Clothing for tilde dolls, dress, shoes, patterns, ideas / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Clothing for tilde dolls, dress, shoes, patterns, ideas / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

As you already know, there is a hugenumber of different dolls tilde. A sleepy angel, a tilde gardener, an angel of home comfort, a vintage angel, a tailor's tilde and many, many others. And at first glance, it may seem that it is enough to sew one doll with your own hands, and the rest can already be done by analogy. But in practice it turns out that all dolls have significant differences. They differ from each other, first of all, with clothes, shoes and accessories. So let's look at the example of several master classes, how can we tilde and dress. clothes for tilde-15

Master class for tailoring dresses

The easiest way to sew clothes with your own hands- sew the top part of the dress (corset) along with the trunk. The pattern of the torso in this case is transferred to a prefabricated workpiece consisting of two types of fabric (see tilde master class for beginners). It remains only to sew a skirt, for which we do not need a pattern. The bottom of the dress can be made from kapron tape andelastic. To do this, you will need to cut the ribbon into segments equal to the double length of the skirt. The elastic (length equal to the waist of the doll) is sewn into a ring and we tie our ribbons to an elastic band. This kind of clothes is perfect for a tilde ballerina.Mozhno sew a sweeping dress-robe. We transfer the pattern of the back to the fabric, turn it over and mirror the contour of the second half. The pattern of the shelf is transferred to the fabric in 2 copies. The parts are cut out from the contour on the order of 1-2 cm. Then the edges of the blanks should be processed (swept or piled). It remains to sew the robe around the side seams, turn it around and put it on the doll. As you can see, you can sew a dress yourself, in several ways, and all of them are simple in execution. clothes for tilde-14

Master class on making shoes with their own hands

No less diverse and methods of manufacturingshoes for tildes. You can make your own shoes with heels of cork, cardboard and even wood. But we would recommend for the beginning to sew shoes on a flat sole. So, for tilde angels you can make ballet flats onpresented pattern and outline. On sewn shoes sew a ribbon or flower. Original ballet costumes decorated with beads, lace, strasses will look original. For dolls with more legs (rabbits, spits) you can sew booties yourself. A pattern for such shoes will not be required. It is enough to attach the doll's leg and outline the contour. We sew the side parts on the sewing machine, the sole by hand - with the needle threaded forward. Turning out the workpieces and sewing them on top of the elastic band, we get very nice shoes. Shoes that are made of felt are also good. footwear for tilde-14

Clothes for rabbits. Master Class

But it is necessary to sew clothes not only dolls, but also tildeto beasts. In this master class we will dress hares - a boy and a girl. The pattern for both zayek one, only for the girl we sew panties and a dress, and the boy will dress in overalls. Operating procedure

  • Let's start with the female rabbit. We cut out 2 details for panties and sew them on the lateral seams. We unfold and make internal seams. We turn out panties and dress for a hare.
  • The bottom and top of the panties are adjusted to fit the size, then sewed. For dresses we cut out a rectangle, we process the edges (you can decorate with a braid). We dress the dress on the hare, we form wrinkles and sew.
  • On a fleece or a knitted fabric we transfer a patterndetails for golfika and we cut out, considering allowances on seams. We sew the blouse along the side seams and turn it out. Similarly, golf is sewn for a rabbit-boy.
  • The girl was dressed, the second part of the master class will be devoted to clothes for a male rabbit. We will make knickers with lapels. For this we need to attach a cloth of a different color to the pants.
  • We sew pants similar to the first part of the master class on the lateral seams. We cut out and sew the breastplate. We turn out the workpiece and sew it to the front of the panties.
  • Stitch the panties at the inner seams and decorate the lapels. It remains to make the harnesses and sew them to the breastplate. The overall for the rabbit-boy is ready. Dress up our hares and make a photo shoot.
  • Clothing for hare-4

    Master class number 2

    We hope that our selection of master classes will help you sew clothes and make shoes for any tilde, whether it's a doll or a hare, easily and quickly. Good luck.