Patchwork in the interior: patchwork style

Patchwork in the interior: patchwork style

Bright and colorful patchwork style in the interior is notHas lost relevance for many years. The name of the style comes from the English word "patchwork", which translates as "made of rags." In our latitudes this decorative and applied art is called - patchwork. In fact, patchwork is a technique of connecting geometrically correct, multi-colored rags of different fabrics into a single fabric, from which you can then make bedspreads, carpets, curtains, bags, clothes and other accessories for the interior as well as for your own wardrobe. Bright sofas in patchwork style in the interior Patchwork in the interior is considered more widely,Than the use of patchwork bedspreads and pillows as a decoration. In the interior, you can decorate the surface of walls, ceiling and floor with different in texture and size with rags of cloth or use large canvases. In addition, the use of tiles, linoleum, wallpaper, upholstery of furniture with a pattern stylized as patchwork is allowed. Interior of the drawing room in the style of quilting It is necessary only to remember about the interior in stylePatchwork, many immediately imagine a room in this sort of rustic rustic style. In fact, this technique is perfect for decorating interiors in Scandinavian style, provence, country, but with the skillful use of individual patchwork elements, it is interesting to decorate and rooms in the style of high-tech, strict classics or minimalism. It should be remembered that any patchwork accessory will attract attention and become a bright accent of the situation, so you should stop and not overload the interior with the riot of colors and textures. Depending on the color scheme, texture and size of the patchwork parts, you can create an expressive or, conversely, a gentle interior.

Textile accessories patchwork in the interior

First of all patchwork is a fabric. The breadth of using the technique of quilting is striking. You can make your own covers and pillowcases, tablecloths and napkins, carpets and curtains, covers for upholstered furniture and panels on the wall. Start with small details, for example, a few decorative pillows and a small rug next to the sofa. Then, if nothing bothers you, you can move on decorating the interior with other details, stitched in patchwork technique. Accessories in the style of the patchwork in the interior of the nursery In the kitchen you can put small pads on chairs, and also use potholders, towels and napkins sewn in the technique of patchwork sewing. Pillows patchwork on chairsPatchwork patchwork in the bedroom Bedding - patchwork Accessories patchwork in the interior of the Scandinavian style Details of patchwork in the interior Decorative cushions patchwork in the interior of the living room Quilts in the interior Patchwork in the interior of the bedroom Style patchwork in the interior of the children's room

Furniture in patchwork style

Furniture in the style of patchwork looks very impressive,Bright and festive. Patchwork chairs and sofas will look great not only in the living room, but in the bedroom and even in the children's room. Patchwork sewing in the upholstery of upholstered furniture is a favorite theme of many designers. But it is not necessary to spend huge sums of money on items of brand collections. You can sew with your own hands or just covers in a scrappy technique, or a large canvas, from which you can then cut up the details of the upholstery. If sewing full-fledged covers is difficult, then you can make simple bedspreads on the back and seat or decorate the furniture with small patch pads.  Sofa and cushions patchwork Sofa patchwork in the interior of the living room Chairs in the interior patchwork  Armchair in the style of quilting Patchwork chair Chairs in patchwork style Furniture in patchwork style

Paul patchwork in the interior

Colorful patchwork or bedside matWill revive even the most gray and faceless interior. To create a carpet in patchwork style, it is better to use a dense fabric or to sew light rags on a woven base. You can use old clothes - coats, jeans and woolen things. By the way, if you collect old rugs and carpets from friends and acquaintances, you can sew a new carpet in the technique of patchwork sewing from cut pieces! Carpet in the patchwork style of jeans Carpet patchwork from old carpets Carpet patchwork in the interior of the living room Carpet, stylized for patchwork Carpet in the style of quilting Manufacturers of ceramic floor tiles alsoOften use the patchwork theme in their collections. You can even create a pattern that resembles a patchwork sewing, from a variegated tile or pieces of multi-colored linoleum. Floor tile in patchwork style  Floor in patchwork style in the interior  Floor made of patchwork tiles Tile in patchwork style for bathroom

Walls of patchwork in the interior

For wall decoration can be used as wovenLinen, and tiles or wallpaper. It is believed that the fabric upholstery of the walls collects a lot of dust, but if it is regularly vacuumed, no health problems or allergies should arise. Try to cover the cloth from the flaps of the head of the bed or the wall surface in a niche, place the patchwork in the frame and hang as a picture. This design of the walls transforms the boring interior into a bright explosion of color! Cloth on the walls is appropriate to use in the bedroom, nursery or living room.  Bed headrest in the interior of the bedroom Patchwork wall  The wall of the stove in the interior of the nursery You do not have to use cloth, patchwork can beMake your own hands from pieces of wallpaper or ceramic tiles. Tiles will look great in the bathroom or in the kitchen, maintaining a common patchwork style in the interior of the apartment. You can cover the entire surface of the wall with a patchwork pattern, but the tiled apron above the stove and the working surface in the kitchen or a part of the wall in the bathroom will look very stylish and harmonious.  Mosaic apron in the patchwork kitchen Tile on the wall of patchwork in the interior of the kitchen Tile in the bathroom patchwork Manufacturers of wallpaper produce ready-made wallpaper in a patchwork style, but you can make such a decoration of the walls and yourself. Wall in patchwork style from different wallpapers Wallpaper in patchwork style in the interior For decorative decoration of style ceilingsPatchwork is used extremely rarely. Still colorful bright patterns on the ceiling are often inappropriate. But in certain interiors such a design solution can look harmonious. It is best to use high-quality stretch ceilings with a pattern in patchwork style, which can be ordered at wallpaper on the wall in patchwork style Patchwork in the interior - the perfect way to fill the house with joy and colors. Be creative with your hands, and let the pictures of the interiors will leave you inspired!