is also incredibly useful for the development of fine motor skills and associative thinking. The first lesson is intended for parents. Once show the child how to make a penguin out of plasticine, and your house will be filled with peace and an entire zoo of plasticine animals.

Penguin from the koloboks

Kolobok is the first thing that learns to sculpt fromplasticine baby with their own hands, because it is done very easily. It is necessary to take a piece of material and roll it for a long time between the palms, until it becomes round.

  • Take clay in three colors: black, white and yellow.

Penguin from the koloboks

  • Roll two differently sized koloboks. The one that turns out to be the smaller diameter will become the head. Pull out a little bollocks a little, it will be the trunk.

Penguin from the kolobok-2

  • Roll a small raw material from the white stuff, then flatten it between your fingers and attach a "pancake" to the place of the tummy of our craft.

Penguin from the kolobok-3

  • Make two black "sausages" and flatten them between the fingers. It will be wings.

Penguin from the kolobok-4

  • Attach the wings on the sides of the penguin.

Penguin from the kolobok-5

  • Roll up very tiny white balls and squeeze them directly on the muzzle of our bird. Then, in the same way, you need to make black pupils.

Penguin from the koloboks-6

  • From two yellow koloboks we make paws.

Penguin from the Koloboks-7

  • Slightly flattening their fingers, make small dents a corner of the toothpick. It will be your fingers.

Penguin of kolobok-8

  • Attach the paws to the body.

Penguin of the Koloboks-9

  • It's so easy and quick to make a whole family of penguins.

Penguin of the Kolobok-10


If you have very little source material, but there is a plastic box from under the kinder-surprise, you can get a charming penguin.

  • Spread the entire capsule with black plasticine.
  • Pile on the front of the white fragment. It is better to form on a flat surface, squeezing the shape of the edge of the stack.
  • Form two wings and stick them on the sides.
  • Stick your eyes.
  • Separately form the nose and legs. Attach them to hand-made articles.
  • Penguin

    Flat Penguin

    This two-dimensional artwork can become originala gift-postcard if all this is done on beautifully designed thick paper or a piece of cardboard. For better quality of work, it is desirable to replace clay with polymer clay. It is interesting, that from the same details it is possible to blind both a penguin and an owl. Flat Penguin

    Santa Claus

    A ready-made penguin made of plasticine, madefirst or second way, can turn into a little Santa Claus, if you dress him in a hat with a pompon. For this, it is not at all necessary to take a needle or knitting needles. Just blind the penguin from plasticine with the same cap. Do it better by rolling a pyramid out of the ball and dressing it on your left thumb. Having formed a cap, put it on the head of the craft and attach a plasticine pompon. Santa Claus