30 candlesticks from the banks with their own hands: Master classes and photos

30 candlesticks from the banks with their own hands: Master classes and photos

So autumn has come. As always, unexpectedly and unexpectedly. It is time for cups of hot coffee, in terry socks, under a woolen blanket by the fireplace. Or by candlelight in beautiful candlesticks. Flickering candles, which shines with real fire, will create in your home an atmosphere of comfort and a romantic atmosphere. To date, the candlestick is notso much functional as an aesthetic object in the design of space. Candle fire can make the atmosphere of any room beyond the mysterious and exciting, but at the same time more calm and cozy. Even if the candle is not lit, an elegant candlestick will act as a great decor in your home. Homemade candles and candlesticks not only delighteyes, but also add comfort and warmth to the interior of the room. It is not at all difficult to do them, but the result of the work can be either left at home or given to someone close. We offer you some simple workshops, how to make candlesticks from cans with your own hands. Such candlesticks would be appropriate:

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Glass Jar Candle Holders

The warm twinkle of a multitude of candles in the garden will transformany ordinary evening in the country in a fabulous, cozy and romantic. A minimum of materials, a little time and effort - and you will easily make garden lanterns - candlesticks with your own hands! Beautiful, very cozy candlesticks for home andcottages can be made from small glass jars. You can put a finished candle in the candlestick-jar, or you can pour wax into it. Everyone decides for himself what type he needs. How to do it? Master class candlestick from a glass jar You'll need:

  • Slices of wax.
  • Casserole
  • Wooden stick
  • Aromatic oils.
  • Dyes.
  • Wick.
  • Glass jar.

Step 1 To pour the wax into the glass container, it must first be prepared. To do this, take a piece of material and cut it into small cubes. Place the crushed wax in a saucepan. Melt the wax in a water bath. Step 2 Turn on.a stove and place a saucepan with water on the hob, and place a bowl of wax on top. Make a water bath. Stir the wax with a wooden stick. Until it is completely melted.

  • Then turn off the stove and, without removing the saucepan from the wax, add the necessary additives: aromatic oils, dyes, and so on.
  • Mix everything thoroughly with a wooden stick. The wax is ready.

Remember that it can freeze very quickly. Therefore, immediately make a candle out of it. Fill the wax in the jar, holding gently the fillet Step 3

  • Take a jar and fasten a wick inside it. To do this, drop wax onto one end of the cord or use a special tablet clamp and lower it to the bottom of the container using a straw (see photo).
  • Secure the second end of the wick so that it does not sink inward. To do this, wind it on a wooden skewer or make a special clip.

Slowly so that the wick does not move and fall,Pour the liquid wax into the glass container. Step 4 When the wax hardens on top, you can remove the wick mount. If there is a recess in the candle, fill in the remains of wax. If you want to get a striped candle, pour wax, alternating colors and letting each row dry. Striped or gradient candle in a jar Such a candlestick looks original in small flat jars Candle with lavender There is also a lotoptions and other candlesticks from hand-made glass jars. Lanterns - candlesticks can be hung on hooks, nailed on the fence, hung on the veranda, terrace or directly on the branches of a tree. If there is a wooden frame or pallet, make the whole garden chandelier of candlesticks! It is advisable to pour sand, grains or small gravel into the candle jars for the stability of the candle inside. Suspended candlesticks for giving Detailed master class how to make - according to the link. Jigut Hangers Woven suspensions A very simple, but quite elegant and interesting candlestick can be made from a half-liter can.

  • Any glass jar, for example from under mayonnaise, will do.
  • Remove the label, put the spruce tree branches inside the jar and sprinkle it with coarse salt.

This is a winter version of the candlestick, and our tree seems to be covered with snow. In the initiated snowdrift we put a candle. Winter candlestick Decor of glass jars paintedin a dotted or stained technique, it will turn the simplest flask into an elegant vase or candlestick. In the photo below, homemade candlesticks are painted with contour colors. Also try painting stained glass cans, it will be very beautiful! Dot painting of a candlestick Made with the help of a gold contour on the glass Moroccan candlestick from a can - painted with glitter Stained glass candlestick cans is very easy to make:

  • With the help of a contour for glass it is necessary to put a pattern on the can. Instead of contour, you can use glitter. Then paint the jar with stained glass.
  • Let the drawing dry for 1-2 hours. Then insert a candle in the jar and you can admire the result.
  • Such a special contour on the glass can be found in any shop "all for decoration" The technique of painting with a contour. Also with the help of this technique you can make a painting of plates. The candlestick decorated with semolina from a glass jar looks very impressive.

  • It is necessary to begin work from a bottom of banks. It must be thoroughly lubricated with glue and roll in semolina.
  • Then glue to draw arbitrary patterns on the jar walls and also powder them with semolina.
  • When the glue dries, the pattern must be painted and let dry again.
  • To fix the result can be using hair spray.
  • Candlesticks do not happen much - everybody knowsromantically minded person, as well as all who love evening gatherings with friends by candlelight. Using a glass jar is an original and affordable way to decorate a house and give it a cozy atmosphere. Banks decorated with glitter If the jarto decorate with a glitter - such candlesticks are a great decoration for a wedding or New Year's table. How to do it? See the article ““ - the execution technique is the same! Structural candlestick will turn out, if the bank to wind the rope. Its size does not matter, here you can focus on your own imagination and preferences.

    • We cover future candlesticks with paint. To do this, you can use a brush or washcloth. While the paint dries, prepare the candles.
    • Fasten the string and paint. At the final stage we remove the rope. Put the candles into the finished product and place it in the chosen place.

    How correctly and evenly? See the article. In fact, to make a candlestick from a glass jar is not at all difficult. Your fantasy is important here. You can decorate a regular can in different ways, and you will get an original candlestick. Hearts from a cloth fasten on a can with the help of silicone glue Decor linen and lace Floating candle The decor of the old fishing net For example, you canjar pasted with stars cut out of foil. You can crochet it and with the help of an unusual pattern give it a unique and unique look. And you can glue the jar with colored pebbles. You can also paint a can of paint depicting her drawing. Some even decorate with lace and it also turns out very beautiful and unusual looks. In the photos you can see some options for homemade candlesticks. Master class candlestick jars and decorative stones For this you will need:

    • glass jars;
    • silicone glue for glass;
    • decorative glass pebbles of various sizes.
    • Candle.

    • Take the glass jar and clean it from the label.
    • Apply glue to decorative glass stones and stick it to the jar. So continue to glue each pebble in a checkerboard pattern, starting from the top of the can.

    • Inside the jar insert a candle. Your gorgeous candlestick is ready.

    Stones are also attached to silicone or glue.type "Moment" Instead of glass stones, you can take the sea or decorative flowers! It will be very effective Masterclass of a candlestick made of a glass jar with a window. For this you will need:

    • glass jars;
    • painting cattle;
    • acrylic paint or spray paint
    • Twine, ribbon.
    • candle.

    Step 1 Take a glass jar, glue a piece of masking tape on its wall. If the stripes are thin, then make several rows superimposed on each other. Step 2 Sticking adhesive tape or heart-shaped painting tape Cut out the silhouette from adhesive tape. In our example, this heart. Remove the extra tape from the can, leaving only the silhouette of the figure on the wall. Step 3 We paint with an aerosol canacrylic paint Coat the can. The most convenient to use a spray. To do this, twist a few newspapers into a tube and put a jar on them. Paint the entire surface of the glass container evenly. If necessary, make another layer. Instead of a can, you can use acrylic paint. But it dries longer. Step 4 When the paint is dry, pry the masking tape with something and remove it. Decorate the neck of the jar with string or ribbon. Inside put a candle-pill. The original candlestick from a glass jar is ready. Candlesticks from small glass jars. Many people think that the best candlesticks come from tall or wide jars. After all, they can accommodate a lot of decor and because of their size there is a large field for creativity. But in fact, you can make a very beautiful candlestick from a can of baby food. Sometimes it is enough just a couple of any strokes and a wonderful decor is ready. with lessons and master classes!

    Tin Candle Holders

    In order not to turn into Gogol Plyushkin,Underground and improvised materials can and should be turned into useful and beautiful decorative objects for the kitchen and not only with their own hands. Let's find out what use can be found tin cans, cans of coffee, beer and paint, bottles of honey, jam and baby food. Just as with glass jars, you can make them original candle holders. Master class patterned candlestick made of tinBanks You can decorate with candlesticks not only a house, but also a porch. The candlestick created from a usual tin can creates a beautiful effect. In fact, this beautiful pattern on the wall is created by a tin can candlestick. For such an unusual candlestick you will need only:

    • large cans (usually these sell canned food);
    • hammer with a nail.

    Step-by-step production of openwork candlesticks from cans. Process of work:

  • A stencil of a pattern is applied to the jar with a pencil (in the photo it is flowers)
  • The jar is filled tightly with earth, preferably wet. This allows you to make holes more accurately and so loudly.
  • With the help of a regular nail and a hammer, holes are punched along the contour of the pattern.
  • Paint the can with spray paint.
  • A candle is placed inside the can.
  • A beautiful candlestick is ready. He will be able to decorate the facade of a country house, illuminating the night with beautiful light patterns. The larger the bank and the candle, the larger and brighter the pattern created by the light will turn out. You can save yourself a scheme for applying holes on the bank. Stencil for openwork candlestick How to makecandle can of cans? Small cans can be an excellent material for a beautiful Christmas candlestick. This beauty is made from ordinary tin can and paper lace, which you can easily make yourself from ordinary wallpaper and punch. Country style candlestick

  • First, the jar is painted with acrylic paint.
  • Then a thin strip of fabric lace can be attached to paper laces. The resulting tape is glued to the painted, dried surface of the jar.
  • When the laces dry up, it remains only to decorate the jar according to your own discretion. Buttons, old keys, small souvenirs can become additional decorative elements.
  • The resulting candlestick will decorate anythe table and will look spectacular on a snow-white festive tablecloth. Also similar candlesticks from a can can be hung on the wall as a wall decor. You can make original decor for an empty wall from cans, hanger and pill candles.