We create gifts for men with our own hands. It is under the power of any girl.

We create gifts for men with our own hands. It is under the power of any girl.

Women very often think about whatgive a man. It can be a husband, boyfriend, brother or father. Women choose gifts for men is not easier than men for women. It seems that the choice is so great and, at the same time, very small. A gift for men with their own hands. Photo №1 What to choose? Every time you face a dilemma, givesomething practical or a souvenir? But, most likely, your man is already full of cups, razors and ties. Moreover, these are the simplest gifts that they will be given without them. You can choose from an unusual souvenir. It may be some kind of hunting object. For example, an expensive knife, a saber or a hunting rifle. Such gifts are more often given to the Pope for a jubilee or to a boss for his birthday. For inveterate tourists or sportsmen, something from equipment to hiking, sports equipment or just a folding brazier will do. How to choose the right gifts. Choosing gifts for men, you need to focus on:

  • age
  • character
  • an occasion for a gift

may be your anniversary with your husband's wedding daybirth (husband, father, brother, colleague, chef, friend), especially the anniversary, Defender of the Fatherland Day or just a gift without a reason, for memory. Based on the case, focus on the value and significance of the gift. By age, men can be conditionally divided into a group of young guys (under 25, mostly not married) and men older than 25 (usually already married). The upper age limit is not defined, even up to 100 years. Young guys usually get something young, like a skate, a rock guitar or just trinkets. Older men are usually given something necessary and important, and the older a man, the more serious a gift. Still there was a character. Based on the nature and tastes of a man, you can decide what he likes more or what he needs more than the rest. If your man collects something or is just keen on it, he will be very happy if you choose this gift for him. Maybe a man is an avid fisherman or a football player. Then a gift in this spirit will have, as it is impossible by the way. The best gift. The best gift is a gift made fromwhole soul, and even better, if you put this soul into it, doing it yourself. Such a gift is valued higher and has a greater value, it will always be remembered. What can you do with your own hands for a gift to a man? With women and children this board is much easier. But for men the list is not so long. But still there are many things that are not so difficult to make yourself. It can be a piece of clothing if you sew well or knit. You can also make something out of accessories. The needlewomen can easily make a hat,belt or mittens. You can give a pillow with your image or calendar. Individual and practical thing made by own hands, can be a cover for mobile or laptop. It is not difficult, it will not take much time, and most importantly - exclusively! You will need a dense fabric of strong coloring, thread, button and oblique beiki. Even a beginner seamstress can make a beautiful laptop case without much difficulty. How to make a cover for the device with your own hands. It is better if you make every detail ofseveral layers of fabric, so it will be better to keep the shape and will be stronger. Remove the measurements from your device (if you can not do it, then make it bigger). Cut out the top and bottom part. Then fold the lining fabric with the outer layer. One piece may be longer than the other, if you want to make a button-closing valve, you can also make the same parts, then insert the zipper. Then, attach the upper and lower parts folded in reverse to each other. The seam will be outside. To close the outer seam, attach the oblique bake (ribbon) along the perimeter of the cover to the tone of the fabric or the contrasting color, hiding the seam inside. Insert a zipper, a button or a Velcro. That's all! I bet your man will like such a gift made by your hands! Men do not like surprise gifts the way they liketheir women. If your man hinted to you that he wanted to have or buy, do not ignore it! Perhaps this spinning or chess for him will be a more welcome gift than expensive watches or gold cufflinks, which may not be a very welcome surprise. But a surprise gift, made by own hands, men will affect for the soul, it's a gift created by you!