How to sew a developing mat for a baby, master class, ideas / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to sew a developing mat for a baby, master class, ideas / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Rug, developing logic, thinking and smallthe motor skills of the baby, any mother can make. On it the child will get acquainted with bright colors and the texture of materials, and then, as they grow up, play various games with fairy-tale characters. In addition, while the kid is busy playing, my mother can safely do household chores. developing matRugs can be completely on any subject: the surrounding world, plants, animals or fairy tales. It is only necessary to take into account the peculiarities of your child, be patient and apply all your creative imagination. And our advice, how to sew a developing mat, will help in this difficult, but fascinating business.

Rug "The World"


  • pieces of material of different colors (blue, blue for the sky and the sea, green for the grass, yellow for the sand, etc.);
  • fleece, organza (for sea waves and clouds);
  • sintepon (as a filler);
  • decorative braid;
  • Velcro tape;
  • buttons of various textures, beads, brooches, appliqués of animals.


  • thread, needle;
  • sewing machine.

Stages of work

  • Determine the size of the rug, based on the dimensions of the room. The developing mat can be either square - 100х100 cm, 150х150 cm, and rectangular - 100х150 cm, 140х170 cm.
  • Since the rug will be divided into zones,cut out of the fabric two green, different in shade, a square and one yellow rectangle. Connect these three pieces of material with a sewing machine. Moreover, the size of the resulting canvas should be 10-15 cm less on the entire perimeter of the alleged carpet.
  • In the middle of the canvas, attach a blue oval from cotton fabric - the future lake. Pre-oval with sintepon for softness.
  • On the green part of the canvas along the lake there will bethere is a tree. The trunk is cut from a brown textured fabric, for example, from an old sweater. Along the trunk, sew decorative braid. The crown of the tree will consist of several wavy pads stuffed with sintepon. The top part of the cushions is made of a smooth satin, and the inner part is made of any cotton material. Sew the crown in the center so that it can be bent, and inside hide the secrets - funny buttons or beads. At the bottom of the tree trunk pick up and attach a satin green ribbon, which will play the role of grass.
  • Cut out the rocket parts: body, wings and porthole. The case from the wrong side should be sewn with a piece of sintepon. Attach all the details of the rocket to the yellow zone.
  • On the edge of the green lawn, sew pieces of stickytape. To them, then you can attach voluminous flowers or fairy-tale characters. The core and flower petals are best filled with small plastic balls, beans, peas or croups to develop the baby's fingers. On the back of the flower, sew a velcro.
  • The lawn and sand can be populated with variousanimals, selecting suitable applications or pieces of tissue. Sew pictures together with the rustling polyethylene, so that when the toes touch the animals, the animals seem to come to life. It will not be superfluous to have a funny little house in the form of a pocket, in which it will be possible to hide small toys.
  • In one of the "sand corners" make a piece of the sea. From the dark blue fleece, cut a right angle with the opposite wavy edge and sew it to the corner of the yellow part. Populate the seabed by the inhabitants. To do this, you need to sew from the colorful shiny pieces of fish tissue and attach them along with beads and other treasures to the bottom of the "sea". Over the inhabited bottom, sew the organza gathered in the folds.
  • A piece of the sea on both sides is framed by the sky andwaves. To do this, cut out from the dark blue and blue material one corner element with a width of 10-15 cm, which will need to be sewn by laying one on top of the other, with the "bottom" of the sea. Unbend the upper blue fabric, cut out the waves and attach them to the "sky."
  • In the same way, perform the "space" from the side of the rocket. You can choose a material with a picture in the form of stars, and you can make them yourself.
  • From the back side of the "cosmos" and the "sea""Sky" of light blue fabric. To do this, cut strips of fabric of the same width as for "space" and sew them with a "lawn". On the "sky" attach the sun, filled with sintepon, with clouds, decorated with an organza and a cloud of fleece. To the cloud, sew a blue decorative braid-rain.
  • Lay the finished mat on a flat surface and cut out the outer base. Sew the base with the rug.
  • Helpful Tips

  • The basis for the rug can be quilted with oilcloth, so that it is then possible to easily wipe off dust and various dirt from it.
  • To develop a mat to be hung on the wall or grill of the crib, in the process of assembly, sew a loop on the velcro to one of the sides of the base.
  • Producing a developing toy, try as best as possible to sew all the details, since the baby's pens are able to tear off even the strongest thread.
  • As the child grows up, it is possible to sew more and more complicating elements with locks, lacing or buttons.
  • Developing pads for the youngest children

    developing mat For very small crumbs the mat is perfectfrom multi-colored soft pads. To do this, you need to cut out the right number of identical squares from the material of different colors and textures. Then, the same number of basic squares, but of a smaller size, is cut out. Each multi-colored square is picked up to the size of the base square, sewn in this form to the last one and stuffed with any kind of filler. Next, the resulting pads are connected to a piece of material that serves as the base of the entire rug.

    Developing tactile rug "Sun"

    raxviv-kovrik-017Such a "sun" can not only fulfillfunction of the resting place of the baby, but also to familiarize his fingers with various tactile sensations that help the development of fine motor skills. The center of the sun is made of a round piece of material sewn with a sintepon, and its petals or rays are made of multi-colored cotton fabrics. Each petal is stitched in the form of a pocket that is filled with various materials: beads, cereals, macaroni, beans, sand, rustling polyethylene, buttons and small pebbles.

    Foldable "Garage"

    raxviv-kovrik-016For older children you can sew a developinga collapsible carpet in the form of a garage for cars or cottages for dolls, which will introduce the baby to numbers, accustom to accurately folding their toys. Since such a garage is easy to fold, it can be taken with you for a walk, a visit or a kindergarten. A base of a rug is sewn from a dense denim fabric. On the one hand, a tape is sewn from the same material, which is divided into pockets. Each figure is glued to each pocket. On the opposite pockets side sewn a road of felt. An eyelet and a button are attached from the back of the mat.

    Carpet with pockets for photos

    developing mat Such an educational toy for a baby is convenient because,which can replace several cognitive books. After all, in pockets with a transparent wall, you can put any images: animals, household items, plants, figures, letters or photos of family members. To play with such a toy the child will never get bored, because the inhabitants of the houses can be changed as they grow up. It is very easy to sew such a rug. To do this, the houses with a transparent material window, for example, vinyl, are sewn onto a fairly dense material, and in the center there is a ring road with branches to the houses. Universal development mat is ready!