Self-made ottoman: How to sew or knit - Beginners 6 lessons

Self-made ottoman: How to sew or knit - Beginners 6 lessons

The ottoman for the house can be made with your own hands even using different materials and techniques: crochet or knit, sew from improvised means or even from an old sweater. Our review presents interestingmaster classes on how to make ottomans for the hall or hallway and non-standard ideas for using the product in the interior. So, we learn how to create a stylish piece of furniture step by step and what is needed for this. The content of the article:

Filling for padded stool

There are many fillers for the manufacture of frameless furniture. Each material has its own characteristics and features. If synthetic materials are not suitable, you should choose natural ones:

  • Sawdust and shavings from waste of cedar and pine. Raw material repels pests, has a healing effect, but it must be periodically changed.
  • Fluff is a lightweight filler.
  • Buckwheat husk is popular. Such filling allows you to create comfortable furniture.
  • The advantages of natural fillers include the absence of harmful chemical components. Synthetic materials are used as fillers:

  • Styrofoam looks like small balls. Elastic granules allow you to create additional volume.
  • Holofiber is a lightweight filler. It allows you to get upholstered furniture.
  • Polyurethane foam is an elastic material that does not provoke allergies.
  • TIP: Also, the filler can serve as an old blanket, pillow or rags. Products filled with balls can be used on the street, because the material does not absorb moisture. For the creation of furniture used and improvised means. The original materials include cereals, legumes, dry grass and cotton. Furniture filler options a large number

    Knitted square ottoman knitting

    Find out how to perform a knitted ottoman with your ownby hands. Furniture made from handmade yarn is an original solution for the interior and a soft item for a comfortable pastime. Stylish item looks like a sample from the store. To make a soft ottoman with your own hands, you needtie six squares of wool of the same size. Knitting crocheted. The “sampler” texture and bobble stitching is applied. You can watch the knitting on the video. TIP: Such a pouf is suitable as an addition to an ottoman, as well as a subject for decoration of bedrooms and living rooms. For the manufacture will need the following components:

    • Lyon brand yarn, 450 grams, gray - 5 skeins;
    • needles to create tapestries;
    • crochet hook, size 6.5 mm;
    • filling for pouf;
    • special fibers and foam;
    • plastic bags.

    Step-by-step instruction:

  • Connect the squares with seams. For this you need a double thick thread.
  • You can check the shape of the product on the box.
  • Filling a piece of furniture. For the strength of the product is to use materials such as plastic bags, foam or newspaper.
  • TIP: In order to not penetrate the filler through the knitted pattern, it is recommended to put a pillow case or soft lining inside. After filling, connect the two remaining sides. The product is ready for use.

    Master class from an old sweater

    We will understand how to make an ottoman with your own hands outold sweaters. The lower part of the clothing can be used to design the upper surface of the product. Even when cutting the sleeves do not appear ugly seams. Assembly technology:

  • Turn the sweater to the wrong side and cut out at the collar in a circle.
  • Hand grip holes with sturdy threads.
  • Then turn the product inside out.
  • The bottom should be a little rounded.
  • Place a special polyester lining inside the sweater. Then cut two circles and connect the given elements.
  • The product must be filled with soft filler.
  • TOTAL: After stuffing the pouf, you should sew up the hole. Decorative product has many uses for the home. This is a great solution for home decoration.

    Knit ottoman crochet

    Round pouf can be knitted by hand. For knitting a product with a diameter of 50 cm you will need 2-3 balls of yarn Bobbin. A detailed description is presented in the photo below. But the technology is always the following:

    • First, the basket or bag
    • Filled with filler
    • And then the "lid" knits separately and is sewn to the base of the padded stool.

    How to sew an ottoman bag with your own hands: photos and ideas

    An interesting product can be made for your child. This ottoman bag with own hands is suitable for creating a cozy place for leisure activities. Soft interior can be made from twopieces of cloth, filler of legumes and zippers. This option is not suitable for small children, since the granules of the filler can fall out of the unzipped zipper. There is a danger that the child choke. If necessary, the zipper can be sewn. The idea is that we sew like a bag - BUT we sew the OPPOSITE corners and get the design as in the photo

    Master class: how to sew a ottoman fabric

    Versatile products can be made from fabric. This is an extra seat and foot rest. In this master class you will learn how to make a round ottoman with your own hands. For the manufacture will need the following components:

    • 1.25 meters thick wool fabric;
    • lightning;
    • scissors;
    • measuring tape;
    • sewing pins;
    • a piece of leather;
    • filler;
    • sewing machine.

    The process of creating ottomans

  • Cut a circle (46 cm), a rectangle (length 142 cm, width 40) and a square (side 48 cm).
  • Square cut into two parts.
  • Sew a zipper to two sides. Lightning should connect the two halves.
  • Then cut a circle from the square using the already prepared template.
  • Fold the rectangle in half along the short side.
  • After that, this part must be sewn to one circle, and then to another.
  • You can make a handle from a strip of leather.
  • Additionally, the buttons are attached to the leather strap.
  • As filler, you can take polystyrene beans. Foam or polyester is also used. Zipper is recommended to sew before use. Round ottoman with his own hands ready to use.

    Padded stool in the hallway for shoes

    To create a ottoman in the hallway with their own handsYou will need two boxes and some other materials. Such a product is not only practical, but also functional. Inside, you can install shelves and put there shoes or things. You will need the following components:

    • two boxes of wood;
    • batting and draping foam;
    • fasteners;
    • bed sheet and burlap;
    • special paint;
    • timber plank;
    • wood glue;
    • instruments;
    • brush;
    • a stapler.

    To make a ottoman in the hallway with your own hands, you need to perform the following steps:

  • The boxes are glued along the long side.
  • At the bottom is a bracket, where you can attach the rollers.
  • Then on the upper surface is fixed foam and batting.
  • The burlap is stitched together with the sheet. The bed sheet plays a lining role.
  • The box is covered with a special paint. Optionally, you can apply the effect of aging.
  • The case is worn over the top of the drawers.
  • From the boxes you can make other ottomans with your ownhands photo shows the original options. One of the options involves opening the boxes, inside which you can place shelves for shoes. A soft pillow with filler is mounted on top.

    • A practical option can be made from a single box. First, the box must be sanded and painted with paint from balonchik. The filler is laid on the plywood, and the fabric is laid over it.
    • The material is fixed on the back side with a stapler. H
    • Then the plywood is attached to the surface of the box. Rollers can be attached at the bottom.

    How to make a stool ottoman

    Deciding which ottoman you can do with improvised means is worth a try. For creative manipulations you need an old stool. We proceed to the assembly:

  • Disassemble the chair and remove the seat.
  • Cut blanks. Circle in plywood and paralon.
  • Using adhesive to attach the foam to the board.
  • From above put on a cover from fur, and fix the ends with the stapler.
  • Collect the chair.
  • It is necessary to let the stool stand at least a day for the glue to harden. Fur need to comb. Detailed in this article.

    Ideas ottomans from improvised means

    Consider options for ottomans with the originalby design. Here, ordinary objects, bottles of tires and rags serve as a filler and carcass. Bottles An unusual way to create a pouf with your own hands from plastic bottles. Bottles need to be sealed in a round shape and secure them with tape. The bottom and the top of the product are made of cardboard. The bases are made of foam. They are fixed with scotch tape. The cover is made of beautiful fabric. You can see the design of the bottles in the photo. This item is suitable for decorating the living room. Tires Interesting models can be made fromtires. How to make an ottoman depends on the availability of scrap materials and skill. Tires must be bonded to each other. Inside the material is similar to foam. Then the holes are closed with thin boards. A soft base is mounted on top and a case is put on. For registration design need to use thick fabric. Padded stools for children To make an ottoman with your own hands, you can use the drawings and diagrams. For the manufacture of products used bright and colorful fabrics. Try these options:

  • It looks interesting model made of two pieces of material of different colors. Plain fabric can be used at the bottom.
  • Wonderful solution - a square shape.
  • The original composition will be obtained using fabrics of different colors.
  • Children will love the ottoman in the form of a cone.
  • On a long padded stool, you can even sleep. For its manufacture will need a flat pillow and a long blanket. Pillows are placed in a fabric cover and are fixed in place.
  • Ottoman in the interior with different designs

    The choice of the option ottoman depends on the typepremises. For a hallway it is worth choosing frame models with the rigid basis. Cylindrical designs allow to smooth the angularity of the room. For a comfortable stay in the living room fit models with upholstered. To create an accent, you should choose a product from a material of a bright color palette. Round poufs - ideal forsmall space. It is recommended to place rectangular near chairs and sofas. Kitchen products must be made of waterproof fabrics. For the nursery you need to choose a safe, comfortable and soft models. We hope that our master classes will help youfind out in detail how to make an ottoman yourself from simple materials. Homemade products will give comfort and coziness to any room. The original seats are suitable for different interiors.