Decorative and useful articles made of floppy disks

Decorative and useful articles made of floppy disks

Technical progress pushes out of our livesOnce-so-necessary items. So, long ago they had outlived their 3.5-inch floppy disks as data carriers, they were replaced by disks, flash drives and other storage devices with an impressive amount of memory. Now, perhaps, and find old floppy disks will be a challenge, and in a few decades, floppy disks will become a rarity. But if you still found several, we recommend making useful hand-made articles from floppies.

How to make hand-made articles from floppy disks?

Before considering what it is possibleMake of floppies, let's look at the main way to connect floppy disks among themselves, which will help you figure out how to do this or that craft. Lower down the blind - protection against overwriting. How to make crafts from floppy disks We heat the awl and pierce the already existing holes on top on the sides. How to make crafts from floppy disks It turns out four holes, with which you can connect floppy disks among themselves. How to make crafts from floppy disks For connection use clamps, wire,Cord, metal rings. It is also possible to fix the form with glue. So, what kind of artifacts can be made from floppy disks? Stands for pencils and pens. It is convenient to make square pens for pencils, pens and other stationery from floppy disks. Stand for pencils made of floppy disks Connect the floppy disk with each other, the bottom can be glued or also fixed with clamps. How to make a pencil holder from floppy disks Square pencil case from floppy disks But the version of a convenient inclined pencil. In this model, screws were used to fix the box from floppy disks in an inclined position. Crafts from floppies - pencil stands Cases and boxes of floppy disks What is differentCasket from the pencil holder? Only by the presence of a lid. Put the floppy disk for the lid on small hinges or use all the same clamps, cord or wire. How to make a lane of floppy disks Box of self-made floppy disks A box of floppy disks Crafts from floppy disks - caskets Notepad from floppy disks Floppy disks will serve as an excellent hard cover for a notebook. Connect two floppy disks and a stack of white sheets between them using metal rings. Crafts from floppy disks - notepad A more stylish and time-consuming option is to use a floppy disk as part of the leather cover of a notebook with a magnet clasp. Notebook - articles from floppy disks Mirror or photo frame Frame for a pocket mirror or photo frame for photos of the Instax format - in case you have found only one floppy disk and you absolutely do not know what to make of it. Mirror - handmade from floppy disks Bags from floppy disk Very interesting and unusual ideaUse old floppy disks - make them bags! Of course, such a bag is not very convenient, and it looks, frankly, strange. Nevertheless, this design of the accessory has the right to be! But the bag of floppy disks will not crumble, it will not tear and will even preserve the fragile and glass objects inside! A bag of floppy disks A floppy disk

Lamp from floppy disks

Chandelier from floppy disks Diskette lamp Lamps from floppy disks Lamp - crafts from floppy disks Clock - crafts from floppy disks Watches - crafts from floppy disks Flower pots or flowerpots from floppy disks Flower pots from old floppy disks Retro flash drive flash drive Portraits on floppy disks English artist NickGentry turned floppy disks into canvas for his large-scale paintings, mostly portraits of people. The image is painted, while the holes and details of the information carriers fit organically into the overall picture. Portraits on floppy disks from nick gentry Paintings - crafts from floppy disks Portraits on floppy disks from nick gentry Portraits on floppy disks from nick gentry Portraits on floppy disks from nick gentry Portraits on floppy disks from nick gentry