Ballerina snowflake from paper, crafts, garlands by own hands / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Ballerina snowflake from paper, crafts, garlands by own hands / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

If you've seen a dance of snowflakes in ballet"Nutcracker" by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, you will certainly understand why today we will associate dance art with water crystals. It's fine! It's so beautiful that I want to watch more and more. To admire the flight of a snowflake, just like a ballerina dance can be endless. Why not combine two beauties in one New Year's hand-craft paper?

Ballerina in a pack of snowflakes

  • In order to make our New Year's souvenir,We need to cut out a ballerina from paper. You can draw it yourself or copy it and print it on the Internet. The main thing is that she already was in the pack, that is, in the skirt.

Ballerina in a pack of snowflakes

  • To create a flat image of a dancer, use thin cardboard or thick paper.

Ballerina in a pack of snowflakes-2

  • Cut out the snowflakes from colored paper so that they dressed in our beauty. That is, we cut through the middle of a snowflake.

Ballerina in a pack of snowflakes-3

  • You can make several skirts from paper of different colors and different diameters.

Ballerina in a pack of snowflakes-4

  • Dress the girl, fixing the glue with droplets of glue. Now it is very fashionable to wear multi-layer clothing. Let our dancer be at the peak of fashion.

Ballerina in a pack of snowflakes-5

Cut out a snowflake

A real snowflake is always hexagonal. The photo shows the sequence of folding paper for the hexagonal workpiece.

  • Fold a square sheet of thin paper in half.
  • At this stage it is recommended to use protractor, and you can rely on the eye and divide the deployed angle into 180o into three equal parts, that is, 60o.
  • Mark the middle of the rectangle and fold it, as shown in the photo.
  • It is important that all faces coincide.
  • Fold the resulting triangle again in half.
  • Cut off any irregularities in the edge of the paper.
  • We received a blank from which you can make a skirt for our ballerina. There is a slightly different sequence of folding paper. But the result is the same.

    Dancer of wire

    • Take a piece of wire and twist out of it the stylized figure of a man.
    • Thin toilet paper is moistened in glue and wraps it with a wire frame, building up the muscle mass of a wire man.

    Dancer of wire

    • Cut off a long strip of corrugated paper and glue it to the waist, collecting in a magnificent bell.

    Dancer from wire-2

    • Elegant dresses look like on a wire ballerina, which consist of several layers of paper.

    Dancer of wire-3

    Garland of ballerinas

  • We cut out from the paper a symmetrical dancer,drawn on a stencil on pre-folded paper. Do not forget to leave on it a short skirt, sticking out to the sides. On it will be a snowflake.
  • We cut out snowflakes from thin paper and put them on ballerinas.
  • We string all the dancers on a string and hang them in a garland.
  • Garland of ballerinas

    Ballerinas on tulle

    In the afternoon, against the background of a bright sunny window, the silhouettes of ballerinas in packs of paper stars look fabulous and very beautiful. And all you need to do is:

    • cut out of the paper a dancing girl;
    • cut out her skirt-snowflake;
    • Dress a beautiful woman and pin it on the tulle.

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