Wind music is the original amulet for the house, which you can create with your own hands. Learn now.

Wind music is the original amulet for the house, which you can create with your own hands. Learn now.

How to make an original amulet for the house "Breeze" is a home accessory witha special purpose. Excellent, he can approach almost any style of the room and at the same time be used as a real talisman charm for those who own it. The one who first sees the music of the wind, can ask - in what place to hang this not quite an ordinary device. Accordingly, the directions in Feng Shui, it must be located at the entrance to the apartment, next to the windows, inside the courtyard or in the gazebo in the garden. It is able to transform the flow of energy, which has a negative effect in the positive and fill the room with purity and harmony. Any "music of the wind", has its own individuality, and carries its mission, it is important to take into account each feature and do not hang in the chaotic order "winds" the interior of the house. It is required to have a concept that should involve "wind music", and already choose a tool for a specific purpose. Why is there a regular debate around "wind music"? The problem is this: different "wind music" has different energy settings: some will suppress energy, and they are used to protect the house, the second energy is strengthened. So, if you place a breeze that converts energy in an incorrectly correct place, in return for a positive, you can get even more energy that has a negative effect. Today in the outlets there is a wide range of these attractive pendants with bells, but try to create a "breeze" on your own. Because the true talismans do only with their own hands, thinking about those people to whom they will be targeted. There is an opportunity to offer readers some options, how to perform a breeze without assistance, almost using only unnecessary things for creativity. Save the wind music from the brewer for the garden For manufacturing you will need:

  • old tea kettle with a lid;
  • Various accessories (buttons, rivets, eyelets);
  • the lace is flat;
  • chain, which has large links, for example, from jewelry;
  • clamp;
  • pliers

So, let's get started! Add beads to each chain in any order. You can make three or five similar chains. Attach the clip to the cord, and then pass the ring and thread our chains on it. We stretch the lace through the tip of the kettle, so that each ornamental chain with fittings begins to stick out of its spout. The other end of the chain is passed through the lid and glued securely with its glue. So, our "breeze" is ready! But you can also use pots of clay and seashells. A breeze from clay pots from under flowers you will need:

  • acrylic paints of various shades;
  • Brushes and markers;
  • two not very large pots of clay of the same size and one slightly larger;
  • beads made of wood;
  • twine; seashells; adhesive composition.

Procedure: Paint the pots with acrylic paint. Apply on any of them an image that corresponds to the minimalist style of the theme you choose. Using the twine, collect the resulting pots. To do this, it is necessary to fold it into two parts, pass through the hole at the bottom of the pot. To keep our pot at the right level and not crawl below, you need to make a knot of a large size. In the lower part above the last pot, attach the bead from the tree in the same way as on the bottom end. From each edge of the pot inside, glue the four pieces of twine, and then attach the fittings chosen by you. Our hobby for the garden is ready. You can also make a breeze from the house for bottles from bottles, shells and even colored pencils.